Thursday, January 14, 2010

Murphy's Law: The Next Chapter

I muffed it. Totally spaced off I was supposed to blog last Thursday. I'm blaming it on the blizzard. We got socked with another winter storm that buried us and after shoveling and snow-throwing for four hours Thursday morning, I simply couldn't summon the fortitude necessary to turn the computer on and post a comment. Besides, chances are anything I posted would not have been tasteful. Or happy. Following the blizzard, our temps did a 'how low can you go' number. Which, of course, added insult to injury. I'm SO through with winter. Unfortunately, it ain't over 'til it's over. Which is in about fifty days--give or take a snowstorm or ten.

In the midst of the Artic Blast, my triplets celebrated their 20th birthday. Several months back when I learned the Broadway performance of The Lion King was coming to our Civic Center, I got tickets for last Saturday's matinee. It was a memorable day.

The Lion King was FABULOUS! A flawless, seamless performance. It was when we went to leave that things went downhill. I'd parked in a parking ramp a short walk from the Civic Center. We jumped in the Jimmy. I started it and turned on the heat. Nothing. Did I mention the temperature was -9 and that was not accounting for wind chill.

I had intended to take my son back to his college following the show, but when frost began to collect on the insides of the windows and icicles were forming on our noses, I nixed that idea and drove home instead. I had to borrow my daughter's car the next morning and drive the son back to school.

Since I had to work Monday and Tuesday, I was forced to drive to work and back without heat two days in a row. And on my way to work Monday, the Jimmy suddenly wouldn't go out of 4 Wheel Drive. The switch wouldn't work. So I had to drive both days using 4 Wheel Drive. Totally the commutes from hell!

I finally took my truck to the shop yesterday. It's still there. This morning I had a doctor's appointment so I had to borrow the daughter's car again. The shop just called. He's still working on the 4WD switch.

Me? I am totally out of chocolate, I've got no wheels to procure any now the daughter has left for classes, and I still need to plot and draft three more scenes to add to my wip.

How do you say 'Murphy's Law: The Next Chapter?'

~Bullet Hole~


TerriOsburn said...

This sounds more like "Revenge Of Murph For Blaming Everything That Goes Wrong On Him."

Have you considered moving? :) I do NOT know how people live with those temps. We hit the 20s last week and I was ready to defect to Tahiti.

Kathy Bacus said...

It's been totally insane this winter, Terri, with freakishly cold weather in areas that don't see these extremes. And I'd love to get the heck out of the Midwest and migrate to warmer climes.

Maybe when the triplets finish college...