Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some News and a Contest

Winner! Winner! Liz Kreger your name was pulled out of the hat. Please email me at christie @ christie( -) Craig (.) com

Thanks everyone!

I’m so excited about Faye Hughes and my new cover for Wild, Wicked & Wanton: 101 Ways to Love Like You Are in a Romance Novel. The book is a humorous, self-help book on relationships. Basically, it’s about what women can learn from romance heroines. And to help celebrate receiving such a great cover, we’re hosting a contest. Tell us what you’ve learned from reading romance novels and one lucky poster will receive a $10 amazon.com gift certificate. So get clever, and get posting.

Oh…and speaking of contest: Here’s the Winner of the “I Could be A Christie Craig Character”

I had a lot of wonderful entries and I had to have my hubby pick the one he thought was more like a CC character. Congrats to Erin and thank you everyone who entered. You guys are the greatest.

Oh I think I have what it takes to be a character in your books! I definitely have the nutty family part down. My mother has what we call a dyslexic tongue. No matter what she tries to say it always comes out wrong. Just a few weeks ago we went to lunch and she wanted to order a Chicken Caesar salad, she asked the waitress for a Chicken Seamen salad!

My dad is just plain cheap! He cut down a pine tree in our yard one summer and threw it in the woods behind our house. When Christmas came he proudly displayed a tree in our living room that he "paid" $50 for at a tree lot. We decorated it and it looked beautiful. Two days later all of the needles had fallen off of it! Then he finally admitted he had brought the tree in that he had cut down during the summer. I think he is Clark Griswold's long lost twin!

And we also have a big "dirty" secret in our family, my aunt is really my grandma! Yep, that's right. She had my mom when she was a teen and my great-grandma raised her as her own. My mom only just found this out 10 years ago, can you imagine?
I got caught at the grocery store once with the entire shelf of feminine douche in my shopping cart, by my old high school boyfriend. And yes, he looked better than he did in high school! But let me explain why I was stocking up on feminine hygiene items looking the world's biggest skank, my cat had been sprayed by a skunk and I read online that douche got rid of the smell. So I loaded up! (It does work BTW)

I am a lover of all animals! I currently have 6 furry little hamsters that I am looking for homes for. It seems the pet store fibbed when they told me I had 2 males. Either that or the one was a hermaphrodite!

I had a very run of bad luck with men in my early 20's. I caught the one guy I had gone out with a few times with his truck parked at my neighbor's house (a female neighbor) on the nights I was working. Yeah, I dropped him like it was hot! Now I am a mom to 2 little girls and have found my HEA. I think I may be zany enough to be a good character in one of your books. Or maybe just a supporting role, with a future novel a possibility.



TerriOsburn said...

That is one amazing cover and Erin would fit perfectly in one of your books. That's hysterical!

What have I learned from romance novels? Huh. Let me think. *cue Jeopardy music* Oh, I know!

Declare that you absolutely, positively DO NOT want a man. Within minutes one will land on your doorstep.

Happens every time.

MsHellion said...

Yes, Erin is CLEARLY the winner. The douche story definitely locked up that right and tight. Congratulations, Erin!!

What have I learned from romance heroines?

DO NOT BE A DOORMAT. Do not let things happen to you. Make things happen.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Terri,

And girl, you are so right. When you get to where you think you don't want a man, it's as if you send out a scent that says, "Come and get me!"

Thanks for stopping in.


Edie Ramer said...

Fabulous cover! If I act like a heroine in a romance novel will it turn my husband into a hero? LOL

Erin's entry is hilarious. And great hint about de-skunking a dog. I'll remember that if it happens to my dog.

Christie Craig said...


I think that's one of our lessons, girl!

And the douche was funny. I actually had used the douche for skunk smell in my book that is coming out in June.

Thanks for dropping in.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Edie,

Of course, if you act like heroine, he might act like hero. I didn't say he'd look like a hero. I hadn't figured that one out yet. LOL.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Love the cover! Very classy for a smutty book. LOL! Just kidding, Christie.

Erin's entry put a much needed smile on my face. She's a dead ringer for one of your heroines.

Colleen Thompson said...

I agree that Erin's story really sounds like one of your heroines, Christie! I like the dyslexic tongue/seamen salad slip too. LOL!

Love the new cover. Congrats to you and Fay!

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Love your new cover, Christie & Fay! And Erin, too funny. *grin*

Hmm, I've been reading romance for so long, and I've learned many things...I just can't think of a single one right now...LOL

Virginia said...

