Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Puppies of the Apocalypse

Okay, so it's the Halloween season and we've been watching a lot of horror movies. The most recent was this evening with I AM LEGEND. And it got me thinking. What is the one dog breed you would want to have with you after the apocalypse?

In this movie, Will Smith had a German Shepherd. That made sense. These are tough, smart, intuitive dogs with a fierce sense of loyalty. That's nice.

I have a Pug and a Basset Hound. So basically, I have a lapdog who would be considered "good eatin'" by the measles/rabies infested zombies. Or a dog who would gleefully welcome them into my heavily fortified fortress, licking their bald, veiny skin and rolling over to have his tummy rubbed.

Either I have a small, overweight dog that eerily resembles Jack Elam or a "mentally-challenged" hound with the jaws of a velociraptor who, if he had a voice, would sound like Mortimer Snerd.

I think I'm doomed. What do you think?

The Assassin
(Short deadline - short blog)


Keri Ford said...

Yep, you're doomed!

When I did some researched for Dobermens a while back, I fell in love with those dogs. If the hubby will ever let me have a large breed dog (He's the one who has to heft the dog food, that's why I say let), I'm getting a dobbie. A boy. They're more playful, plus you don't have that in heat problem.

Gemma Halliday said...

um... hamster. :) I'm seriously allergic to dogs, so I'd have to go with something else. Maybe a guard goldfish?


Anonymous said...

You're doomed but then so am I.

I have 2 large pure bred dogs that are lovers all the way. They were both raised to be guide dogs so their nature is perfect for that job.

My pound puppy is another story. She is loving and cuddly to me. She likes the people I like. But look into her eyes before you are introduced and her reaction will scare the living daylights right out of you. She just might save us all from the zombies!!


Terri Osburn said...

I'm with Gemma - don't think the hamster is going to be much help. LOL! And the parakeet is more skittish than the hamster. She'd have a heart attack at the first zombie spotting.

My choice would be my chow mix, Dozer. You talk about protection, that dog was it. But gosh he loved me. And I loved him. If I ever get another dog, I'm looking for another chow mix.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

You're two up on me - I got nothing :)

Liza said...


I use to have a Basset Hound. Your dog actually kinda even looks like her.

I say you're ok. Basset Hounds have this incredible ability to find food in the weirdest of places. :D

Leslie Langtry said...

Lefty, you're right. Luke doesn't think with his brain (which I'm convinced is the size of a walnut) but his nose. Only problem, if he's loose, he'll run a mile with his nose to the ground before looking up and thinking, "Uh-oh. Where am I?"

Gemma - Hamsters of the Apocalypse! I love it. Maybe that's a future book title. I was reading a book titled, "The Hollow, Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse." I bought it for the title.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I think we're all screwed! hamsters, goldfish, parakeets, oh my!
I have three dogs (2 labs & a rottie) and I know they'd welcome any sort of creature onto our property with some welcoming tongue action.
I think I'd want a Kangaroo or something that is more likely to kick first and ask questions later.

P.S. Gemma - I just sent you a pic of my cyber Halloween Costume this year... *since you can't hear me, I'm snickering*

Estella said...

I would be doomed also. Yorkies are not very fierce, just bark a lot.

Christie Craig said...

Hmm...I wonder how a rabbit would do?


catslady said...

I have 6 cats but one is a nice chubby one and my husband is always saying that we're eating her first roflmao.

Bookmobiler said...

"Hmm...I wonder how a rabbit would do?"

If you're planning to have Floppy-Skivies defend you from zombies he'll need all four of his feet to do it.