Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Have you Seen Me?

Winners, winners, winners!

The winner of the pooping snowman, cards, and pen is Linda C. And because I'm in the giving spirit, I'm giving away another pooping snowman and it goes to Lucy. Then the winner of the book, cards, and pen is Pat L. Guys email me your snail mail addresses at christie (@) christie-craig.com

And please (for more prizes) everyone pop over to http://novelthoughts.wordpress.com/ and to read an epilogue of Divorced, Desperate and Dating, http://thewritersvineyard.com/

Where am I?

Wait. I don’t mean, me physically, I know where I am. I’m at my desk, wearing my “Don’t talk to me before my coffee” nightshirt and my Donald Duck house shoes. (Hey, I like my shoes.) Besides, I’m not so loony that I don’t know where I’m at. I know I told you about the voices, but forget about the voices. My question doesn’t have anything to do with my sanity--my question is about where my book, Divorced, Desperate and Dating is on the shelves.

Non-writers may not know this, but where you are (where your book is sold at) is important. Of course, we want to be in all the wonderful places. The more places the better. The airport is one prime place that comes to mind. (I’m still waiting to see someone reading my book on an airplane. I’ll probably get so excited I’ll kiss the person and be arrested for assault or something.) Of course, then there’s Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Borders, Waldens, and a long list of grocery stores. Then there’s the drugstores. Someone once told me that when you hit the Walgreens, you know you’ve made it.

Ahh, but let me tell you, the Neiman Marcus of book spots is not the upscale shopping stores. Nope, it's the super discount stores that offer one-stop shopping. Why? Well, the most apparent reason is because of sales. Statistics seem to prove that people who shop for cleaning supplies, paint, foot massagers, motor oil, and teeth whitener also buy books. And hey, I’ll admit it, I do my share of one-stop shopping. Pop in, wave at the greeter, and go grab some extra-hold hairspray, a pack of band aids, a bit of Jenny Crusie, toilet paper (extra quilted), and some kitty litter, all the while wearing my duck house slippers. Okay, I haven’t ever really worn my duck slippers shopping, but I have accidentally worn two different shoes. Ahh, life at the Craig house.

Which brings me to my less apparent reason for wanting to be in these retail stores. I guess you could say, I’m a one-stop shopping kind of gal. Well, let's say I shop them a lot more than Neiman Marcus. Don’t get me wrong, at least once a year, I dress to the hilt and hit the Galleria for my Neiman fix. I’ve bought hats, French Perfume, and yes Gemma, I’ve even bought a pair of shoes on my annual up-town outing. However, for the everyday Craig merchandise, it’s me taking a quick run, dressed in sweats, no make-up, hair brushed, but not sprayed or styled, to pick up a list of very basic items. Items we use at the Craig house and I use in my books. And for those times, I hit the one-stop-shops.

Seriously, think about the various things I use as weapons, humor devices, or plot enhancers in my books. We’re talking: singing fish, toilet plungers, tampons, cast iron skillets, condoms, screwdrivers, cat food, and Vitamin C, and toilet tank lids. I'm using a toilet tank lid in the book I'm writing now. Seriously, can you imagine being in Neimans and walking up to a salesclerk and asking, “Excuse me, could you tell me what row I would find the singing fish on? How about the toilet plungers?”

Not so long ago I got an email from a fan telling me where she stumbbled across my book. Tina found a Craig novel for sale in an unusual spot. And because she wasn’t sure I’d believe her, she took a picture. Nope, it wasn’t the airport, or Neimans. She found Divorced, Desperate and Delicious at . . . Good Will.

Yup, Good Will. While I like the idea of being on everyone’s keeper shelf, something about being in Good Will speaks to me. Hey, doesn’t everyone say Good Will is the place to shop for real treasures? You might find a singing fish there and the money paid goes for a good cause. Plus, I figure I helped someone get a tax deduction. Now that just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside, sort of how those duck slippers make my feet feel.

