Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Do It!!!

Winners, Winners, Winners!!

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((Because today I'm feeling lucky to be alive, I'm giving away a prize to one lucky poster. See details below.))

Today, I had this very inspirational blog planned about connecting to the passion in your life, but something happened. My hubby happened.

Yup, get ready for another hubby story. I’m not sure if it’s as good as “spot cleaning” or the “Burger King while in labor” stories, but it’s close. It involves a non-advice-taking hubby (will they ever learn?), a titty bar (No I have not gone into another profession), a pothole/sinkhole the size of Cleveland, and three non-English speaking, rope-toting, titty-bar-attending men. Do I have your interest yet?

Hubby is taking me out on a date. How special. That should have been my first clue that something wasn’t going to go right. Now, don’t go jumping to conclusions about him taking me to a titty bar, either. The titty bar just happened to be there as did the pothole, and the large-busted woman walking across the fine establishment’s parking lot, which some might blame for us landing in the pothole.

But first, back to the date. It included a nice dinner, grilled Amberjack, baked potato and hot French bread and butter. Yum. The dinner was top notch. The movie?: The Time Traveler’s Wife. I would argue that it got a C+. It had me sobbing about miscarriages, death, and frostbite. Well, after the movie, the date went downhill. Rapidly. And when I say down, I mean several feet down. Add the mud, and the muddy water and I’d have to give the overall date a C. Not an F because let’s face it. I got a blog out of it, and you got some entertainment. Hubby, he just got himself in all sorts of trouble.

The downhill portion of the date started after we left the movie. Hubby, driving around the block to get back on the main freeway, passes the titty bar. Now it’s eleven P.M. on a Saturday night, meaning the establishment is hopping, and the lights are flashing, Girls, Girls, Girls. And yup, crossing the well-lit parking lot is one such girl. Big Texas hair, and her dynamic duo pair, Lucy and Ethel, were Texas super sized.

Hubby makes his turn. Now, I was not going to accuse Hubby of being distracted by the woman, but he seemed to think it was important, and I’ll explain why I think this is in a minute. Nevertheless, there’s a woman, there’s a turn, and there’s this water filled hole taking up a forth of the road, the ditch, and some of the woods.

As hubby is mid-turn the headlights hits the object of my concern. Not the woman, mind you, but the freaking huge pothole/pond. How big is it? Well, I swear if I’d brought my fishing pole I could have caught a fish in it big enough to mount on the wall. Hubby slams on his brakes. Yup. He slams on his brake just before the passenger-side tire of the car falls into the hole.

Wow! We are saved. I catch my breath. Then hubby does his man thing. You know the one when a man leans up, peers over the wheel and out the windshield, to see how close he came to disaster.

I look at him and my heart starts pumping because I see it in his eyes, the no-big-deal attitude that gets men in trouble. I grab his elbow. “DON’T DO IT!!” I say.

He looks at me. Yes, he actually looked at me! Gave me the…I-got-this-babe look, releases his foot off the brake, and inches forward. Now, he’s an engineer and I still don’t understand how he figures that driving slow into a pothole is going to bring about different results than driving fast into a pothole?

It happens . . . Bam! The front tire (on my side) falls into the pothole. The car is hanging a good three feet down. Can I remind you that there’s water in the hole and I’m not sure how deep this hole goes? Water is lapping against the bumper. I’m checking to see if it’s coming into the car.

Hubby’s eyes dart to me. I see it in his gaze. Not fear. Not remorse. I see that he knows he screwed up and this is going to be blogged about.

Immediately, he puts the car in reverse. The car’s tires spin, spewing water under the car. He puts the car in forward. Steps on the gas, spews more water.

I decide not to panic—decide to control my urge to escape and open the door and fall into the who-knows-how-deep sinkhole. Instead, I look at hubby and calmly ask. “What part of DON’T DO IT! did you not understand?”

He chooses not to answer, probably on the grounds that whatever he says will be used to incriminate him. Instead, he gets out of the car.

Now, he’s not exactly a heavyweight, but without his weight in the driver’s side, the car dips down a little further. I grab the dashboard and question my next move. Most of which involves me hitting my husband with something and I wonder, should I try to climb over the gearshift and get out of the car?

