Sunday, June 07, 2009

Why Oh Why?

Do you ever hear something and just go "huh?" You know, that head tilted completely to one side, wrinkled brow sort of "huh?" I think that is why I don't watch the news or politicians. After all, that brow thing creates wrinkles that start to hang around once you're on your third year of 39. But the other day, I forgot to bring the remote to the table where I was working and heaven forbid, the news was on.

That big airline crash had just happened so that was the huge story. And it IS a horrible thing. But then they started talking to some atmospheric genius scientist about the flight path and he says something to this effect:

"That area is well known for its powerful, instantly-occurring storms. We have pockets of that type in the US, but they last only minutes before the plane has traveled through them. In this case, it can last hours and the perfect storm would rip the wings right off the plane."


Okay, is it just me, but if an area is known for sneaky, wing-ripping-off storms, don't you think they could just fly another way? So maybe if that's the only straight route that they have enough gas for, maybe people should fly from Brazil to France via Houston or something.

It's just like the Bermuda triangle thing. I mean really? How many times did a baby have to stick scissors into a light socket before we figured out it was a bad thing? Is the airline industry really so lacking in intelligent employees that they're being one-upped by a woman who carried 7 pounds of baby and 30 pounds of Ben & Jerry's around for months, spent two days in labor, and hasn't slept since the night they conceived?

I used to travel a lot for business, and believe me, I have seen and heard some doozies, but this one floored me. Anyone seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour? I felt like handing one of those papers to the airlines...."Here's Your Sign."

Deadly DeLeon


Keri Ford said...

You are not the only one. Husband and I had the exact same thoughts. I didn't hear about the wind-ripping-off-wings part, just that they headed into dangerous storm.

We both said, Why didn't they turn back--I'm certainly thinking that now since this area is known for this type of sudden weather.

Its a sad and terrible loss.

Caroline said...

Brainless Airlines! Caring more about being on time and not inconveniencing anyone. Who knows what they were thinking.

No problem, now they are all dead. Makes you want to take a train to Nationals! Really! Poor families.


Tori Lennox said...

I'm constantly doing the "huh?" thing when watching the news. The news media is so freakin' weird. They make me laugh a lot. Never their intention, I'm sure.

Christie Craig said...


I'm totally with you. It one of those "Duh" decisions that shouldn't take an engineer to figure out. Wait, maybe the reason they don't get it is because they are engineers!!!

Shh, my hubby is one.


terrio said...

I try not to think about these things since it always seems the people put in charge are the ones who don't have a clue. Airlines, Homeland Security, FEMA.

Caroline - I am taking the train to Nationals. LOL!

Jana DeLeon said...

Keri - Well, I figured I was in good company. Makes you wonder, huh?

Jana DeLeon said...

Caroline - I can only assume that path is the only one they can take from Brazil and fly direct to France without stopping. I guess stopping costs more money or puts money in someone else's pocket, but really.

Jana DeLeon said...

Tori - No, probably not their intention to make you laugh, but I can see where they would. I am so glad I usually don't watch at all. Makes me frustrated every time I do.

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Christie - My dad is an engineer, too. And you can't tell them anything - has to be their idea. But would think?

Jana DeLeon said...

terrio - Don't even get me started on some of the things all that new-fangled security has required for airports - NONE of which is going to make a bit of difference except slowing down lines b/c some people NEVER bother to read before packing a bag.

Melissa said...

Yup, I'm with you on the "duh".
But don't you just
HATE it when they get all these experts to hypothesize about what might or could have happened, when they don't even have a clue as to what DID happen yet?
They call in pilots to start guessing what the pilot might have been thinking, scientists...that stuff just kills me. It's like they don't have enough to fill the air, so they have to make it up.