Saturday, October 24, 2009

Author Debbie Mumford

Please join me in welcoming to KF a fabulous lady and super entertaining author, Debbie Mumford! Her latest book is a mix of a cool time-travel, a sweeping historical, and a really hot Scottish guy - what's not to love, right? So, take it away, Debbie...

It. Siblings ~ Ya Gotta Love ‘em
Debbie Mumford

So where do you fit in your family dynamics? Are you a first-born—responsible, helping your folks keep track of the younger rug-rats; a middle-kid—occasionally feeling lost in the shuffle; the baby—sometimes spoiled, sometimes resentful that everyone treats you like an infant; or are you an only child?

If you're the one and only, do you wish you had sibs?

If you have brothers and sisters, do you find yourself wishing you had your folks to yourself?

Well, I’m in a unique position to tell you there are pros and cons to both sides of the question. I’m an only child…with five brothers. No, seriously, that’s my actual position in my nuclear family. I have five sibs (all guys), but I was raised as a one and only due to the extreme difference in our ages. (I have a nephew just a few months my junior.) It’s an odd alignment, but it’s the only one I’ve ever known.

So, depending on how you look at it, I’m the baby of six, or I’m an only child. Bizarre, huh?

Like the heroine of one of my short stories, I was blessed (cursed?) with a mom who was wise to the ways of kids. By the time I was old enough to pull shenanigans, I knew I’d have to be very crafty to put anything past Mom. Fortunately, I’m smart…and female. Mom was accustomed to dealing with boys, so I managed to elude the parental units on a number of occasions.

Of course, I also had a bad case of youngest child syndrome—the need to please. Everyone else had already made their mark. What was left for me to excel in? Not much time for rule-breaking when you’re trying to measure up to (and surpass if possible) five excellent brothers!

So what effects have you noticed on your tough-as-iron yet delicate-as-a-butterfly’s-wing psyche that you can chalk up to birth order and the presence or absence of sibs?


Please visit Debbie at Flights of Fantasy

Debbie’s latest release, The Silver Casket, is a time-travel historical romance about a contemporary woman who finds herself in fifteenth century Scotland.


Yvette Davis said...

First of all just wanted to say I liked the book Silver Casket, so congrats on that.
As far as birth order I'm the eldest but my younger sis is my half sister (different dad). So how does that change the dynamic? I'm not sure. She's still the only sister I have and as I guess as an older sis I tend to be protective of her. I'm even considering paying off her car loan for her this month! Eeek! But psychologists would say that the older child is the more confident and driven while the younger ones are always having to live up to the older one's reputation or abilities. If you had been a boy, there might have been heavy expectations about you!

Debbie Mumford said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed "The Silver Casket," Yvette!

Oh...being the only girl gave me PLENTY of angst! "Get out of that tree, Debbie! There are enough boys in this family." *LOL*

{{{Hugs}}} on the sister...I always wondered what it would be like to have one of those!

Cynthia Justlin said...

Birth order stuff is so fascinating! I'm the youngest of three (older sister and older brother) so I definitely got away with a little more than my siblings. I don't know if that's because I was more clever at wrapping my dad around my finger or what...LOL.

I was also the huge over-achiever and the only one who loved school and excelled at it. And I was (and still am!) very stubborn. I wanted to do things my way regardless of the outcome and I rarely caved to pressure from my parents about what they thought I *should* do.

Interesting enough, though, most of my heroines are only children or the oldest. What does that say that I have yet to write about a youngest child? LOL.

Debbie Mumford said...

Nice, Cynthia.

Yep. I tend to write about only children too. Although the heroine of my current WIP (YA fantasy) is kind of an alternate reality *lol*

Gillian Layne said...

I cannot quit looking at that cover. Just gorgeous!

I'm the oldest with one brother. I don't know about those preconceived traits, but they sure seem to be true in some people.

Really looking forward to picking up your book!

Debbie Mumford said...

Thank you, Gillian! I absolutely LOVE that cover *blissful sigh* Hope you enjoy meeting Cat and Eideard.