I’m holding my breath, watching him look at the front of the car, then he does it. He shakes his head, turns and heads across the street right to the titty bar. I wonder if he knows how badly he’s screwed up and decides to go be entertained by naked women because he’s pretty sure he can’t make it any worse at this point.

He walks around the parking lot. The big busted, big haired woman, having heard our little accident, is watching, then much to my hubby’s credit, he returns to his trapped wife in the car.

He gets something out of the trunk. Returns to the front of the car with our spare tire. I’m thinking…does the man not know we’re in a pothole? Maybe the tire is flat, but unless he brought his scuba diving equipment, he’s not changing it right now. But no, he drops the tire into the water. What the hell? I wonder if this is like throwing a penny in the well to see how long before you hear it hit bottom. But nope, he’s thinking if the hole has a bottom, maybe he can use the tire to drive off of, which his little trip to the titty bar parking lot was about looking for a piece of wood. (Now, I’ll bet there’s plenty of wood inside the titty bar, but not the kind that comes from trees.) Unfortunately, the hole is too deep and our spare tire is pulled into the murky depths.

That’s when I see a pair of headlights. The car pulls up behind my car, and three rather large men, dressed in baggy clothes, get out of the car. Hubby comes to the window, and throws me his phone, but doesn’t say a word. Great! Did he want me to call 911?

Remember it’s almost midnight. Remember we’re not in what you would call the best neighborhood. Remember I’m stuck in a car half sunk in a pothole with the flashing lights, Girls, Girls, Girls blinking in my vision. One of the guys opens his trunk. Oh, also remember that I’m a writer, with a very active imagination, and I picture these guys pulling out a shotgun, robbing my husband, and pushing me and the car the rest of the way into the sinkhole that has already claimed our spare tire. Lucky for me, they don’t pull out a gun, it’s rope. There not going to shoot us, just tie us up.

I hear dialogue. The guys’ ability to speak English is limited—matched only by husband’s limited ability to understand limited English. I’m watching through the side mirror and see my husband fall to the ground. I’m hoping he’s doing something with the rope to the car and not on the ground being tied up.

Needless to say, they weren’t criminals, just three guys out to watch some adult entertainment who also happened to keep rope in their trunk. And who decided to be good Samaritans. They tie the rope to their car and pull us out.

Hubby offers to pay them for there efforts but they refuse. I imagine them going home and having their wives ask, “Have you been to a titty bar?” And them telling their wives, “No, We’ve been helping some poor stupid gringo get his car and wife out of a sinkhole.” Hey, I don’t begrudge them the excuse, they did save me.

Now, on the way home, after I repeat my question a couple of times. “What does…DON’T DO IT! mean to you?”, we start laughing. When I tell him the blog worthiness of the story, he cringes, but agrees to let me tell the story (like he could stop me) but with one condition: I have to include the part about the busty woman in the parking lot.

At first, I’m confused, then his reasoning becomes clear. It’s an embarrassment for a man to drive into a pothole, but . . . if the reason is due to him looking at a big breasted woman, then it’s okay.

Does this make sense to you? Okay…there it is. How I spent my Saturday night. What did you guys do? Do you have any hubby stories to share? And because I’m feeling grateful to be alive, I’m giving away a prize today. A copy of one of my books, or if you those, a copy of one of my friend’s books, and a Christie Craig pen and notebook. So make sure you post a comment. Oh, FYI, we were able to retrieve the spare tire.


vicariousrising said...

You are precious, Christie. Girls Girls Girls flashing everywhere. Your poor man didn't stand a chance against that pothole.

Linsey Lanier said...

Funny story!

Hey, ladies! Happy Anniversary!

Just want to let you know that Killer Fiction was chosen by Petit Fours and Hot Tamales to receive the One Lovely Blog Award. Check it out at the following link!



Christie Craig said...

Hi Vicariousrising!

You are right. He didn't stand a chance. But you gotta love 'em anyway.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks and a huge thanks for the Award. We are always honored.


Wendy said...

Too funny! At least he didn't go into the titty bar and left you in the pot-hole! :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Whoa, Christie. What a character you found yourself.

I've posted about this at Win a Book, but I don't think I did the story justice. Man, that's a good one.

