Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Fun

It’s summer, it’s summer, it’s summer!!!

Okay, so maybe not officially yet, but school is out so that’s good enough for me.
Every summer I make a list of all the cool things the boy and I are going to do now that we’re free. This year, the list is a bit budgetized (is that a word?), but here it is:

1. Great America
Super fun amusement park and water park combo! We usually buy season passes, but I have a stack of coupons we’re going to use each time instead. And I plan on smuggling in PB&J’s instead of buying the overpriced stuff on the inside. Shhh, don’t tell!

2. Tech Museum
Mr. Big’s brother-in-law works there, so we got a stack of free passes. Yay! They always have really cool exhibits – like a earthquake simulator and astronaut gear – and you get to see an imax movie free with each admission pass.

3. Beach Boardwalk
They have free bands on the beach every Friday night, and we have old ride tickets saved up from years of going, so might not even have to shell out for rides this year. Which, of course, means we can spend all our cash on funnel cakes and cotton candy. Mmm… funnel cakes… (insert drool…)

4. Lake Tahoe
Beautiful mountain area with hiking, fishing, camping. Tons of fun outdoors tuff, and decent prices on hotels and rentals houses if you hit mid-week.

5. Giants Baseball
Just call me the coupon queen, but somehow I have discount passes for baseball games, too. This is a fav activity of the boy and the man. Hey, I even found the boy a Giants t-shirt on sale last week to show his team pride!

Oh yeah, and in between all that fun, I think I have a book or two to write. ;)

So, what do you all have planned for summer?

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Tori Lennox said...

Your summer sounds a lot more fun/interesting than mine. There's not much to do around here that doesn't require driving a long distance.

Christie Craig said...

Darn! You don't sound busy and all, Gemma!! LOL.

Me? I think a trip out to Ca., RWA nationals, and maybe some short trips around Texas.


terrio said...

This is the first summer since 2003 that I have pretty much nothing to do. No demands, no second job, no college courses. Even kiddo is three states away with her dad. Other than Nationals, I plan on enjoying doing absolutely nothing. *sigh*

Though I do plan on writing and enjoying being able to do that again!

Go coupon lady!

Caffey said...

Not much planned here! We really do love the comfort of being home and I think we learned that partly from not doing a vacation together in 20+ years, LOL. But really we do some day trips, mostly to different State Parks with swimming and a picnic, cooking out in the yard, and just visiting some various places like the Orchids to pick strawberries and the like. And lots of reading! My hubby has a new place to work so not much vacation time this year. He's got a big garden going and loves to go out there each day after work and his days off!