Saturday, September 12, 2009

Author Kissa Starling

In honor of Grandparents' Day, please welcome author Kiss Starling! She writes super wonderful, sweet contemporary romance which, sometimes, just happens to involve older (gasp!) heroes and heroines. So, before I give too much away about her latest read, heeeeere's Kissa...

I’m an old people lover- there I said it. I so enjoy talking to people who have been around this big wide world for more than seventy years or so. They can recount stories that otherwise I could only read about and we all know that details get left out in translation. I want to know about smells, sounds, and sights from way back when.

I love to compare today to yesterday and older people are a great resource for this type of meandering. They can tell me what things used to look like. How the broadcast sounded when Kennedy was shot, how American’s felt during WWII, and they even give me forgotten recipes- another one of my passions.

Old people need lovin’ too!

So many people think about love in reference to their own age. Well more and more people are living into their 80’s and 90’s these days. Many of them lose good friends, family, and even spouses during this twilight time of their lives. Everyone needs a reason for living and sometimes finding love at an older age is that reason. It can be every bit as beautiful as relationships between two younger persons. The authors at Red Rose Publishing took heed and created the Forever Young Anthology.
My story, Kismet, will be released sometime in September as an individual ebook at Red Rose Publishing. At some later date the stories may be compiled into a print edition.

Here’s a blurb from Kismet:
Harold and Bea met and fell in love in 1940. Both enlisted to fight in WWII and then came home to marry other people. Now, seventy years later, they agree to attend a high school reunion. Neither of them know if the other will show or what happened so many years ago. These two find that a broken proposal is hard to forgive but when you're almost ninety you don't have time for regrets.

By K. Starling, my sweeter side…

Read an excerpt here:


SharonJM said...
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SharonJM said...

Read and loved the excerpt Kissa. This is what I love about these meet and greet opportunities. I gives the reader an opportunity to expand their knowledge about the author and the different loves of the author. I knew that you have an fondness for older lovers and the excerpt captures it.

Kissa Starling said...

Thanks Sharon! I have a fondness for conversations with people older than me and I recently wondered why there weren't more older characters in fiction. Old people need loving too right?