Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why the %$#! is One Image Shorter Than the Other? You'd think that in TWO YEARS I'd be able to figure that out!

Okay, I didn't get a guest. I'm a little forgetful. Okay...I'm a lot forgetful. But I do have a cool prize! One random blogger today will win an autographed copy of The Virgin Queen's Daughter, signed by one of my critique partners, Ella March Chase and a signed copy of my other CP Susan Carroll's latest book (signed of course) Twilight of the Queen, which just came out! And if you come up with the best way to randomly chose the winner, you too will win these books! Am I great or what?

You'd think I'd be good at anniversaries. After all, aside from my birthday this week, this year marks my 25th High School Reunion and my 20th Wedding Anniversary. (Now I'm depressed...where did I put that bottle of wine?) But this 2 Yr. with Killer Fiction is special. One, because these women still actually allow me to participate and Two, I've gotten to make some great friends here. And whether I'm prank calling Hellion on Terrio's cell or trying to figure out what in the hell Nikki texted me (sorry I forgot that scene about the poodle - it was Sunday and I had, like, beer...), it's so amazing to have people who love what you do.

Without Killer Fiction, I wouldn't have all of you incredible and hilarious women in my life, and I wouldn't have you guys to give me a hard time every week, on Wednesdays. I actually look forward to that.

Right now, I'm looking for the most interesting method of randomly selecting a name to win the fabulous prizes above. It could involve my guinea pigs, mayonnaise and rope, or K-Y wrestling with Post-its. The most original idea will also get a set of books by my friends Ella and Susan.

So give me your best shot! And remember, (do I even need to say this?) the weirder the better.


The Assassin


terrio said...

And I've not washed my phone since Leslie used it. Just in case I need her fingerprints for some reason.

Congrats on two years! Hellie pointed out that we pirates will hit the two year mark in October. Where did the time go?!

To pick the winner - Build a giant Plinco board and lean it further back than the typical board. Write each commenters name in a slot at the bottom, set the guinea pig loose at the top and which ever name she chooses, that's the winner. (Extra step, place large carrot in slot titled Terrio.)

I'm sure you have plywood and giant nails around there somewhere. And you can drink beer while you build it. Win win right there.

MsHellion said...

I'm so honored I prank called--it was so awesome!!!

I love SUSAN CARROLL!! She's AWESOME! We had her as a guest speaker at MORWA once--and she was brill; and her romances are wicked excellent. Seriously well done.

Okay weirdest way to pick a name: oh, oh, write each name on the back of a $1 bill and take all the bills to a local beefcake strip club. Order several mojitos or Tom Collins. Put the $1 bills in your favorite g-string--and at the end of the night, pull one back out. (Maybe stuff a $5 in there and try to get back change or something.) The name of the winning $1 bill is the winner of the books!

Actually that might not be weird. I bet you someone has actually done that before.

MsHellion said...

I'm so honored I was prank called, I can't even type my sentences correctly. *eye roll* Gah.

sarah said...

My parents just celebrated their 41 wedding anniversary. Makes me feel old.

Assign each person a value - then play darts. The person with the value closest to your dart score wins.

Assign everyone a value via a random number generator. Then watch Terminator. Count the number of lines said by Arnold. Then watch Dune. Count the number of lines said by Sting. Then add the numbers from movies that Bruce Willis was in that had numbers in the titles. Who ever has the closest value to that value wins.

But that could be way to complicated.

Write everyone's name on slips of paper. Cover the guinea pigs in mayo. Sprinkle slips of paper over the guinea pigs. Let guinea pings run loose. Cover hands in K-Y. Attempt to retrieve guinea pigs. Any slip of paper that survives wins. Repeat if necessary.


Call a wrong number and ask for a number between 1 and x (x being the number of people who entered.) If they hand up, call another wrong number.

MsHellion said...

I see Sarah must be another close personal friend, Les. *LOL* Because that bit about the guinea pig was straight out a Bombay book...and the call random numbers until you find someone who doesn't hang up sounds like something you'd do.

I still vote for mine though because hey, you get to try to break change in a g-string.

terrio said...

Mine involves hand tools. And beer. I'll throw in a free tool belt. And chocolates. Have you tried these Hershey Bliss with the meltaway center? *waves chocolate in front of Leslie's nose* You know you wanna...

Sarah's movie formula should be tweaked to say "count how many lines Arnold says convincingly." That would reduce the math by quite a bit.

Bookmobiler said...

I've enjoyed following your blogs and occasionally commenting.

Let me suggest putting everybody but my name in a hat.

then for the total of names already in the hat add my name ten times. Example, 25 other names plus 250 of mine.

Mix them up thoroughly and pull a name from the hat.

If it is my name discard it and try again.

Keep this up until you get a name other than mine. That's your winner.

Then send them and me the prizes.

You did say the person who suggested the winning method would get a prize too? Right?

Leslie Langtry said...

I can see it comes down to messy and not so messy or possible injury to me in the making or possible injury (mayo addiction) for the guinea pigs. These are great answers! I love my weird friends!!!

terrio said...

We're not weird, we're inventive.

Leslie Langtry said...

Of course! I meant inventive. And in Leslie's Dictionary, "weird" = good.

amber polo said...

Give the prize to the entry promising to send you the most chocolate!

Leslie Langtry said...

Gee might be onto something there...

catslady said...

Put a piece of chocolate on top of each name (name side down of course lol) and enjoy - last piece of chocolate wins - not too weird but sounds like fun :)

catslady said...

The blog ate my first comment - hope this one works lol.

How about putting a piece of chocolate on top of each name and enjoy - last piece wins. Not weird but sounds like fun :)

catslady said...

Okay sorry about the double post - it kept giving me errors and saying I couldn't post - have no clue what happened!

Refhater said...

For some odd reason the Salem witch trials come to mind. Write down everyones names, tie them up, and throw them into water. Whichever one stays afloat, is the winner.

You could always do the wedding shower cake charm thing. Make a cake and insert everyone who entered's name into the cake. Then eat a piece and the person who's name is in that piece is the winner.

Congrats on two years!

Christie Craig said...

I like inventive, too, Leslie!!

We're writers, we're always a little inventive.


robynl said...

hang up a picture of a person and then have someone write the entrants names on the picture(a full body one is best). Take a gun, a BB gun, darts, or whatever, when thrown, will make a mark and the first name it lands on or closest to will be the winner.