Thursday, January 21, 2010

Skating, anyone?

The above picture pretty much tells you how my day is starting off. Pick a window--any window--and that's the view you'll see from my home this morning. Yesterday, as well. With ice accumulating on power lines and tree limbs, I count myself very lucky to have electricity this morning. (Can you hear me knocking on wood?) Many here in the Heartland are not as fortunate.

Yesterday afternoon I decided I'd better try to see if I could chip away some of the ice out front. I can only hope no one was secretly recording my 'Disney on Ice' (think 'Goofy') performance on my driveway. A very sloping driveway. I put one foot out and I was gone, baby, gone--sliding down the driveway on my backside. Good thing I have sufficient padding in that area--although not nearly enough to insulate it from the bitter cold of a downhill tushie slide.

Then I had to get back on my feet.

More gymnastics.

But when life hands you lemons...

Lemonade, anyone?

Since there is really no rational, sane reason to venture out, I have some extra time to use as I see fit. And that, of course, means I'm going to spend the day on the business of writing! I'm putting together a Young Adult proposal for a three-book series. The first book of the series is finished but needs to be updated and polished before I send it to the requesting editor. Geared for a middle-school readership, I've really enjoyed writing for the younger market. More on this project in the future.

So, instead of writing one synopsis today, I get to write TWO! Oh joy.

Uh, this particular pitcher of lemonade is tasting a wee bit tart...

So. Tell me. If you had an entire day to spend at home--with absolutely nothing you HAD to do, how would you spend that day? What would you do with an unexpected gift of a 'free' day? Would you cuddle up with a good book? Spend a day watching an entire season of a favorite show? Take a nap? Clean your house?

What would you do with your 'snow day'?

All things considered, I'd rather it be spring.

~Bullet Hole~


Becky LeJeune said...

I would definitely stay in my pjs and cuddle up with a good book until I fall asleep.

And bake. For some reason snow days make me want to bake.

Anonymous said...

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TerriOsburn said...

Considering the condition of my house, I'd spend the day cleaning. When I get the place looking really good, it always makes me feel better. Then I'd write. I have a goal and a determination and when I get home at night, I got nothin'. I need a day.

Hope your tushie is not too sore. No snow or ice here, which is why I live here. Growing up in Ohio, I had enough bruised tailbones to last a lifetime.

Kathy Bacus said...

Baking, huh, Becky? Hmm. I've got a package of Nestles Tollhouse morsels that would just love to be in chocolate chip cookies. I'm thinking today is the day!


Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Terri. If I had to fall, my keester was the way to go.

And I work better when there isn't disorder around me, too. I used to want things 'just so' when I sat down to write. After seven books and the stress of deadlines, however, I was forced to overlook some of the clutter that used to drive me nuts.

~Kathy wishing the sun would come out so she wouldn't have to tackle the BACK parking skating rink~

Anonymous said...

BTW, buy GPS jammer to block all secret transmitters in your room or at work.

Brandy said...

My guilt is too great not to take care of things that could be put off. BUT, if there were a day when there was truly nothing that had to be done (HA! In my dreams.) then I would definitely sit in my cozy chair with a good book and read. And make stew. Freezing cold days call for stew. *G*

Bookmobiler said...

My sympathies for the fall on ice. I had one of those my self this week. Very light snow covering refrozen melt. If you haven't done so yet put a small waste basket of sand or ice melt and plan on sowing as you go in the future.

Query: are any of the Bombays available to talk to Vic Anonymous?