Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PLUMB CRAZY: In Defense of Plumbers

Well, most of you know last Sunday was Father’s day. And what does that have to do with plumbers? Well, my dear old dad is a plumber. Yup, he calls it “shit work.” Ahh, but that man is good at snaking a drain and he wields a mean pipe wrench. His hard work put a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. He’s proud of his profession and he should be.

Nevertheless, when I went to write Divorced, Desperate and Deceived, even though I had originally included a plumber in the first book of the series who was mildly interested in Kathy,(okay he was plumb crazy over her) I was having some serious second thoughts.

I mean, my books are suspenseful and how suspenseful is a plumber’s job? Could I build suspense over what was stopping up the toilet? Can you see a leaky faucet being a big chapter hook that would keep you turning pages? In the beginning, I tried to come up with different scenarios. Maybe he finds a murder weapon in the drain? (Will a gun flush? I was gonna try it with a water gun, but then I couldn’t figure out how I would explain it to my hubby if it did flush and stopped up the john.) What if there’s a finger found in the garbage disposal? (That plumb disturbed me. Hubby’s gonna have to clean that drain out if it ever starts sounding funny, because my hands are not going in there again.) Maybe I should make this book a bit of a paranormal and he discovers a demon in the septic tank. (As bonkers as all those ideas sound, this is really the way my plotting goes in the beginning.) I tried, and tried, but my brain was clogged, so I basically flushed the plumber and was in search of a different hero with a more appropriate profession.

Why? Now don’t go accusing me of being a white-collar snob. But, let’s face it. Plumbers just don’t have great reputations or an exciting lifestyle. People assume If a plumber isn’t cheating you out of money by claiming some pipe needs to be replaced, resealed, or reblown, then they are bent over and giving you a peek at their famous, if not clichéd, plumber’s crack.

Now remember, I am the daughter of a plumber. And in defense of that profession, I want you to know that my daddy is an honest man and wouldn’t cheat a soul. Now about the other accusation . . . Yeah, the crack. Well, let’s just say I plead the fifth. But seriously, I don’t think it has anything to do with his profession, the poor man just doesn’t have any hips. But that doesn’t make him any less of a hero. Why if you ask some women they’ll even tell you that he’s quite the lady’s man.

However, since everyone I told that I was considering bringing in a new hero had conniption fits, I had to go back and flush out an idea that would work. And I’m here to announce that I’ve done a good thing. In defense of plumbers everywhere, we now have one hot, very seductive snake-draining hero, with a killer smile. And with hips, of course. (Sorry dad!) The fact that he wields a pistol even better than he does a pipe wrench, makes him a little more interesting than your average Joe.

Ahh, it was a fun book to write and while it doesn’t come out until late November, I got my cover and I decided to share it along with my back cover blurb.

“Christie Craig will crack you up!”
—New York Times Bestselling Author Kerrelyn Sparks

Of the Divorced, Desperate and Delicious club, Kathy Callahan is the last surviving member. Oh, her two friends haven’t died or anything. They just gave up their vows of chastity. They went for hot sex with hot cops and happy second marriages—something Kathy can never consider, given her past. Yet there’s always her plumber, Stan Bradley. He seems honest, hardworking...and pretty handy with a tool.

Plumb Crazy!

Kathy’s best-laid plans are about to hit a clog. The guy snaking her drain is handier with a pistol than a pipe wrench, and she’s about to see more action than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The next few days promise pursuit, passion and some very unhappy hit men. And at the end of this wild escapade, Kathy and her own undercover lawman will be flush with happiness . . . assuming they both survive.

Okay…so there you have it, my next release. And since we’re talking professions, let me ask you guys: What professions do you like the heroes and heroines to have in a book? What’s the craziest job you’ve ever done? What’s your dream job? What job would you never ever do? What’s the craziest job any of your friends have? Come on, share a bit.

~Crime Scene Christie


terrio said...

LOVE the cover and the blurb. I have to admit, I wondered how you were going to fit a plumber into the suspense aspect of the books. LOL! But then, I would have thrown a fit too if you'd not given him the girl.

I divorced a plumber's son who sold plumbing supplies so do I get double points? And I have some friends who write Romance novels, that's pretty crazy. ;) I've been a DJ which was a dream at one time, so I can check that off my list. The perfect job to me would be a travel writer. See the world on someone else's dime and get to write about it. Perfection.

Still working on Gotcha! One more final and then I can finish the thing off.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Terrio!

You were a DJ? Wow! That is a cool job. I've done the travel writing. It's a fun gig, girl. But I will tell you that like all the jobs, the perks stop feeling so perky. I spent six months away from home one year, and to this day, when I think of vacation, one of my top three choices is staying at home.

