Friday, June 19, 2009

They grow up so fast...

My son is 9. Which, I’ve been informed is the new 13. And I believe it. The things he talks about I don’t remember even being aware of until I was a teenager. I’m not sure how I feel about him growing up so fast (Okay, that’s a total lie. I hate it!), but I’ve noticed a few changes in the boy lately, so I’ve put together a list.

Signs your child is about to hit puberty

After a shower he comes running to you saying:
“Mom, guess what? I have back hair! Wanna feel?”

The door to his room is always locked. Always.

Ipod buds have become permanently implanted in his ears.

When you comment on his “cute wittle dimples” he replies with:
“Yeah, I’m a chick magnet.”

There is never any food left in the house. Never.

He says he just saw a video on YouTube and wants to know if a “Master Baiter” is some kind of fisherman.

Girls have gone from “annoying” to “kinda soft and not too bad”.

His eyes seem to be able to roll all the way back into his head. But only when adults are speaking.

You are suddenly “Dude”, his music is “tight”, and his friends are all “gantgsa’, yo.”

He texts you from the next room to ask if dinner is ready.

And the most fun part about all this? I realized I’m going to have a toddler and a teenager at the same time. :O Lord help me.

~Trigger Happy Halliday


terrio said...

Once again, so happy I have a girl. That is, until PMS strikes and she starts screaming she hates me all the time.

My kiddo will be 10 in a month. How did that happen?! Double digits! She's officially a 5th grader now and so far, no scary questions or overly-hormonal behavior. But it's coming, isn't it? How much longer can I live in denial?

My mom had a college student, a HS student, a middle schooler, and an infant all at the same time. see, it could be worse. LOL!

Wendy Roberts said...

A toddler and a teen? Yikes!! I've got 4 kids between 9 & 15. Between the hormones and the text messaging it's a circus.

Gemma Halliday said...

Oh, it's coming, Terrio. I've been apologizing in advance for my son to mothers of all the little girls in town for years.

I feel for you , Wendy! Isn't unlimited texting the best invention ever?


Kristi said...

I have a 11 yr old girl and she's just as bad. She's moody and miserable and as her mother I can't do anything right. She's also started growing breasts and she's self concious about it.

Becky LeJeune said...

Haha, I love the texting part. Admit it, haven't you ever been tempted? I wish I could get away with that stuff as an adult (but I guess that would be bad).

I feel for you with a teen and a toddler, though. Hopefully your son will have fun and help out, though. We were in that situation as kids and my brother and I both loved spending time with our sisters back then. He was the fun goofy brother and I was the sister with the cool music who let them stay up late (still do).

Keri Ford said...

I'm thinking a teen and a toddler at the same time isn't such a bad thing. Real live reasons why he might remember 'the talk' through those surging hormone years.

get him to changing diapers to make sure that lesson is nicely implanted!

Inez Kelley said...

My daughter is 11 and wears a B cup. I soooooooooooo feel this blog post.

Gemma Halliday said...

"get him to changing diapers to make sure that lesson is nicely implanted!"

OMG - great idea!!!

And, I will admit, that when he texts me from the next room... I answer back with a text. If he's not getting up, why should I?

Jenyfer Matthews said...

My daughter is about to be nine and currently has a zit approximately the size of a rhino horn on the end of her nose, just off center. It's only going to get worse of course, but at least I'm not pregnant! LOL :)