Phyllis Bourne said...

You had me at non-advice taking husbands.

Meagan Hatfield said...

Hahaha - men are idiots. No offense to hubster, but he should have listened to you. ;-)

Lynn LaFleur said...

I've always heard that fact is stranger than fiction. This has to go in a book, Christie. Great story!


TerriOsburn said...

This gave me flashbacks. LOL! Glad to hear you got the tire back and there was no permanent damage done. Well, no damage to the car anyway. :)

Edie Ramer said...

Christie, I love it! You had me laughing out loud several times. None of my stories about my husband can beat this.

My husband doesn't take advice either when he's driving. I think his mind is somewhere else (which I understand completely), and by the time my words sink in, it's too late. And that's without a titty bar!

Terry Blain said...

"Do you have any hubby stories to share?"

At first I thought the ice maker in our refrigerator’s freeze wasn’t working, so that night I turned off the ice maker waiting to call the repair man in the morning. But since I leave for work before my husband does later that morning he called to say it wasn’t just the ice maker, but the whole freezer compartment that wasn’t working. Great, call repair guy.

Get home to find a big puddle of water on the floor where all the ice in the ice maker had melted and thawed frozen dinners and vegetables in the dead freezer. So I ask my dh, once your realized the freeze wasn’t working, why didn’t you put all the stuff in the freeze in the garage?

Well, guess what – he had moved the bologna from the dying freezer to the one in the garage, but left everything else. So he saved the bologna. I just don’t get it.

Christie is right – guy’s priorities are really weird.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Christie--my first question was going to be "But what about the spare tire?" but luckily you tacked on that quick FYI at the end. LOL Glad you didn't get sunk or tied up and that you're home safely. :) Oh the material that man provides you with.

Bookmobiler said...

“What part of DON’T DO IT! did you not understand?”

I think I'm going have this made up into a sign!

But be fair Christie, everybody (regardless of gender) does these things.

I can think of one sister that clicked that link anyway after being warned not to do it!

Personally, I'm more encouraged by the three guys with the rope. There is more of that willingness to help strangers going around than people realize.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic, Christie. This story is almost (ALMOST) as good as the matress, rental car, cowboy story.
But I have to wonder....just what movie theater DID he take you? LOL!

deblwalker said...

Christie, I'm sitting at work trying to control my giggles, but as I continued to read your blog it became more difficult!!!!! That could have only happened to you!!!

I was sitting here this morning bemoaning the fact that I am divorced and have no one to enjoy life with, but after reading the pothole story, I'm feeling a bit grateful that I only have myself to blame!

My ex one time was bush-hogging on our property and got the tractor stuck in the mud. Not wanting to admit this to his dad, he went and got a larger tractor to pull the smaller tractor out of the mud. You guess it, he got the larger tractor stuck too! At that point there was no avoiding the truth -- he had to call a wrecker to pull BOTH tractors out of the mud. If he'd only waited a few days until the ground dried out.....well, you know that story..

Thanks again for making me laugh this morning!

M. said...

Man. I spent my Saturday night (actually, all my Saturday nights) in a so-much-more boring and non-blog-worthy way. My first reaction (to tell my DH this story as inspiration - the date part) I'm now rethinking (due to the Lucy and Ethel part).
I have to get out more!

Christie Craig said...


For a minute there, I really thought that was his plans. But I guess he loves me more than that.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


Thank you so much for posting it. You guys are the greatest!!!

And hey...anytime we can poke a little fun at husbands, we should do it. Ahh, I still love him, but we gotta laugh.


Christie Craig said...


I swear, husbands are unique beings. Engineers add a special quality. But I'm gonna keep him. Thanks for stopping by.


Christie Craig said...


You know what hubby says now, don't you? He says he only does these things so I'll have material to write about.

Thanks for dropping in.


Christie Craig said...


So much of my hubby goes into the creations of my heros: the sense of humor, the ability to goof up--big--but be able to laugh about it, and the down deep good-to-the-core character. He just read my December release and told me. "Hey, I saw myself in there a lot!"

When he left for work this morning, he told me. "Good luck with my blog!"

Thanks for dropping in.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Terri!