Okay…so here’s what I’m wanting from ya’ll and here’s what I’m offering as this week’s prize. Remember the pooping Christmas Snowman I mentioned I’d be giving away? Yup, this is the week. I know all of you are jumping up and down. Don’t worry, he’s house trained. He’s a candy dispenser, and the black jelly beans come out his backside. I’ve even taken a picture of his backside. (I’ll bet this is the first time you’ve been mooned by a snowman, huh?) It’s Hallmark, so don’t tell me it’s not an appropriate or sentimental gift. He’s so high class, I’ll bet you wouldn’t find him at the super discount stores.

Everyone who comments and tells me where they’ve seen my book at will get your name in a drawing to win your very own pooping Snowman, a pack of “Christie Craig” Christmas Cards, and a “silly” pen. As a second prize, I’m also offering a pack of my Christmas cards, a copy of one of my previous published books, and a silly pen. So, let me know where you’ve seen my book on sale and you could be a winner.

Oh, the snowman will make a perfect white elephant gift.

P.S. Make sure you guys come back tomorrow morning to see who won.
Also pop over to http://www.dorchesterpub.com/Dorch/SpecialFeatures.cfm?ID=2579 to check out a contest over there to win a $20 gift certificate from Amazon.

And if you didn't read my "Call Story/Stories" that was published here several months ago, pop over tohttp://www.writingplayground.blogspot.com/ and read about my embarrassing and funny call story. There are even prizes being given away over there, too.

Hey...want more? Okay...on Wednesday December 3rd, pop over to http://novelthoughts.wordpress.com/ and post to enter a book, a pack of Christmas Cards, and a silly pen. More you say? Okay how on Wednesday checking out http://thewritersvineyard.com/ to read an epilogue of Divorced, Desperate and Dating.

Crime Scene Christie


Anonymous said...

Hi Christie,
Finsihed Divorced, Deperate and Dating last night. Loved all three books, but this is my favorite so far. I have seen your books at, of course, Borders and Barnes and Noble. However, they have also appeared at my Kroger store, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and SAM'S club. Man you sure get around.

Christie Craig said...

Linda C.

What can you say, "I'm just a get-around type of gal!"

Wow, thanks so much for posting. And thank you so much reading my zany stories. Who knows, maybe you will get rewarded with a pooping snowman. (smile)


Maureen said...

I've seen your books at the Giant Supermarket and Walmart. Congratulations on your new book.

Minna said...

Well, as I haven't visited any bookstores made out of brick and mortar for a while, but when it comes to Internet bookstores, I have seen Divorced, Desperate and Dating here:

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for letting me know.

Hope you have a great holiday.


Christie Craig said...


It's good to know that my book is out in different places on the web.

Thanks so much for posting.


Gemma Halliday said...

That is the coolest snowman ever. I must have one.

Will be on the lookout for your books!

Christie Craig said...

Thanks Gemma,

I personally think it makes the perfect gift for someone who has everything.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christie,
I've seen your books at Barnes & Noble, Borders, my local grocery store and drug store,and my local library of course. You're everywhere!

Christie Craig said...


It's so good to know I get around!!

Thanks so much for posting.


CrystalGB said...

I have seen your books at Books A Million and at Walmart.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for surfing over!

I'm thrilled I'm getting spotted in different places.

Now if we can just get people to pick me up. Hey...I'll go home with just about anyone!!! (smile)


Unknown said...

Well I bought my copy of Divorced, Deperate and Dating at the local borders. I usually buy all my books there. I am on a first name basis with the clerk!!!j My husband could not belive when we went in and she greeted me by my first name. I have seen your book on several places in town. Our grocery store started carring books and a copy was there. the other place is the used bookstore. I usually take my girls there every Saturday and I have seen you books there.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Christina,

I know what you mean about being on first-name basis with the booksellers.

My local B & N see me coming in and they all run to their computers to see if they have copies of my books there. Because if they don't I always say..."Hey, you know, I could send my fans elsewhere to pick up my books!"

