Wednesday, March 03, 2010

All Things Considered, I'd Rather Go to Nashville...

Registration for the Romance Writers of America Conference is underway. This year, the annual writers' conference is being held in Nashville, Tennessee. While I've been to several RWA National Conferences, I have never been to Nashville.

I'd love to go to National in Nashville. Several writing buds from my local RWA chapter are going. It's sure to be a rip-roaring time (especially if The Assassin is there to work her special brand of conference magic). As I said, I'd love to go. But I might have other plans.

A few days ago I finally relented and went to see an orthopedic doctor about my bum knee. Well, one of my bum knees. When my knee got to the size of a respectable cantelope and I had to resort to using the handicapped stall in the bathroom in order to pull myself off the toilet, I figured it was time to see a medical professional.

So I did.

He pulled and twisted and manipulated my knee. It hurt like @#!*. In addition to the funky sliding sideways kneecap, it looks like I might have torn cartilage. Which means? Probable knee surgery.

So, instead of hobnobbing with writer types in Nashville, it looks like I'll be hobbling around on crutches and getting up close and personal with a physical therapist this summer.

I suppose being able to walk without a stabbing shooting pain in the knee or having it give out altogether is preferable to a week sightseeing and schmoozing in Tennessee.

Who am I kidding? All things considered, I'd rather be in Nashville.

So. Are you planning to attend RWA's Conference in Nashville or do you have other plans for your vacation time this summer?

All I can hope for now is a favorable medical outcome.

And a nice-looking physcial therapist couldn't hurt.

~Bullet Hole~


TerriOsburn said...

So sorry to hear about the knee. It's most likely that surgery is in my future. It hasn't swolen up like that in a long time, but they grind and hurt and the left one has been popping nearly out lately. *sigh*

I'll be registering for the conference by mid-month. I'm so excited about Nashville. I lived there back in the 90s and LOVED it. Even considering going back.

I will say, if you can make it, even on crutches, you never have to leave this hotel to be in paradise. You could rent one a wheel chair or scooter thing (one of my roommated did this the last two conferences) and still have a great time.

Seriously, this hotel is like nothing you've ever seen before. Either way, I hope the pain goes away and if you miss this year, you'll know you've got a good knee for next year. :)

Kathy Bacus said...

I've heard the hotel facility is awesome, Terri. And there's still hope that I could avoid surgery or be sufficiently healed enough to attend. I'd love to find a way to get there!

I have my MRI this afternoon and the follow-up with the knee doc thereafter, so I should know something one way or the other soon.

Glad you get to go, though. It'll be like 'old home week' for you being back in Nashville. I bet you're excited!


TerriOsburn said...

I am excited, Kathy. There are attractions there now that weren't even built when I left in '97. Hope your knee appointment went well!