Thanks for stopping in. And no, thankfully there is no damage done to the car. Hubby's ego took a small hit. But thanks to the big boobed woman, he thinks he's in the clear with his buddies. LOL.


Christie Craig said...


I think taking advice is hard for husbands in a car or out sometimes. To be fair, it's hard not just for hubbies, but for everyone when we think we're right. Thankfully, most of us learn. I can bet cha, the next time I tell hubby, "Don't Do It" while in a car, he will consider the advice a tad more. Not that he'll take it, but he will consider it. LOL.

Thanks for coming by today.


Christie Craig said...


I love it. This is so typical male. He saved the bologna!!! Thanks so much for sharing, you have me snickering.

We must have married similar men.


Christie Craig said...


He swears he does stupid stuff just so I'll have the material. I think I've given him a get-out-of-trouble free card because I do use them. I mean, how mad can I get when he goofs up and doesn't complain when I tell the world.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


You are so right. We all make those spur of the moment mistakes, like shutting/locking your car door and the fraction of a second after the handle leaves your fingers, you see your keys still in the car.

I love the fact that he's able to laugh at his mistakes and doesn't mind when other people join in. I also think he loves the fact that I can laugh at his mistakes instead of going deep inside myself to find the inner PMSing bitch and let him have it with both barrels.

We laugh our way through stupid mistakes, his and mine, it has provide for some great entertainment and offers insurance for out marriage.

Thanks so much for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Jbwebber,

It's the Willowbrook AMC theater. The club is right behind it. And I'll bet the pothole/sinkhole is too.

Thanks for dropping by.


Christie Craig said...


I tickled I gave you something to laugh about. Hey, it makes the workday pass a little quicker!!!!

And I'm sure my uncle gives you lots of stories, too.

Thanks so much for popping in.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks for stopping in. Yup, hubby is pretty good about taking me out on dates. Most of them end very nicely . . . and we normally don't end up at strip bar. LOL.

Thanks for popping in.


Suzan Harden said...


Now I know why you didn't return my call Saturday...

Iapetus999 said...

That's pretty damn funny. From my "hubby" POV he seemed to act in a rational, logical manner (esp the part about ignoring back seat advice ;)
Needless to say I've done my own share of car destruction (including rolling my car on top of a large log...actually that was my mom's car...oops) so I understand how these things "happen"

CheekyGirl said...

What a hilarious story! Sounds exactly like what my hubby would do...love the part about the cell phone- like you are supposed to read his mind on what that meant!

Christie Craig said...


Yup, kind of got in really late Saturday night. LOL. Then had the DD&D #3 galley roll in and I'm just now taking a deep breath and getting those out the door.

Will be in touch soon. Thank so much for popping in.

P.S. Loving your story.


Christie Craig said...


LOL. But was the log anywhere near a strip club? If so, according to my hubby, you are not considered accountable.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much for popping in. And yup, I sat there, phone in hand, finger on the 9 waiting to see if I needed to call.

But it just goes to show that there are good people out there willing to help strangers.

Thanks again for stopping in.


Kate Douglas said...

Only you, darlin'...and yes, I have lots of husband stories, but in the hope of maintaining marital bliss, I should probably keep them to myself, though I could tell the story of the time my spouse and his two brothers took their seventy year old FATHER to a titty bar...and the poor cowboy hid in a corner with his hat pulled down over his eyes. That was almost forty years ago, though...and obviously, I still haven't let him forget it.

LOVED GOTCHA!!! What a great read! It's especially fun reading your books because I "hear" them in your voice. :-)

Sue said...

I needed a laugh! Thanks for the funny story.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Kate,

I swear, if I don't include my hubby in my blogs, he feels rejected. You gotta love that man.

I can see some bashful cowboy pulling his hat down, put peeking every now and then. LOL.

My voice? And I suppose you're talking about Alabama twang stirred together with the Texas drawl. I swear I used to want to talk the six o'clock news, now I just give up and let it roll.

Thanks for the kind work on Gotcha, Kate. Your praise, means so much. Lov ya!


Christie Craig said...


I thrilled I gave ya a chuckle. We gotta laugh more.


Michelle (MG) Braden said...

