Thursday, September 03, 2009

No Wire Coat Hangers...or Organization is a Dirty Word

It's that time of year again. With temperatures trending downward and a definite fall crispness already in the air, it's time for the seasonal wardrobe evaluation and elimination. Just what I need. Another project to suck my 'free time' away.

My closet is worse than most. And NO! That is not my closet featured in the picture. If only that were so. My closets should be posted with an 'enter at your own risk' warning sign. Well, if you could manage to enter them, that is. My closets serve as multi-purpose storage. While I have a fair amount of storage space, I also have a fairer amount of items to store. I have work clothes, casual clothes, writing clothes, dress clothes, and hang out at home clothes. I have work shoes, snow shoes, boots, athletic shoes, summer shoes, and dress shoes. The problem is that most of my closet space goes for non apparel storage. Translate that into writing stuff.

The storage areas above all my closets hold research binders, work in progress binders, hard copies of various projects, and miscellaneous writing materials. Oh. And a couple old computer towers that came over on the Mayflower.

The extent of my closet chaos became apparent when I helped moved my son into his new apartment several weeks back. This kid is OCD organized. Talk about a place for everything and everything in its place. He had hanging shoe bags and color-coded bins for everything. Socks, undies, wife beaters, etc. He had a cabinet with plastic drawers for toiletries, school supplies, and miscellanous items. His desk featured a tray for paper clips, pens, pencils and all the drafting supplies he needs. And in his closet his shirts and jeans were all hung up using the incredibly cool product known as the Wonder Hanger.

Once I got a look at his highly efficient organizational display, I felt like one of those out of control hoarders you see featured on Oprah.


Since I really don't function well in chaos, I've decided to tackle my closets this fall and utilize some of the organizational techniques and products that are out there. I made a good start at reducing the amount of clothing I had last year when I finally got rid of my old lady, high waisted, straight leg jeans. But now I need to be brutal about clothing selections. For example. How many 'little black dresses' do I really need at this point in my life? One short, cute cocktail dress for fun and a longer, serious one for funerals, right? And when will I ever wear a pink belt again? Or a sequined cardigan? Or a fanny pack!

It's time to get lean and mean in the closet. Are you with me?

What items are you chagrined to admit you still have hanging in your closet and just taking up space? What tried and true organizational tips or products have you had success with or, conversely, what hasn't or didn't work for you?

This week my mantra is 'Less IS more!'

Away with the red Chinese silk floor length dress that I haven't worn in four years (and probably can't get into if I wanted to) and it's off to Goodwill with the flowered swimsuit with the frilly skirt.

Thank goodness such donations remain anonymous...(to heck with the @#! charitable giving receipt!)

It's time to shed those dated, fashion offensive garments.

Hmmm. Maybe I better don protective eyeware before I go through my closet. I think I still have stuff in there from the 70s.


~Bullet Hole~


Tori Lennox said...

a couple old computer towers that came over on the Mayflower.

I have this sudden vague idea for a story.... *g*

Wendy Roberts said...

Yanno, I think it would be seriously interesting if you took photos of those fashion offensive garments and posted them LOL! Of course there is NO WAY you'd convince me to post pics of my clothing disasters he he.

Steve said...

Oh Wendy, that's a good idea. But Kathy, you know you might be able to sell them on E-bay. Hey, they are sure to be back in style in a few months. I know some of my mine have suddenly become the in thing. To bad my body isn't the size, or in any condition to wear the "in" thing!!!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I've moved too many times and am a purger at heart to have accumulated too much in my own closet. But I have recently set aside a pile of things that I have either decided I don't like anymore or have outgrown (ahem) that I'm planning to take to a consignment shop in my neighborhood.

I too would love to see pictures :)