Thanks so much. And I like the cover, too.



Edie Ramer said...

Terrific cover and blurb! We're renovating our bathroom. My husband is doing most of the work, but he decided to leave the plumbing to a real plumber. I have to say, I didn't notice any crack. Not that I was looking, of course.

My craziest job was working as a carhop when I was 15. My dream job would be a bestselling writer. I can't think of an ideal profession for fictional characters. I would get bored if they all did the same thing. I like something different -- like a hero who's a plumber. :)

Christie Craig said...

Hi Edie,

Thanks so much for popping in. So you worked at a carhop, huh? Hmm, trying to visualize it.

And darn if bestselling author sound like the perfect job, doesn't it? Here's hoping we both make that list.

You know, my oddest job was a translator for a doctor. I surprise a lot of people when I start talking Spanish. They just don't think a blond haired, green eyed gal from Alabama should do that.

Thanks for popping in.


Donna Marie Rogers said...

I wondered if the plumber would turn out to be an undercover cop! You know how I love my cop heroes...LOL I'm halfway through Desperate, Divorced & Dating, and absolutely love it! In fact, I blogged about my favorite authors today at Fierce Romance, old and new, and I think you might have heard of my newest fave author. *g*

When I was 18 I sold luggage door-to-door for a couple months, which was definitely my oddest job. I got robbed (downtown Chicago in broad daylight, though the thieves were kind enough to lock up my car when they were done...LOL), and made very little money, but it was fun (at 18 anyway *g*) because they made a game out of it. Like baseball: if you sold a bag, you called the office collect & said your name, then they declined to pay the charges and your team got a hit...my team usually lost...LOL

My favorite job was working at Eillien's Candies doing piecework (scooping candy into bags for repackaging). We could wear headphones and eat all the candy we wanted, which oddly never got old. LOL And that's where I met my dear friend, Amanda. :-)

Tambra said...

I can't wait!
I love your books Christie!


Christie Craig said...


You must be on to me!!!! I had to do something, that leaky faucet and stopped up toilet just wasn't suspenseful enough. LOL.

And I popped over to your blog this morning. Thanks so much!

The luggage job sounds very odd, but that candy employment sounds too sweet. But I have to tell you that it conjures up memories of "I Love Lucy." LOL.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much girl. It's fabulous when peers love your work.


Tessy said...


Love the cover, Christie...it's precious!

Christie Craig said...

Thanks Tessy!

I love it, too. It's not a hot guy, but you gotta love puppies.

Thanks for stopping in.


Terry S said...

I can't really say I'm surprised about the undercover cop rather I would definitely have been surprised if he had not been an undercover cop. Anyway, this is just one more reason to look forward to November.

I once worked as the admin assistant for a company making parachute systems for satellite recovery. B-I-G parachutes!!! After working there and seeing work related videos of successes and failures, I do know I don't want to jump out of an airplane, ever.

Love the cover. Hope this means i can look forward to some dog antics in the mix.

Michelle said...

Great cover and love the blurb too! I haven't had any crazy jobs, just worked with some over the top just a bit on the crazy side people--and that was just my last job,lol.

I never really thought about the type of profession I like heroes and heroines to have. Also I don't have a dream job persay, though I did love working in the bookstore, just not with the little bit--okay, big crazies,lol.

Can't wait to finish Gotcha, and for this one to come out. So many books, so little time but it's there I just gotta find it.

vicariousrising said...

Wow. If I didn't love your books so much I'd be green with envy for your ideas and sharp writing. I think your hero will finally wash away the image of my neighbor/plumber Rusty from the back of my eyelids. *shudder*

Brandy said...

I love the cover! And the blurb has me wanting to read it NOW. *G*
I've never had crazy jobs, but can say I will never work in a Daycare again. *G*

Refhater said...

Love the cover and the blurb. Can't wait for the book!

I've mostly worked in the medical field since I started working, so nothing too crazy that way. Medical records and now Rehab.

As for jobs that I'd never do, I think it would have to be a waitress. I'm so klutzy that I'd probably kill someone by dropping a steak knife on them. And I'd never ever (even under the threat of death and dismemberment) be a NHL referee!

Christie Craig said...

Hi Terry!

So you knew I'd make him an uncover cop, did you? Sounds as if you guys know how I work too well. I'm gonna have surprise you one of these days!!

And girl, I'm so with you on the whole parachute thing. I'm a firm believer that you don't fix what isn't broken and you never ever jump out of a perfectly good airplane!!

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


So you worked with those sort of crazies, too, huh? I think every office has a few resident locos. I personally think it might be required.