"Don't Do It" - famous last words. I seem to say them a lot too. I'm now wondering if perhaps I should start with some reverse psychology "Go For IT" and see if that brings back the common sense. LOL

Men! But, honestly, you should thank him for a great blog story! ;-)

Tori Lennox said...

ROFL!!! That definitely deserved a blog post! My Saturday night as dull as ditch water in comparison. All I did was watch TV. *g*

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing, that cracked me up! I'd let you in on one of my hubby stories, but it would likely involve me in a less-than-innocent position that I'm not willing to divulge at the moment. ;)

Samantha Cummings said...

This is so funny! What a nightmare, though!

Marsha said...


I totally sympathize with your husband. Once in Memorial Park, I rear ended a police cruiser while ogling a jiggling jogger’s junk.

Christie Craig said...


The ol' reverse psychology is fabulous idea. I might give it a shot. Hey . . . nothing else has worked. LOL.

And yup, he's fabulous at giving me blog material.

Thanks for dropping in.


Christie Craig said...


Well, we both had some ditch water in our Saturday nights. LOL.

Thanks for stopping by.


Christie Craig said...


Now I'm curious about your hubby's stories. LOL. Life is fun if we just learn to laugh at the opps we make along the path.


Christie Craig said...


It is funny and since no harm was done, it makes it even funnier.

Thanks so much for dropping in at KF.


Christie Craig said...


Too funny girl. Did you explain your reasons for wrecking? I can hear it, "I'm sorry, I was just admiring . . ."

But girl, it could happen to us all. Thanks so much for sharing.


catslady said...

That was hysterical since it had a good ending. Selective hearing - I know it well. The first time my almost husband didn't hear me was when I said don't forget to put gas in the car the night before our wedding - he ended up pushing the car in his tux to a gas station and still didn't know it was out of gas until a little kid mentioned it to him lol. Of course he was late. He ran out of gas on our first date - that should have sent warning bells ringing lol. It hasn't changed in 40 years either.

Denise said...


Hysterical! And really such a guy thing!


Donna Marie Rogers said...

Ah, Christie, thanks for the laugh. My husband can be a complete idiot, so I found myself nodding a lot while reading this.

In fact, just yesterday he brings in the electrical socket from the outside of the garage where our swimming pool pump plugs into. It had blown out, fried, completely black and sizzled.

He says to me, "Hey, look up how to change an electrical socket online."

I say, "Um, I don't think so. Call the electrician."

He scoffs, mutters something about how I have no faith in him and storms off. All I can think about is the time he was hanging Christmas lights, and dropped the big ladder on my car. Or the time he forgot to put the oars in the boat and the motor died. Since he can't swim, I had to jump into the lake with a rope tied around my waist, and pull him to shore. Unfortunately, I've got a million more stories...LOL

Christie Craig said...


I love that story. But what I love most about it is that you guys are still married. So I guess besides his "gas" problems, (with the car, of course) he does have a few good qualities.

Thanks so much for sharing.


Christie Craig said...


Yup, it's a guy thing! Ahh, but we love 'em anyway.


Christie Craig said...


Okay, here it is again, another thing that connects us. Looks as if we married the same type of man. I mean, gosh darn, you should see my man try to plumb. The sheetrock repair cost of more than the plumbing repair.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Can't wait to get your next book Meant To Be, and congrats on the great reviews.



Razlover's Book Blog said...

Hi Christie,

Thanks for the laugh! I needed that!

You know how guys are! LOL!

Refhater said...

LMAO! Glad you made it home safely after your pot hole adventure.

I don't have a hubby so no stories from me personally, but my dad has a couple doozies. There was the time he cleaned pine tree sap of mom's brand new car with an SOS pad.(Steel wool and car finishes dont mix well!)

I guess it's genetic because his dad does similar things. He (grand dad) got thristy on the golf course and drank from the first available water source. Which turned out to be the water hazzard on the next hole. (And then he wonders why he's sick!)

As for men, I have little hope for the future. God probably puts us women in their lives to keep them from accidently maiming or killing themselves.

Christie Craig said...


Yup, guys will be guys. That doesn't mean we can poke fun at them though!

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


You poor mom!!! And grandma. Be careful when and if you marry, they saw we marry our fathers. You could get one just like 'em.

