Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some Random Christmas Eve Thoughts...

Merry Christmas Eve! As I sit here at my laptop, mind racing over everything I still have to get done, I have a few, special thoughts to share with you.

I have an uneasy feeling my eldest isn't buying the Santa thing this year. Something about the way she just handed me her list and said, "You know what to do," tipped me off. As the holiday grows near, I noticed that she doesn't talk about the Fat Man or watch endless holiday movies about him. When I ask her about this, she rolls her eyes. I know I should talk to her about it, but I'm more terrified to do so than I was when we had THE TALK a couple of weeks ago. Since when did it get harder to talk to your kid about Santa than sex? Or is that just me?

Who came up with "Xmas?" Who said, "Well, hey! We can just shorten "Christ" to "X!" I don't mean this in a religious way but out of the curiousity a wordsmith has with such things. No one has ever been able to explain to me why "Jack" is a nickname for "John" or "Peggy" for "Margaret." I think whoever did it just got lazy. And maybe they were a little dyslexic, cuz shouldn't they have come up with "Cmas" instead? it just me?

Shouldn't I feel bad that my daughter just wants MY cellphone for Cmas? (I've decided right now to start a new trend with the "Cmas" thing.) I have the OLD enV. She doesn't like the NEW enV. And they don't make the OLD phone anymore. Should I feel guilty that giving her my old, used phone (which is what she says she wants) excites me because now I get a brand new phone for Cmas? It is just me...I know it!

And what's weirder is my eight year old son has asked for mining tools. No. I'm not making this up. He sits in one of the clear plastic boxes I store sweaters in, wearing a hard hat, and takes off down the stairs like it's a mine shaft. I have no idea why. We haven't watched any documentaries on the subject recently. Nor have we been discussing black lung or zinc production around the kitchen table. Now I get it! It's NOT me! It's my KIDS!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please tell me your kids are weird too. Please???

Merry Christmas!
The Assassin


Dru said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to one and all!

Christie Craig said...


Your kids are a normal as you are. Wait!!!!

I love kids stories because kids are sort of like cats, there isn't a normal. They are all unique.

Have a very merry Christmas. Oh, and talking about Santa is hard. I think there's a part of us that always believes.


Terri Osburn said...

My parents never talked to me about sex or Santa. I was the youngest in a large group of kids. Those topics were more than taken care of for them.

I'm with Christie, you're kids are as normal as you are. And just think, they're going to have kids of their own someday and be asking you if they were ever this weird. LOL!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Leslie Langtry said...

I'm trying to see if I can put the talk off until next Christmas! How's that for procrastination?

Anonymous said...

I don't have kids, so can't help you out there. But I've always wondered about that Jack/John and Peggy/Margaret thing, too! And why is Sally a nickname for Sarah? Weird. And how do you get Polly from Mary???

Bookmobiler said...

" it just me?"


And No!

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, your choice) to the entire Killer Fiction Gang.

And may you all keep "knocking 'em dead" for the New Year and many years to come!

Gemma Halliday said...

I love your kids, Les.
My boy's probably on his last "Santa" year. It's sad. He was shopping with his grandma and the mall Santa came off break and was walking back to his throne right in front of them. Grandma nudged the boy and said, "Look, look who it is!"
The boy gives him an up and down and mutters under his breath, "Impostor."
But at least he still believes there's someone to impersonate! (For now...)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Estella said...

Happy Holidays!

Lucy said...

I was just asking someone about the X in Xmas the other day. It bothers me when people do that. But, my friend was telling me the X means something that signifies Christ or something like that. Obviously I didn't retain it completely but apparently it does signify something...or so I'm told. I could get on board with your Cmas thing though. ;)

Merry Christmas! :)

Leslie Langtry said...

Have a great holiday everyone! Now I'm off to wrap 8,000 presents!

Heather said...

Who came up with "Xmas?" Who said, "Well, hey! We can just shorten "Christ" to "X!"

That would be the Greeks. The Greek word for Christ, Christo, begins with the letter chi, which in the Greek alphabet is represented by what is, in our alphabet, an X. So, while Christ is sometimes represented in Christian faiths by a capital C, he is represented in the Greek culture by an X. Therefore, anyone who thinks Christ is taken out of Christmas by abbreviating it to Xmas is wrong.

Merry Xmas! ;)

Anonymous said...

What Heather said regarding Xmas. According to the OED, Xmas first came into use in the 16th century. Definitely not a modern-day secularization.

No idea on Jack/John, etc.

And I don't have kids, but judging by my nephews, one of whom at roughly age 4 decided to sleep - for weeks - with a can of Alpo dog food, your kids are as normal as the rest of them.