Friday, October 30, 2009

Confessions of an Erotica Author

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Please join me in welcoming today’s fabulous guest author, Diamond Taylor. Take it away, Diamond…

Thanks so much to your blog goddess Gemma for having me. She told me I could blog about anything I want so beware it’s no telling what I’ll say! I went through several topics I wanted to discuss so I settled on having a confessional Q & A Here goes…

1. What’s your biggest addiction(s)?
Answer: Coffee, chocolate, gadgets and writing. Or chocolate flavored coffee. LOL. Seriously I have a serious obsession with single serve coffee makers. It’s like a sickness. I’m always looking for the newest coffee makers and coffee flavors. I went away on business this year and there was a coffee shop in the hotel, by the time I went home I was shaking and going through withdrawal. It was horrible (cringe). And chocolate OMG who doesn’t like chocolate? I’m talking: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, semisweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate the list just goes on and on. Whoever got the idea for chocolate I’m indebted to for all of eternity. Gadgets. Love em. I have gadgets I have no clue how to use!J I can’t watch shopping channels and infomercials for that very reason. I’m the one that you hear about that’s up at 3am ordering stuff I don’t need. I have talking clocks, some kind of swifter thingy that I never use, digital photo frames. You name it and I’ve probably either had, have or thought about getting it. Finally writing. My characters are like family. They get on my nerves till I listen to them and they live with me rent free. They also bring me joy. I love the whole I idea of creating people, places and scenarios for them to work out. Writing is kind of like having a baby (though mothers may disagree). You nurture this story for months sometimes years, preparing it for the world. Then you go through hours hard labor and sleepless nights all in the name of romance. Then when you present it to the world some will say “aw, what a beautiful story!” while privately thinking, “this story sucks!” But you send it out in the world till someone accepts it and if you’re lucking it can become a tax deduction.

2. Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
No! I was pre-law in college when I started dabbling in writing. I still can remember it. I was reading this novel and thought like most writers I could do better than that. And like most writers I found out very quickly with my first novel boy was I wrong. So I had in my head that I could write the great American romance and told my mom I was dropping out of pre-law and taking up creative writing instead.

3. Why erotica?
Originally I wanted to do romantic suspense and I never could finish the book. The characters were to far remove from me and I couldn’t connect with them. So one day my then CP asked me had I ever thought about writing erotica. I remembered being thrown by the question because it had never occurred to me. She thought my writing was much too spicy for mainstream romance and I should consider it. Then I participated in a mentoring program and my mentor told me the same thing. So I began to submerge myself in all things erotica and romance. And then after I was hooked! The stories just started the flow. I had so many ideas I didn’t know what to do with them all. I hope I have enough ideas for years to come.

4.When did you feel you became a bonafide writer?
That’s funny because each time something new happens I feel like I’ve made it as real writer. When I first started taking writing seriously as a craft and not just a dream I thought I was a real writer. When I joined Romance Writers of America who had best selling authors in their membership I thought I was a real writer. When I went to my first RWA conference and rubbed elbows with authors I’d adored from afar I thought I was a real writer. When I finished my first novel I thought I was a real writer. When I got my first rejection I thought I was a real writer. When I made my first sale I thought I was a real writer. When I got my first royalty check I thought okay now I’m a real writer. So I don’t know when I think I’m a real writer I let you know. Maybe when I hit bestseller list. That’s the perfectionist in me.

5. Parting words and latest news
I want to thank everyone for bearing with me as I ramble on needlessly. I want to send a special thank you out to Gemma for letting me use her blog as my little on confessional box.

To all the readers out there, thank you so much for the support you’ve shown to my first release. You rock! I hope you will stop by my little tiny slice of heaven at And read about my latest book news and reviews. Also you can find me on twitter and facebook. Search Diamond Taylor. My first book is entitled Total Package, which was released this Aug through Cobblestone Press. I have three other stories in the works.So keep reading and keep the romance alive!

To all the writers out there, just keep writing and follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

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Suzan Harden said...
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Suzan Harden said...

*sigh* If I swung the other way, Diamond, you would be the perfect woman for me.

As it was, my hubby brought home a venti pumpkin spice latte' this morning as I pounded out words for a Monday deadline. (Okay, I can write, but I can't spell.) Then my sweetie pie son got me a pint of Dark Chocolate Haagen Daaz for my birthday.

Now, I'll have to take those birthday gift cards and check out your book. Congratulations on your first release!

Refhater said...

Congrats on the new release and welcome to K.F.

As for the city it was set in, I read the exerpt 3 times and the only city I could find was Vegas. (I'd love to be in Vegas myself right now!)

books said...

You have to read the book to find the setting. Sorry it wasn't going to be that easy. LOL

books said...

A woman who likes lattes and chocolates after me own heart Suzan! If I ever give up men you'll be the first person I call.