Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Dread...Or it's 'That' Time Again....

I'm whiney today--as opposed to yesterday when I was surly. Tomorrow? Who knows. It's a safe bet that--unless I wake up to balmy temps above freezing for a change--my mood won't be much improved. It's been a he!! of a winter so far. Ice storms. Snow storms. Blizzards. Record snows. Record cold temps. Record whining.
If the weather wasn't enough to make me want to make like a grizzly and hibernate, tax time for me is also here. My appointment is Saturday.
Which brings me to the subject of my blog: Things I dread.
I figured why waste a perfectly good--and lengthy--list of 'Sucky Things I Have to Deal With'. Why not share the 'joy' with all of you. So, here's the abbreviated list of things I have to do, suckiness notwithstanding. Items included are not listed in order of suckiness.
Things I Have To Do But All Things Considered, I'd Rather Pass

  • Mix oil and gas for my two-stage snowblower
  • Snow throw, shovel snow, walk, drive, be in snow
  • Prepare tax info for my tax guy
  • Take tax info to my tax guy
  • Iron my work shirts and pants (I'm too cheap to take them to the cleaners)
  • Have knee surgery to put my kneecap back where it really belongs
  • Start a regular exercise program (again)
  • Eat less chocolate and consume more veggies
  • Pick up the branches and twigs left over from the recent ice storm and haul them away
  • Prepare for a spring garage sale
  • Begin to renovate my garage office and bathroom
  • Take down wallpaper border (ugh)
  • Paint the living room
  • File FAFSA in triplicate
While I might ultimately reap benefits from accomplishing items on the list above, the process itself is rather tedious. And sucky.
What things appear on your 'Ultimate Suck' list? What chores do you loathe doing? Put off for as long as you can?
~Bullet Hole who is freezing her tail off and dreaming of spring~


TerriOsburn said...

We might actually get a snow storm on Saturday. I've been here five years and never seen it. They called for it not too long ago, it didn't come. I'm skeptical. (Our current temp is 62 - you really need to consider moving.)

I actually don't mind tax time, though I do put off getting the paperwork together. I generally do my own return online. So I might be missing something. Oh well, consider it my contribution to bale out the government.

The thing I dread right now is trying to pull off the miracle with which my boss has tasked me. Fifty photofinished and bound booklets by COB tomorrow. Really? And you JUST sent me the corrected file this morning? And I can't get the guy to send me the quote that means NOTHING is even started yet?



If I get this done, it really will be a miracle.

Kathy Bacus said...

Jeesch. It does sound as if you could use a miracle, Terri. I detest being assigned projects that are dependent on other people getting information, material, or data to me before I can begin my portion of the work product. Definitely a pet peeve of mine. That's why I was never a big fan of group work in college. One poor slob was always left doing the lion's share of the project.

Good luck finishing on time!



TerriOsburn said...

Kathy - The miracle has begun. The quote had to be faxed, but it has been approved, the file sent, the requisition submitted and we are in motion.

Now, we'll see when I get them tomorrow. If these things turn out bad, it's so not going to be pretty. LOL!

Becky LeJeune said...

I am with you on all of your list except the renovations -- and that's only because I rent. The chores that top my ultimate suck list definitely include anything having to do with snow (shoveling, uncovering the car, driving in it...) and sweeping. I think sweeping is cruel and unusual punishment, watching dust fly away from the broom or mopping after swiffering and finding all those little pieces of whatever that are now glued to the floor. It never ends.

Kathy Bacus said...

Sweeping, dusting, cleaning of every kind would fit my 'dread list', too, Becky. Especially when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. Ugh.

Wondering how the project turned out too, Terri! Hope all went well!