Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Does This Imaginary Skirt Make My Imaginary Butt Look Big?

Leslie Langtry Hangs With Fab Pal Kim Castillo at Second Life Xmas Party

I just went to the best Xmas party! And I didn't even mind that it was 10 degrees with six inches of snow outside. I flew over the party tents, rode ice horses and got to hang with 600 authors and fans at Brenda Novak's Virtual Party on Second Life. I got to meet Lani Diane Rich - one of my favorite authors and Brenda Novak told me my books are funny! Woo hoo!

That makes it sound easy, doesn't it. Here's what really happened. I spent several hours trying to give myself clothes and hair (it's bad form - and yet stupifyingly easy - to go to even a virtual party naked) and set everything up. I even went to the party a couple of hours early to practice...everything. Did you know it's really hard to just walk forward in these things? For some strange reason I kept running away from people who were talking to me. I really didn't mean to do that.

I have to admit though, I laughed so hard I cried. My ten year old had to help me change my skirt from pink polka dots (which is sooooo me) to sequined red (one thousand times better). My eight year old had to help me drive the sleigh out of the party tent because I couldn't do it (fortunately, the party hadn't started yet or I would've gotten thrown out). I found myself walking through people driving various vehicles into trees, landing in the ocean - which was weird because it wasn't anywhere near the party, and standing in the snow in high heels for hours on end.

Kim found me right away - thank god. It was fun to talk to readers and writers with blue hair, dressed like Zena Warrior Princess and this one chick with twenty foot tall wings. that's right, wings.

The conversation was peppered with stuff like this;

"Dude, a naked woman just ran by in pink shoes!"

"My hair fell off! Help me find my hair!"

"Don't look now but there's a topless, bald woman behind you."

"Did anyone else see that ten foot tall snowman move?"

No, I'm not kidding. I managed to get one of my skirts off (for some reason I was wearing two at one point) only to find it sitting on the ground waiting for me half an hour later. I also managed to take snapshots - unfortunately one was up my skirt - a shot that would be normally impossible to achieve.

Still, it was a great time and I'll do it again anytime (as long as I have several hours to figure out how to eat the mountain of imaginary chocolate covered strawberries people kept giving me. And no matter how many Flaming Polar Bears (I believe we are talking double digits here) I drank, there will be no hangover in the morning. That's the one thing I'm sure of.

Virtually Yours,
The Assassin


Christie Craig said...


I've never attended a virtual party before. Sounds like fun.


Keri Ford said...

Sounds like a blast.I would have been running over people, trees, buildings, anythign that was there! I've never been good at those games when you go 360.

Unknown said...

It was sooo confusing last night. My conputer did not have all the right components to run the site so I kept getting kicked out and I could not read half of was out there. However it was fun! If my computer worked right I would do it again!

Gemma Halliday said...

Oh how fun! I went to a virtual awards show once... took me awhile to figure it out. I kept talking to walls instead of people.


Hellie Sinclair said...

Actually sounds like my kind of party. I can almost guarantee my hair would come out like it was supposed to. Hell, I could go as a blonde--that'd be fun!

Glad you had fun. The conversation is hysterical. And definitely not at my office Christmas parties. *LOL*

Terri Osburn said...

I was supposed to go to that party, only I got to busy at work to play. Of all days to have work to do at work! But as I don't do the video game thing, I doubt I would have figured anything out. LOL!

I bet you looked smokin' in that red skirt. Happy to hear a good time was had by all!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, you were the life of the party. Thanks for making it so fun. I dropped my skirt at one point, too--couldn't figure out how to put the dang thing back on. LOL It took my daughter two hours to build my avatar. I finally got the boob job I've always wanted. LOL

Brenda Novak

Wendy Roberts said...

Wow! Sounds like such a hoot!

Leslie Langtry said...

If I figured it out, you could. At least...I think I figured it out...didn't I? Anyway, like Gemma, I did a lot of talking to walls and such before I realized it. By the way - Brenda looked STUNNING! AND it took her less time than it took me! Brenda Novak, you are the goddess!

Kim Castillo said...

OMG, Les and I had such fun. The bash was a total success, Brenda!!

Oh, and I'm the hot blonde in the pic;)

And Les, don't forget this one "I think that chic's getting ready to grab your ass." LOL Fortunately that was a private conversation ;)

Hey, I didn't get a flaming snowman! Although Lani did give me a bottomless daquiri. Lani had that program down to an art. She rocked.

Buffie said...

WOW, sounds like you all had a blast at the party. Of course anywhere Kim is is a party!!!

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa! I wish I would have known you and Kim were there, I would have tried to track you guys down.
I only lost my top once (and really, isn't that the sign of a really good party?) but what took me forever was figuring out how to open a present. I wore the box literally around my stomach for a while before I figured it out. And then of course I was walking around double fisting a couple of goblets. And running into people.
All in all, probably a good representation of me in general.
Christina, I got kicked out too, but I just left it alone after that. My computer had been having enough issues lately that I didn't feel the need to give it one more reason to do vile things.

Estella said...

Sounds like you had a heap of fun!

Leslie Langtry said...

Mia! You were there? Did they have virtual cellphones? ;)

Unknown said...

I have never been to a virtual party but I bet its alot of fun. I would have to have my son help me, because I wouldn't be able to figure if all out.

Kim Castillo said...

aw, Buffie. You're a doll!

Mia! You were there?!!? Why didn't you find us? And there were vibrating boob jokes. HA! At least we were thinking about you;)

Lucy said...

I was supposed to go to that and totally forgot about it. Darn! Sounds like it was fun.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

I was there also and I guess I have missed you :( It was fun though even though the program kept freezing me I have met so many people & new to me authors. Alot of my friends were there as well. I would love to have another chat party like this one next yr ;-)