Friday, August 07, 2009


I have to share some major cuteness with you all today.

My sister lives in Lake Tahoe, a great resort town on the California/Nevada border in the Sierras. Fabulous skiing, beautiful hiking trails, pristine lake. Unfortunately, It’s also about 4 hours way from me, which means I don’t get to see sis and my adorable little 1 ½ year old niece that often. (That’s her up there in her very first set of pigtails.) And, sadly, Adorable Niece is just at that stage where she doesn’t remember me from visit to visit yet. I’m that weird stranger lady who looks like she’s gonna pinch cheeks. (Which I do.) It usually takes until the end of the visit for her to finally warm up to me… and then next visit we start all over again. Sigh.

But… my sister is one of my few family members who is also a faithful reader of my books. (Did I mention that she’s my favorite sister?) She has all my High Heels books on her shelf in her living room. Not only is she a big reader herself, but she reads constantly to my niece. It’s one of their fav things to do together. Adorable Niece grabs a book from the shelf, takes it to Mommy, and crawls up into her lap.

So, the other day, Adorable Niece toddles over to the bookcase, and what book does she pick out for Mommy to read? Is it Elmo? Peter Rabbit? Once Upon a Potty? Nope. Spying in High Heels. :) The girl has taste.

It made me do a great big “Awwwwwww” when sis said she turned to the back page with my pictures and Adorable Niece got all excited. She remembered me! (Or maybe my pictures reminded her of Elmo. Not sure…) Either way, I think we have a future romance reader in the family.

~Trigger Happy Halliday

P.S. Don't forget to join us next week for our 2 year anniversary party! We're kicking off the week Monday with a Q&A session with Samhain executive editor Angela James!


Refhater said...

She's beautiful! And smart too!

You could try recording yourself reading books and send the videos to her shortly before you go to visit. That could "prime" her for your visit so it doesn't take so long to warm up to you.

I'm jealous of those pigtails. Our 1 1/2 year old is still bald with a bit of fuzz. Isn't being an Auntie one of the best things in the whole wide world!

terrio said...

Don't worry, Refhater. I was bald til I was 2 then hair to my bottom when I turned 3. It'll come. :)

She is adorable. And she looks so proud of her pigtails. It'll be no time at all before she's pestering her mommy to go visit cool aunty again.

Gemma Halliday said...

Great idea, Refhater! I'm so going to do that! In fact, since my son is the master of YouTube, maybe he can help me record something and post it there for her.

"Cool Auntie". I like that. ;)


Estella said...

Soooo cute!