I love hearing my hubby's stories about work. One Monday this guy comes in and tells my husband, "Well, I had to shoot my ostriche this weekend.” The next week he comes in and says, “I had to shoot a coon this weekend.” The next week he comes in and says, “I had to shoot my dog this weekend.”

I asked my hubby, “So, how does this guy feel about his wife?”

My husband said, "The heck with the wife, I'm worried about myself."

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


So you've met a few of the plumbers I have, huh? LOL. Does he look anything like in the pictures?

Thanks so much for popping in. I think you'll find this plumber to be . . . rather pleasing to the eyes.


Christie Craig said...


Oh, hon' daycare is a crazy job. I love, LOVE, the little guys, but I can't be in the room with more than one or two at a time, or I go bonkers.

I mean, I had my two kids 11 years a part so I wouldn't have even two at a time!!

Thanks for stopping in. And I do love the cover.


Sandy said...

Oh, Christie, you always have me in stitches. I keep wondering what's going to come out of your mouth next, or may I should say pen.

I loved the cove and blurb.

Christie Craig said...


I've done the waitress thing. Did it for years. I'm good at working with people, but I dropped a few meals in several people's lap before. Once I worked at Bennigans and I dropped a whole tray of food on the district manager.

I stood there and looked at him wearing his pasta and did what I did best. I laughed. I laughed so hard that he started laughing. Amazingly, I didn't get fired.

And being a referee of any kind wouldn't be my cup of tea. I work really hard at making myself likable and I don't think referee's are well liked.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Sandy,

LOL. Unfortunately, what comes out of my mouth is most of the time just as bad as what comes out of my pen and finger tips.

I had lunch with two friends today and somehow the conversation went to us talking about puppy accidents in the house. We were laughing and then one friend looked at me and said, "You can not use this in a book!"

Thanks so much for stopping in.


Melissa said...

Too funny! :) Thanks for the laugh today! I have to admit I'd never think to have my hero be a plumber, but you've peeked my interest big time! LOL Great cover and the book sounds like another winner too! Can't wait!!

Christie Craig said...


Thanks. Poor Kathy is totally mesmerized by her plumber. Of course, she doesn't give in too easily. What fun would that be?


Angie Fox said...

Oh what a great cover - love the blurb too. I tell you, I'd love it if we knew a hot, hero-worthy plumber. My two-year-old is in a "let's see what toys we can flush" stage and we've had the plumber out three times in the last two months. I'm wondering if any of them work on retainer.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Angie!

Oh brother, do I remember that stage. Once my dad found his two watches in his toilet. My daughter and niece were nine days apart and they found toilet flushing very funny.

Thanks for stopping in.


EmilyBryan said...

Oh, my eyes! Get some spackle on that thing!

I know you're a crackerjack photographer. Did you take that butt crack pic?

As always, kiddo, you're seriously funny!

RachaelfromNJ said...

Hey Christie!
I love the blurb and cover! LOVE it!! Can't wait to read this one. :)

Christie Craig said...


That would take a lot of spackle! LOL.

Yup, I do a lot of my own photographs but thankfully, I didn't have to focus on this one!!!

Thanks so much for popping over.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Rachael!

Thanks so much. I love the cover. I can't wait to see this book on the shelves with the other two D&D books. It's like getting all your kids together for a family dinner.


Kate said...

The next release sounds great! I can't wait for it to come out...and the cover is adorable!
As far as professions - I'm really into the detective/cop heroes, but really any hot gun toting man who can save the girl works for me. Military guys are good too! ;)
I haven't really had any crazy jobs - unless you count cleaning up doggy doo as a kennel attendant. I started that at age 14 but have now worked my way up, went to school and am a licensed vet tech. THAT'S my dream job. I love it!
I could never be a nurse though - people are so different from animals. A nurse in one of your stories might be good - I liked that Ellie and Sue's mom worked as nurses in the last book. Maybe a villainous doctor in in the works? As far as crazy jobs my friends have? Groomers. All that hair and shampoo! Wet cats and dogs galore - I've had my share and I usually end up wetter than the animals! They get all slippery with that shampoo and it can be hard to hang on to a wet cat with tons of claws! It's usually quite comical!
Keep up the great work Christie, I really look forward to your books! Have a great day!

Christie Craig said...


You and I think alike, give a guy a gun and his hunk factor gets raised ten points!!!

I love my animals and I can imagine that you love your job. But I wouldn't want to be a groomer. I had a poodle and Lhasa years back and that broke me from ever wanting another dog that needed a haircut.

My mom worked in nursing, but I'm with you, I couldn't do it.

Thanks so much for stopping in.


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