Great cover! Loved the post! Let see what I have learned for reading romance is that there is wonderful heros out there and my husband is not one of them. Not even close! I guess we will just have to read romance and dream about them wonderful heros.

Michelle said...

Wow, love the cover and your choice as the winner. Erin has it hands down, I have nothing like that in my family that's for sure.

What have I learned from a romance novel heroine? Hmm, that you have to meet a few skunks before you find the right man. I've certainly dated my fair share too---even if they were only short term.


Sandy said...

Great cover, CC.

Yep, Erin deserved to win. She certainly could be a character in one of your books. Did she spark any ideas, CC? I hear the wheels turning. lol

Christie Craig said...


Smutty? Well, thank you so much girl!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


robynl said...

I've learned that a woman shouldn't be a doormat for a man;

I've learned that it is hard to become lovers after you've been best friends; but it works.

I've learned that you will meet someone you have an eye for at the most unwanted time(as you slip and fall or have egg on your face, etc.)

Christie Craig said...

Hi Colleen,

Thanks for stopping in. I do love the cover.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Donna,

Okay, you need to read the book to remember the lessons! LOL.

Thanks so much for surfing over.


Christie Craig said...


They are some wonderful guys out there. None of them are really perfect, but they can be close enough.

Thanks so much for coming by.


Christie Craig said...


You are so right. Most all our heroines have some really bad relationship mishaps in their past. The thing that is different about heroines and some women, is that the heroines realize that they are choosing the wrong men and they nip that mistake in the bud.

Thanks for playing.


Christie Craig said...

It's funny that in my next book I have skunk attack and there is douche involved.

Thanks so much for coming by.


Christie Craig said...


Love your points. Yup, we always meet someone when we are in a bad situation.

Thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Christie,

Sorry I'm late swinging by. (I'm going to blame it on all this dayum snow and cold weather in upstate New York! brrr.)

But I loved the post, and a huge thank-you to everyone who said they loved our cover!


Merissa said...

Wonderful cover! When does it come out again?

Erin's posting was hilarious! I'm wondering if she tied to explain the douche. I would have, and made the situation even worse. lol.

Lets see--I learned from reading romance novels that beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder. I love stories where other men look at the heroine and go, "meh" but hero looks at her and goes "wowza!!" She really doesn't have to be a size two, blonde and prefectly manicured. :)

Refhater said...

LOL, this is going to sound really bad considering that you're showing us your new cover. Congrats on that by the way!

What I've learned from reading romance novels is to not judge a book by it's cover. It's what's inside that counts.

See, I told you it was gonna sound bad. I'm thinking along the lines of people and situations, not the actual books themselves.

Maybe I should just go with, "What I've learned from reading Romance novels is that laughter makes even the worst things better." That sounds a lot better; a lot less open mouth insert foot.

Jane said...

I've learned that rakes make the best husbands. I've also learned to my surprise that the first time for a heroine is always pleasurable and never painful.

Liz Kreger said...

Absolutely fabulous stories by Erin. Too funny.

Let's see ... what's I've learned from romance novels. The heroine does not absolutely, positively have to have a man in her life, but if one lands in her life, she'll take advantage.

Chelsea B. said...

What I've learned is that more GUYS should read romance novels. Seriously. They could learn a thing or two :-) Oh, and that I want to move to Scotland. Those accents are hot. ;-)

Christie Craig said...


Better late than never!!!

Thanks for dropping in.


Christie Craig said...


So true. I like to make the thing that heroine's hate about themselves be the thing the hero loves. It just makes things interesting.

Thanks for dropping by.


Christie Craig said...


That was fabulous. Not the cover part, but the the laughter part. I'm a firm believer that if you can laugh at something, you can live with something.


Very wise advice.


Christie Craig said...


Okay...I'll give it to you, some writers do make it sound like that, don't they?

Thanks so much for posting.


Christie Craig said...


This is great. I think we use that in our book. I think the heroine had to learn to love herself first.

Thanks for playing.


Christie Craig said...


I think some men do read them. But not enough. You are right. Men could learn loads by reading romances. They might even learn that they enjoy reading them.

Thanks for posting.


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Mary Jo said...


Love the cover and I'm sure I'll find the contents useful. Be sure to let us know when we can purchase it. :-)

Simone Laurence said...

I love Erin's story about the Christmas Tree and the douche incident is hysterical!

As for romance novels being instructive, I have learned two things: one, if you are reading a romance novel in bed and sighing, your partner will for sure ask what you are reading and want to re-create the scene (Bertrice Small worked with my late husband everytime) and two, don't shave your legs before a date with anew guy and you will definitely end up "entangled" with him before the night is over!