I've almost got them trained to keep them on the shelves.

Thanks for posting.


traveler said...

Congratulations Christie! How wonderful.
I saw your book at K-Mart, Wal-Mart and my local grocery stores. You are really doing well.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much posting and letting me know you seen me.

I love knowing I'm getting around.


Keri Ford said...

I saw it at Amazon! and hey, when I typed in Divorced, Amazon subbed in the rest of the title for me. how cool is that?

Christie Craig said...


Owww. That is too cool. It's almost as good as having your name written on the walls of bathroom. (smile)

Thanks for stopping in.


Unknown said...

Hi Christie, I have seen your books at Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Noble all of the on line bookstores, which is where I order books from. I have also seen it at the Kroger store and Walmart. That is about the only place around here that sells books.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much for surfing by.

I'm thrilled that I'm being seen in all around town.


Anonymous said...

Christie, it was such a treat to receive my signed copy of Divorced, Desperate and Dating and all the fantastic things you added to the package! My cat thinks the pen is brilliant --- she kept pulling the top of it and then she insisted on sniffing the entire envelope. She wants to join your animal book club.

I haven't been out shopping but I wll definitely look for Divorced, Desperate and Dating and report back.

Mary M

Christie Craig said...

Mary M.

LOL! Okay...you are the second person who has told me that their cats went after my pen.

I think it's the hair. It must made from chicken feathers or something.

Thanks for stopping in Mary.


Estella said...

I got your book at my local grocery store.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much.

I love knowing my book can be bought along with a can of pork-n-beans and bottle of wine.


ellie said...

Your book is displayed beautifully at the local grocery store. COngratulations and best.

jenna said...

Congratulations Christie! Great news. I have seen your book around town in Borders and B & N.

ruth said...

I have seen your books at all of the grocery stores as well as Wal-Mart. Congratulations.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for letting me know. It feels good to know I'm being spotted.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks for dropping by.

Let's hope Borders and B & N keep it on the shelf.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much for posting. I love being seen at Wal-Mart.


catslady said...

This is almost like Goodwill but we have a place called St. Vincent dePaul which is a charity. I drop off old clothes and can't resist checking out the books and yep, I did see your book there!!!!But someone beat me to it!!!

Christie Craig said...


That is priceless!! Thank you so much for telling me.

The only thing better would have been if there had been a fight break out for the book. (smile)


Lucy said...

I saw your book at amazon.com. Does that count? Even if I ordered it? Because I did! I'm not a big shopper so getting out in the Christmas rush isn't happening for me, which is why I can't tell you any other place I've seen it. But I have to say, I was looking at the pooping Santa thinking, "that would be perfect for my white elephant gift" - and I have the perfect Victoria's Secret bag that I'm going to put that white elephant gift in! (although it's - the pooping santa - really cute so I don't know that I would do that in the end - no pun intended the VS bag is definitely happening though).

Oh, and if none of that makes me win, since I have all your books already (or waiting for them to arrive), whatever book you wanted to send I could include in the white elephant gift exchange and go on and on about how much I love your books (there will be 50 - 60 people at this party).

Just think about it. ;)

Christie Craig said...

Ahh Lucy,

You make me laugh. I think we think alike, putting the pooping Santa in the VS bag is perfect.


kimmyl said...

I've seen your book at Barnes and Noble and Hastings. My fave store of course.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for letting me and for visiting Killer Fiction.


Anonymous said...

I loved the first book in the series and look forward to the others.

Pat L.

Christie Craig said...

Thanks Pat!


Refhater said...

Sorry, but I couldn't post last night due to a severe allergic reaction to a peanut that was hidden in some broccoli salad. It wasn't pretty! I still look like a reject Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon.

I first "saw" your books here on Killer Fiction. Now I look for them everywhere I go.

Christie Craig said...


Okay...that sounds bad. Yikes. Dad-burn peanut!!!

Take care of yourself and keep an arms length from those little suckers.