Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's That Time

Okay, I have a confession to make. Don’t you love it when people confess? I do. Because more times than not, confessions involve sex, lies, and maybe even a videotape. And for some unexplainable reason, most of us are all ears when it comes to one of those things.

However, you can stop rubbing your hands together with glee. My confession isn’t all that juicy. I’m saving that confession for next week, or maybe it’s the week after that, or maybe I’ll just add that one to the novel I’m working on. You know, confessing through my fiction. Hmm, you’ll never know which scene I really lived. I like that much better!

The confession I am going to make today isn’t all that unusual. Heck, I’d bet that most of you, if you chose to do so, could make the same confession. And maybe that’s what I’m hoping for. I don’t say that in the sense that misery loves company, although most of the time it does, the meaning I’m aiming for is more along the lines that there’s strength in numbers.

You see, my confession is that I didn’t meet all my New Year’s resolutions. Did you?

Some of those resolutions (after some quiet time to analyze, study and reflect upon) I decided were downright stupid. And I chucked them into an alternate universe where they are more likely to happen. Like I’m ever REALLY gonna get back into those size three jeans! (Anyone need a couple of ten-year-old size 3 jeans?) And the goal of teaching my hubby the fine art of flipping pancakes, well . . . it’s a goal I’ve given up on. I even bought him a waffle iron for Christmas. I refuse to clean batter off the ceiling one more time! Seriously! And instilling in my son and hubby the fine art of wiping of their feet before coming inside . . . well, some things you gotta accept are beyond a man’s capabilities. Thank goodness mopping isn’t one of them, because they have been doing a lot of that after the failure of wiping their feet happens.

But some of those, okay, most of those unmet resolutions, I can’t blame on anyone but myself. I simply failed to keep my eye on the goal. You have to know that I’m not big on failure. Nor am I big on punishing myself, either. I mean, confessing wipes away the failure, right? And if not confessing, then starting over is sure to work.

Now, it wasn’t altogether a total loss of a year where resolutions are concerned. I was able to check several things off my list. I never completely missed a deadline. I have exercised more. For those of you who remember my torture machine, I’m up to 14 minutes. I managed to get three massages. I’ve managed to laugh more. Laughing more is always on my New Year’s Resolution list. ( I hope it’s on yours, too!) So, I have to pat myself on the back for the things I have accomplished.

But deep down, I know I could have done a little better. Things I’m vowing to work on a little more diligently this year are: losing weight, achieving a better balance of work and family, being more productive so I can work less, and finding more “me,” “family,” “friends” time.

Personally, as I reflect on how best to meet my goals, I see lots of little ways to accomplish them, but there’s one thing that I know would help me to achieve each item. And that thing is something I know how to do, but somehow slipped up on this year. That thing is to commit myself to the goals. About ten years ago, I was given a poem, beautifully written, and framed by an elderly neighbor. It sort of spells out what commitment really means. I can’t tell you how many times I read and reread this poem during those years when I struggled to get published. I know if I can find the same commitment to the other issues in my life as I did to my writing back then, without a doubt, I can be a success.

I’m posting the poem below, and I hope it helps you to get a little closer to making your own dreams come true. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling up to it, share with me your own goals for the New Year. Any tips on how you plan to accomplish them? We can all use the encouragement. Like I said, misery loves . . . I mean, there’s strength in numbers.

Happy New Year.

Crime Scene Christie
A big thank you to everyone who jumped over to Barbara Vey's blog and posted. Reading those comments was like reading my eulogy. Not one person said anything bad. And we know that's not right!


Commitment is what
transforms a promise into reality

It is the words that speak boldly
of your intentions
And the actions which speak
louder than words

It is making the time
when there is none.
Coming through time after time
after time
Year after year after year

Commitment is the stuff
character is made of,
The power to change
the face of things.

It is the daily triumph
of integrity over skepticism.

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Keri Ford said...

Goals, huh? Instead of saying, goals-because when I do don't them I'll be a failure, I'll say wishes. Though I am working on that goal thing, joined a goal writing group!

I wish to have my new puppy house trained. (not holding my breath with this one until summer. He doesn't like the cold)

I wish to have my son potty trained. (this one's not looking too hot either. I need a timer to remind me to take him to the bathroom every hour or so)

I wish my body would get itself together, drop 15lbs, and my ovaries would act right so I can finally get busy on making that second baby without assistance from the doc!

I wish I'll get published and/or find my perfect agent match. How, you ask? Bust my backside, how else?

I wish I'll meet all my weekly word count writing goals I set out after. It sure would make the previous wish easier.

Lucy said...

I was reading that poem and then you slipped in the "bring in the new year" thing and for a second I thought that was part of the poem. What can I say, it's early.

Well, I think I already posted that I'm carrying over two goals from last year - the passport and the scandalously inappropriate affair (although I still have two days to accomplish this one!). I also plan to do some queries early this next year.

Goals I didn't already post include finding a balance between the things I have to do and the things I want to do - like school/work vs spending time with friends and getting in some reading time (I've been doing some cleaning and it's hard to justify spending more money on books when you have literally hundreds of unread books on the shelf!).

