Monday, May 17, 2010

Someone Pass Me Coffee

I hate Mondays. Have I ever shared that piece of information with you? I actually have no idea why I chose Monday for my blogging day when I am rarely awake and lack any energy on Monday. If I received 52 sick days a year, I would call off sick every single Monday. I don't get those people who take a vacation day on Friday. What's the point of that? It's Monday that stinks!

America Idol update: Down to the wire with Crystal, Lee and Casey. I'm sorta surprised that Casey made it this far. Not that he doesn't have talent - what a fantastic guitarist, but I just figured he wouldn't sustain the popular vote. America is rather silly sometimes with their voting. What DOES surprise me is that with all the availability of song choices this year, he STILL hasn't done a Stevie Ray song. I bet he could get the guitar down and surely that would win votes. Ah, well, no one said he was a genius, right? I still think Crystal should win. She's clearly the best and most polished artist there.

Last week weirdness: My two best friends will tell you that nothing normal ever happens to me. I get all the oddball things. So remember how a couple of weeks ago, I was sicker than sick with bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection, etc. Well, not sooner was I breathing right again that I noticed this bump on the top of my foot when I was shaving. Since I don't spend all day staring at my feet, and it was were a bone is, I checked it against the other foot to see if it was out of line. Sure enough, it was bigger. Well, this is the foot that I've broken motorcycle racing, so I just figured it was flared up or something and ignored it. The next day, I looked down and could see it from 5'8" away. Then I started wondering if it was a spider bite.

So the next day, the darn thing is twice the size - now the size of a quarter and swollen a good half-inch up from my foot. So I go to my doctor who says it's not a spider bite and gets me in with a podiatrist, who tells me its a harmless cyst, well, except for the part where it's located on my foot exactly where the top of shoes go. So I can't exactly wear shoes. I can put a flipflop partially on that foot and Human Resources is going to LOVE that one if they catch me. So I direct the podiatrist to try to drain the thing and he gets it about half it's size. But it's big again the next day.

So basically, if I sit on my butt and never move and soak the foot in warm water every couple of hours, then it stays small. If I move much and don't soak, it gets huge. Well, I'm not Paris Hilton and while I DO sit on my butt all day, I kinda have to go to work to do some of it. So this is not going to work unless I want to go barefoot or wear socks or flipflops the rest of my life. So now I have to find a doctor to do surgery to remove the darn thing.

I couldn't have just had a spider bit.....noooooooooooo, that would have been far too simple.

And I have a favor to ask for all our loyal readers (and any visitors), please click on this link and cheer for Margot. This is an online contest where you cheer for the person riding the bicycle and the cheers are all for those battling cancer. Margot has been battling Ovarian cancer for two years. So please vote. Word is, she has been encouraged by all the cheering so far! You can vote every day after 9:00. Thanks!

Deadly (limping) DeLeon


TerriOsburn said...

I cheered. Sorry about the cyst. Is it that hard to find a doc to take it off? Seems the podiatrist would do it, but no?

On a good note, there are some cute strappy sandals on sale at Payless. Mayhaps one would work for now.

Went on a writing bender and haven't seen Idol in weeks, but I too am surprised Casey is still around. Goes to show what a pretty face will get ya. Assuming it will be Lee and Crystal in the finals. Another lackluster year.

Tori Lennox said...

The cyst sounds really nasty. Hugs!

I cheered for Margot, too!

Jana DeLeon said...

Terri - yes, a podiatrist will do it, but the first one said they will put me under to do it and I hate that. So I'm talking to another one who might do it local. It's not deep, so I see no problem with it. I HATE being put under. Do I mention I hate being put under?

Jana DeLeon said...

The cyst is very ugly and a pain in my, well, foot. lol

Thanks for voting both of you!

Steffi said...

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