Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Swedish Vampire Movies and Kids...

Okay, I thought today was Tuesday. Holidays throw me off like that. So, my bad.

Mr. Assassin and I got Netflix through our Wii recently. And last night we finally watched our first movies on it.

I may never leave the house again.

Anyway, the first movie we watched was...can you guess? Go ahead and try...

I'll give you a minute...

"Let The Right One In," a Swedish vampire movie. Now, I know what you're thinking... "How predictable."

Actually, it was very good. It was a movie I'd watch with my daughter, considering the two main characters are 12. It could be a great bonding moment. I imagine it would go a little something like this:

Me: "So, she's a vampire, and she was 12 when she was turned..."

Meg: "What's up with that kid's hair?"

Me: "What, Oskar? Well, it's Sweden. Maybe kids wear their hair long like that. But anyhow...Eli the vampire..."

Meg: "Why doesn't she ever wipe the blood off of her face?"

Me: "I think it's a metaphor for the fact she's a kid and not as inhibited as an adult would see..."

Meg: "Why do all the men tuck their sweaters into their jeans?"

Me: "Really? I'd rather talk about..."

Meg: "This is a long, boring movie. Why doesn't anyone explode?"

Me: (sigh) "I'll put in Twilight..."

The Assassin


TerriOsburn said...

Philistines, every last little one of them.

Swedish vampires? Really? Huh. I pegged you more for a zombie girl.

Leslie Langtry said...

I like zombies too. LOVED Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Dawn of the Dreadfuls.

krisgils33 said...

your conversations with your child go WAY better than with me and my 8 yr old.

Leslie Langtry said...

Really? Do tell!

krisgils33 said...'s ALWAYS an argument. There is not one topic that I can correct or contradict her on, followed by me being told "you always have to be right". I'm trying to be helpful, I swear, and send her into the world with the right information, but she just doesn't see it that way. It doesn't matter what the topic is either.

Leslie Langtry said...

Are you sure you don't have my son living with you?

krisgils33 said...

If your son is an 8-yr old girl with long, blonde hair, no front teeth, and plenty of attitude...then yes, you can come pick him up at my house.

Leslie Langtry said...

Sorry. Must not be him. Oh well!