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Author Cassandra Curtis

And the winner of Cassandra's latest ebook in the Shifting Tides series is... Refhater! Refhater, email me at gemmahalliday (at) gmail (dot) com to get your prize. Congrats!!

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Please join me in welcome to KF and fabulous writer and wonderful friend, Cassandra Curtis. Her romances are so much fun, so well written, and so steamy you won’t be able to resist. Plus, she’s so cool, she’s giving away a book to one lucky reader today. (See why I love her?) So, take it away, Cassandra…

Injecting Life and Humor Into Your Characters
By Cassandra Curtis

My character, Eleanor (in my current work-in-progress) is pretty upset with me. I just made her go through an exercise regimen only a drill sergeant could love. I made her eat postage-sized helpings of steamed fish and veggies, then forced her to smear some iridescent purple gunk all over her body and wrap herself in plastic wrap!

Telling her that I wouldn't make her do anything that I wouldn't do isn't helping. She is still upset with me. It could have been worse, though, and I speak from experience.

Many years ago, my sister bought into a multi-level marketing deal and the product they pushed was a smelly, iridescent purple cream that promised to eliminate cellulite. The jar came with a small white applicator paddle and a sheet of directions.

Do you have any idea how long it takes to smear purple crap all over your naked body with a tiny paddle? Well, I do. I also know how difficult it is to wrap yourself in plastic wrap after smearing said purple crap all over your naked body. (It takes approximately one hour to make sure all exposed areas are covered with the cream and another hour to get the damned plastic wrap to go the way you want it to! Even after you're finished, the wrap slides and tries to unravel).

Next you lay perfectly still (they make a special note of that in the directions) on towels as the gunk starts to make your skin itch and crawl. After about 2 hours, you turn on your stomach and wait another 2 hours. Then you can peel off the plastic wrap, take a shower and check out the now smooth contours of your cellulite free body! Yeah, right.

I was in the middle of doing a strategic flip onto my stomach when the doorbell rang. Maybe they'll go away. *Ring, ring, ring*—okay, so maybe they won't.... so I threw on a thick terry-cloth robe and cinched it tight, and went to the door, opened it, and saw it was a UPS guy. He was tall, dark-eyed and muscular—a hunk, to be precise. As I reached for the clipboard and pen, I noted his eyes go *south* and wondered what he was staring at, and hoped whatever it was, he liked it!

I finished signing my name and smiled at him with my best flirty look as I handed him back the clipboard. He bent to pick up the box and kind of stayed like that—in suspended animation for a minute or two—before standing to give me the box. His lips quirked upward as he said goodbye, and then left.

It was only as I put the box on my coffee table and straightened that I saw my reflection in the large mirror above the sofa. The terry robe had opened ever so slightly and a six-inch strip of purple-smeared plastic wrap hung loose between my legs! Wah!

Later, when I managed to get 'round to opening the box—it was stacked with jars of the cream. I guess my sister expected me to throw a party.

Oh yes, Eleanor, it could always be worse.

Shifting Tides: Soul Of The Sea

By Cassandra Curtis

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-562-1 (Electronic)
Third and final book in the bestselling Shifting Tides trilogy from Amber Heat

Jill Kohlson is a woman looking for answers and bent on revenge. Her plans take a side turn when she travels to Mermaid Isle and meets the handsome Botoa brothers.

Gavin and Garde are twin Dolphine Botos, a race of Brazilian shapeshifters that, according to myth and legend, can claim your soul and take you to the Encanté, an enchanted undersea world.

The twins share everything, including their lovers. For the first time in her life, Jill can explore all her sexual fantasies and appease her hungry appetites. She knows there is no future in the summer fling, however, especially if the brothers discover her secret—a magical amulet she wears to disguise her true nature.

When the twins’ foster father Silas Mariner is kidnapped, Jill realizes her one chance to find answers has disappeared, too. With the help of her friend Melissa, she infiltrates the compound of crime boss Nick Sharkey, and must make the toughest decision of her life. Fulfill her lust for revenge, or risk all to save the twins and the one she loves…

To Read An Except, go here:

About the author:
Cassandra Curtis is the author of the Shifting Tides paranormal erotic ebooks, which will be available in print this October 2009. Her website is: You can follow her exploits on Twitter: Cassandra is also a founding member of the popular Midnight Moon Cafe author group:

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Refhater said...

Welcome to KF Cassandra! Shifting Tides looks amazing.

Loved the purple gunk story. The things we do in the name of beauty! It must be some cosmic joke that someone will always come to the door at that exact momment.

Tell your character too look on the bright side. At least she wasn't allergic to the gunk. Being covered with red splotchy hives all over is much much worse.

Cassandra said...

Hi Refhater,

Thanks for the welcome. You know, I thought about my poor heroine getting hives, but decided to let her suffer through an aerobics workout later in the story and sweat purple. hehe.

You are so right about the universe's sense of humor! lol

In Shifting Tides: Beneath A Midnight Sea, book one in the series, I open with my heroine Terri at a supermarket taking a workshop on how to flirt and meet men.

I always try to put some element of real life experience and humor into my stories. But I'll let readers try to figure out which incident from real life is in Shifting Tides: Soul of The Sea. :wink:

Estella said...

Great post!
The book sounds like an interesting read.

Gemma Halliday said...

Great post, Cassandra! Thanks for being here. And I can't wait to read Shifting Tides now!


Aimee St. Claire said...

Hi Cassandra! :)

That purple gunk brought back a beauty memory of those early self-tanners. Remember those? I went to a college class after putting one on my face and noticed some of my classmates kept looking at me. I thought I was making insightful comments in English class. A trip to the loo pointed out that my face had turned pumpkin ORANGE. At least your story has a hunky guy in it! :)

Congratulations on your new book, it looks great!

:) Aimee

CrystalGB said...

Hi Cassandra. What an experience you had. Shifting Tides sounds so good.

Cassandra said...

Hi Estella, thank you. I love writing about shifters and the sea.

Thank you for inviting me, Gemma. ((hugs))

Hi Aimee! OMG! The Orange tans! I did that too! Wah! lol

Hi Crystal. Thank you for stopping by. ::waves::

Christie Craig said...

HI Cassandra!

Thanks so much for visiting with us at Killer Fiction. Sounds like a fabulous story.