Friday, July 09, 2010

It cleans on its own!

Remember the Bathroom Cleaning Saga at my house? Here’s an update. I am beyond happy to report that the automatic shower cleared did, in fact, get installed in my bathroom and, wonder of wonders, someone is actually pushing the button. Not me, even! And… ohmigod, this thing is freaking awesome! It actually just cleans automatically. I know, the claim was right there in the name, but I didn’t believe it until I actually saw it. But it’s been two weeks since my shower saw a sponge, and it’s still sparkling like it was freshly cleaned. I’m psyched.

Now, if I could just get an automatic sink, counter, toilet, and floor cleaner I’d be set.

Anyway, now that the cleaning is starting to get under control, I decided to give the bathroom a little make-over. While I’m dying to hit it with a paint bucket, we’re renting, so pain is a no-go. Instead, I went and did a little mini shopping spree at Target and set to work decorating . Granted, his bathroom is the one the boys use, so Big Boy had a lot of input into the décor (Yeah, the guitars were clearly his idea), but all in all, I’m pretty happy with the colors, and look how tidy it is!

Next on my list of rooms in need of decorating is my bedroom. I’m thinking something in sultry red… updates to follow.

~Trigger Happy Halliday

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krisgils33 said...

That is a very cool bathroom. It's manly enough, but has a hint of femininity too. We've been in our house 2 yrs and I've done over every room, except the bathrooms. I want to give them a major overhaul, which of course requires major bucks, so it will have to wait awhile!