Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Facts

Usually when I get those forwarded emails from people I do a deep groan, a, “They got you, huh?”, and quickly delete them. But the other day I must have been having an off moment (the baby STILL isn’t sleeping, so, yeah, I have a lot of those) and actually clicked one open. It was ten random facts about your friends. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it was actually really entertaining. Not only were the random facts displayed about the person who’d forwarded the email to me, but also the person who sent it to her, and the one who sent it to him, and so on. I read the entire thing, and let me just say –people are really weird. So, I’m forwarding it (so to speak). Here are ten random facts about me:

1. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was twelve.
2. I have a black belt in tae kwon do.
3. I’m double jointed.
4. I hate artichokes.
5. I own at least ten black t-shirts.
6. I’ve never traveled outside the US… or even owned a passport.
7. I can’t type without looking at the keyboard. (I know, terrible for a writer, but I just do really, really fast hunt-and-peck.)
8. I must wear toenail polish on all ten toes at all times.
9. I think Hoops and Yoyo are the cutest things on the planet.
10. I would rather squint at my laptop screen and bump the fonts up to 200% than wear my computer glasses.

Okay, your turn. What are some random facts about you?

~Trigger Happy Halliday


Zita said...

1. I quit smoking on 09-Nov-2010 after 30 years.
2. I have a personal library of over 3000 fiction books.
3. I'm allergic to broccoli.
4. I got laser surgery on both eyes 11 years ago and haven't regretted a minute of it.
5. While I will wear black pants, I prefer coloured tops--the brighter the better.
6. I love animated movies, like Up and Madagascar (move it, move it) and Ice Age, as well as all the Disney ones.
7. I took lessons in making stained glass artwork and now look at everything with an eye to seeing if I can make a window out of that.
8. I've gotten hooked on audiobooks for my morning and evening bus commute and now my ears feel funny if I'm not wearing my earbuds.
9. I won't wear branded clothing. If someone wants me to advertise their wares, they can pay me, I certainly won't pay them.
10. I love art deco.

TerriOsburn said...

When I read these kinds of things, I almost always have the same reaction.

"Well, this explains a lot."

1) I have traveled outside the US, but still never owned a passport.
2) I was the Princess of Bloomingdale when I was seven. So far, it hasn't gotten me anywhere.
3) I once took a cruise and didn't get seasick...until I got off the ship.
4) On the way to work this morning, I seriously considered getting out of my car and beating the woman in the minivan behind me. It was a REALLY close call.
5) I'm so anal I just edited my last answer. Twice.

Tori Lennox said...

I'll play. :)

1. I don't like various foods to touch on my plate.
2. I have a deep-seated thing for all things Zorro.
3. I'm allergic to raw onions but can eat cooked ones just fine.
4. I hate coffee in every way, shape or form.
5. I was once bitten by a horse. *g*
6.I have over 1500 books in my personal collection (I'm obviously lagging behind Zita!)
7. I would love to go on an archaeology dig somewhere. But not where there’s going to be giant bugs. Or snakes. *g*
8. I'll listen to Lady Gaga, Benny Goodman, and Def Leppard all in the same afternoon.
9. One of my favorite research books is my 1960 edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette which includes all the servants a large household should have and their duties & uniforms.
10. I frequently fantasize about blowing up my neighbor's ATV with a rocket launcher. (Why, yes, he IS annoying, why do you ask? *g*)

Refhater said...

10 random facts about me.

1.My dream job is to be a stock photographer.
2.I've been to Ireland, Luxemburg, Russia, and Canada.
3.I have over 10,000 hockey cards.
4.I once was on the cover of a magazine.
5. My favorite color is Red.
6. I'm realted to 3 presidents. (Adams, Quincy Adams, and Wilson.)
7. I volunteer with the local rotary, red cross, and community foundation.
8. I once won a trip for 4 to club med through the Coca Cola company.
9. I'm afraid of Seagulls.
10.I have Celiac Disease, OCD, and severe clausterphobia.