Making A's in all my classes (I'll probably apply myself to this one more than any others because I'm anal like that).

I'm sure there are more but those are the ones that immediately rise to the top of the brain. :)

Oh and great poem - with or without the "bring in the new year" confusion. :)

Christie Craig said...

Ahh Keri,

Those wishes all sound doable. Well, the first two are gonna be difficult. Poor thing, potty training a dog and boy at the same time is almost too much. (Smile)

And girl, I'm sending out positive vibes that all your wishes come true. And I believe because of your busting your backside comment that you'll get there.

I've learned and am relearning that our goals/wishes/dreams don't happen by themeselves. We gotta make them happen. And we have to keep striving for them everyday, with all our small every day choices.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


I'm still chuckling about your goals. Maybe the wild affair will lead to the love of your life.

Those queries are a must. Writers have to put themselves out there. It's hard because so many times those "out there" moments come back as rejections. But by not taking that chance, we rob ourselves of the chance to "Make it." So I expect to hear back from you soon and tell me you sent those queries out.

And seriously, I think balance is the key to happiness. I haven't mastered it yet, but I sure as heck have spent a lot of years trying to.

And sorry about the confusion with the poem. I remembered at the last minute that I needed to add that.

Have a great New Year!


Bookmobiler said...

I'm going to try to read more.

If you've been paying attention to my posts here you must realize that's a "gimme."

I'm also hoping to read more of my favorite authors.

When did you say "Gotcha" was being published?

Christie Craig said...


No doubt about it, I'd say you just chose an easy goal to meet. However, it's a great goal. I really would like to be able to read more. But since I read mostly at night before I go to bed, reading more would mean sleeping less. But some book are worth it. Yes, reading more is sort of like the goal to eat more chocolate. That would be so hard for me.

And Gotcha is scheduled for June 09. Thanks for asking.

Have a great New Year!


Gemma Halliday said...

Your New Year's resolutions seem eerily like mine, Christie. After having been sick for almost an entire month now, getting healthier is on the top of my list. Wheat grass juice, here I come! I’m also working on the more quality time with both work and family.


Anonymous said...

I don't make resolutions anymore. Why set myself up for failure? *g* Goals are another matter. But, sadly, I can't remember if I actually made any this year.

Christie Craig said...


I don't know...Wheat Grass juice?

I'll stick with my lowfat, sugar-free hot hot cocoa with a vitimin C pill on the side.

Yes, I think quality time, like balance, is one of the key's to happiness. I also think getting it right takes work, time, and continuous effort. But I think it's worth the effort, too.

Happy New Year. And hey, you get to feeling better. I'm almost over the cold/flu. Still sniffling and taking night-time meds, but I am almost well.


Christie Craig said...


Hey, if it works for you, don't change. Everyone has their own map they should follow. I'm a firm believer in that.

I hope you have a great New Year celebration.


Estella said...

My only goal is to lose 15 lbs in 2009.

Christie Craig said...

Ahh, Estella,

That's a very doable goal.

I'll be cheering you on. And don't be surprised if check in and see how you're doing. (Smile.)

And speaking of losing weight. I need to go crawl on the torture machine and put in my time.


Refhater said...

Sorry I'm so late. My mom had surgery today and I just got back from the hospital.

I personally don't make New Year's resolutions because I'd rather not set myself up for failures. I prefer to set goals. Which can be modified throughout the year.

My goal for this year is to find a significant other. I've done the weight loss thing for the last couple years and lost 45 lbs. Now I've got to get out there and find Mr. Right. Which is easier said than done in todays world.

Best of Luck with your 2009 goals. Happy New Years to you and yours!

Christie Craig said...


I love your goal. And girl, a huge congrats on the weight loss. I know you look wonderful and feel great. Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than to lose some needed pounds. Give yourself a big pat on the back!!

And how do you plan to find that "new person of interest?"

I have another fan/friend who has just signed up for an online dating service. Her first connection turned out to be a con man! Seriously, he tried to borrow over $2000 because he was out of the country and couldn't get his hands on the money he needed.


But like I told her, that doesn't mean that all the men she will meet online are bad. You gotta give it a shot.

So . . . she's continuing on.

She told me tonight that I could blog about her some time. That should be fun.

Okay...have a great New Year and again, congrats on your weight loss and the best of luck to you on finding Mr. Right. You will keep us updated, right?


Gillian Layne said...

I love your blog, and so my goal is to post more and tell all of you! :)

I need to get healthier. My 40's are hitting hard, and I'm not setting a very good example for my daughters. So I'll be trying to walk more and eat more vegetables.

I loved your commitment saying, and posted it with a huge "nod" to send people over here to read the entire post!

Christie Craig said...


We love it when our readers refer other readers to us. Thank you, thank you!!

I completely understand about those blasted 40s and all the issues they bring. What happened to the day when we could eat all we wanted with no bad results? Or the days when we could diet a week or two and lose ten pounds?

I think you'll be amongst good company this year with the walking and eating more veggies routine.

Thanks for posting and come back often.