Thanks for stopping in.


Jo Anne said...

Go, Christie!! Too funny. And I can see DH's smiling eyes when he told you that you had to include the well-endowed lady in the parking lot in this story.

:-) Men, you gotta love 'em.

avalonne83 said...

Please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

avalonne83 [at] yahoo [dot] it

Jane said...

You always crack me up. I don't have a hubby, so no stories to share. I spent Saturday at home with the AC on full blast and watched TV.

Christie Craig said...

Jo Anne,

You know him well. He's a hoot. But a lovable one.

Thanks for popping in.


Christie Craig said...


You are entered.

Thanks for dropping in.


Christie Craig said...


There were a few minutes Saturday night when I would have traded spots with you. I would have chosen the spot on the sofa over the spot in the car that was stuck in a pothole.

Thanks for visiting.


nattersaz said...

That was hilarious, really put a smile in my day as I wade through through dreary colorless spreadsheets...
My beloved hubby and I have long awaited Date Night this Saturday (first one since birth of new baby 5 months ago!) However I'm hoping for an evening a tad less adventurous than yours. :)
-Carolyn P

Amber Scott said...

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to read a husband what are you thinking story. Sometimes I think I am alone with all of mine.

Josie Brown said...

Laffed my arse off! Thanks for making my day, Christie!

Christie Craig said...


Here's to you having a fabulous date!! No adventures, just pure romance, hot glances, and shared knowledge that you and him made a perfect little human being.


Christie Craig said...


A friend of mine says we have to share this stuff because if not women think they are all alone dealing with male related issues. Ahh, should all be able to share, laugh and occastionally whine.


Chelsea B. said...

Ha. Great blog! At least you and your husband were able to laugh about it! :)

And Saturday night all I did was stay home, be lazy and watch 'North and South'. Sigh, I love that movie!

Christie Craig said...


Thanks girl. Keep laughing it's good for the heart.


Christie Craig said...


I'm a firm believer in laughing. I'm follow the policy of: if you can laugh at it, you can live with it.



Brandy said...

I actually read portions of this aloud to my hubs.
He knows I'm always right and he should listen to me. But does he? No. *G*
We've had one date night since our Son was born. *G* So, no Saturday night tales from me. *G*

Francyne said...

This makes me think of the hubby who drove across a street leading into an underpass after a torrential rain in Houston...WITH wife and young son in the car. Small car, deep water, and floating comes to mind. I still give him grief over that. Oh, oh, I forgot, it's the same hubby featured in your blog today.

Jessa Slade said...

My refrain is "Safety first." We still go through a lot of Bandaids in my house. Sigh. Thanks for making me feel less alone ;)

Virginia said...

Oh Christie, what a cute post. I have it all in my head and I can't stop laughing. That's just like a man and no they will not listen to anything we say. I have one of those too. You made my day today!

Christie Craig said...


I'll bet your hubby didn't even see the humor in it! LOL. And take the time for an occasional date night.

Thanks for stopping by.


Christie Craig said...


I knew if you read this you'd get all up in arms. Yup, this isn't hubby's first water and car incident. Thanks girl for stopping in.

Miss ya. We gotta get together soon!


Christie Craig said...


Ahh, those Bandaids are always needed around here, too.

Thanks so much for visiting.


Christie Craig said...


You and I both are still laughing. Better than being upset.

Thanks for coming by.


tkgrands said...

Christie, the hubby story is so true to fashion! But, then, I know you knew that the "Don't do it!" wasn't going to go very far anyway. Glad you're safe and sound.

Christie Craig said...


What can I say, I'm forever the optimist. LOL.

Thanks for stopping by.


robynl said...

dh's pride was probably hurt but thank goodness no one was. how nice of those 3 guys to help.

I can imagine your horror not knowing how deep the hole is and at night and water involved. Yikes!! Glad you made it home.

donnas said...

Great story. I can totally picture it, best thing I have read all day.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Christie Craig said...


It's so true, the three guys were angels. We need more people like that in the world, and less potholes.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week.


Amber said...

You cna always make me laugh Christie! I didn't do anything exciting myself, but that's okay because I get to read your stories!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

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