Friday, October 09, 2009

Characters Who Demand Attention

I have a fabulous, fantastic guest blogger lined up for today, but first I just have to share a bit of news… baby’s finally here!

Late last Friday night my little baby bump finally arrived in the form of an actual baby! Thomas William (or “Tommy”, as we’ve been calling him) popped in at 9:10pm, weighing in at 7lbs5oz and 20inches long. One chubby little bundle! I’m happy to report that both Mom and baby have survived their first week together, and Mr. Big is mastering the fine art of diaper changing like a champ. ;) I’ll try to pop in with more updates in the next couple weeks, but in the meantime…

Please join me in welcoming to Killer Fiction a very cool author, a fun gal to hang out with, and the very best assistant a girl could ever had, Haven Rich. Take it away, Haven…

When the chance to blog at Killer Fiction was presented, I couldn't wait to jump on the bandwagon. It presented me with the perfect opportunity to blog about one of my all time favorite characters, Bobbie Faye Sumrall. Bobbie Faye is the creative (genius) work of Toni McGee Causey.

So let me tell you about this little rollercoaster ride with dynamite better known as Bobbie Faye.


Bobbie Faye is a disaster waiting to happen. However, this “don't take no for an answer” woman has never needed anyone. EVER! But when she wakes up in the middle of the night and finds her trailer has been newly renovated as a pool, she calls her brother, Roy. After all, he had promised to fix the blasted water heater. When Roy FINALLY answers his phone, he claims to have been kidnapped and the ransom is the only thing Bobbie Faye has from her Mamma, her plain metal Contraband Queen tiara.

The problems just keep adding up! She's standing in a flooded trailer. Her lights have just been shut off, requiring a huge deposit. The tiara is at the bank in a safety deposit box. Plus she has to get her niece, Stacey, to school.

Adding to her day from HELL, Bobbie Faye's car sputters to a stop and dies (thankfully) in the bank parking lot. After getting her check cashed and securing the tiara, Bobbie Faye starts to leave the bank but is robbed of both. Pissed, she chases after the bandits by forcing a guy (at gun-point) to lend a helping hand.

Not wanting Roy to be killed before she gets the honors, she must retrieve the tiara from before handing it over to the kidnappers, all while dealing with an ever so handsome hostage. Making matters worse, a car chase ensues between the bank robbers, Bobbie Faye (and her hostage) and a local cop (who just happens to be her ex-boyfriend, Cam).

Before the day is over, Bobbie Faye will have more than her fill of irate ex-boyfriends, infested Louisiana swamps, FBI, explosions and her attractive captive, all this while wearing a “Shuck Me, Suck Me, Eat Me Raw” t-shirt from a local restaurant. The day couldn't get any worse…Could it?


Bobbie Faye is BACK!

The Contraband Queen's life is barely returning to normal (whatever that might be), when she is caught in a shooting out as she's TRYING to talk a sweet old lady out of buying a handgun. Narrowly able to escape without adding new holes to her body, she is nabbed by a would-be kidnapper. When the would-be kidnapping process is repeated more than once, Bobbie Faye is more than peeved. She's ready to kill someone!

Tossed in the middle of family drama, again, Bobbie Faye is now faced with tracking down her aunt and some very valuable diamonds. The idea of having people chasing her again isn't exactly what she had planned. If one ever planned such things.

In any Bobbie Faye adventure the normal challenges arise…

Bullets narrowly missing their target. Exploding objects (including a bridge, now missing a huge chunk). And let's not forget her ex-boyfriend, who is a local cop, two steps behind her (and pissed!).

As if having Cam on her trail again wasn't bad enough, she finds out that the sexy, Too-hot and Oh-so-Sexy Trevor has been keeping surveillance on her. But just when you think her man troubles couldn't get worse, she learns that this time she must endure something that trumps all the flying bullets (aimed at her), car bombs, voodoo spells and Cam's snarling attitude…her dad.

With the (unwanted) help from her family, Bobbie Faye must find the diamonds, stay alive and not be arrested for Murder. Simple enough goal! Right?


Bobbie Faye wants a quiet life, in a quiet part of the Louisiana swamp, with her OMGS gorgeous boyfriend, Trevor. Three things stand in her way: 1. She's Bobbie Faye and chaos has followed her from the crib, 2. Trevor is a FBI agent who has just been sent out on an undercover mission and 3. Sean MacGreggor is aching to destroy it all. As if this wasn't bad enough, she is left with Trevor's friend, Riles, to babysit her.

While Bobbie Faye has recovered from her gun wounds, she is still un-nerved and sleep isn't on her BFF list. Between lack of sleep and Trevor's extended assignment, painting her living room nine shades of crazy has kept Bobbie Faye from going off the deep end (which some may say she did long time ago) or using her new babysitter for target practice. But when Trevor hasn't returned home as he said and numerous calls to the FBI headquarters turns up nothing, its clear Bobbie Faye must find what's going on by herself.

These books aren't your classic bad guy action-thrillers. It's a rough em' up-blow it up-track em' down-chicken dance kind of books. If you feel like taking a ride on the dangerous-explosive side, pick up a copy and hold on tight. Toni McGee Causey has penned what could only be described as chaos on crack x3. Miss Causey will have you laughing out loud as her insane characters take you on a ride of pure chaos.

When asked how these destroy-the-world-now and ask questions-later characters came to be, Miss Causey swears she was sitting at her desk when “THAWCK” there was Bobbie Faye. Nothing short of being hit in the head by a 2x4. She confesses that Trevor and Cam quickly followed behind.


Now that I've told you about Bobbie Faye, tell me about your favorite characters and why you love them so much!


Haven Rich currently resides in Louisiana with her husband, both of which are slaves to several royal cats and one extremely spoiled Cocker Spaniel. She is also a member of, RWA, The Beau Monde (an RWA chapter), Romance Divas, and founder the group Romantic Inks.


Kristi said...

Gemma, congratulations! He's gorgeous. Have fun with him.

Brandy said...

Aww, absolutely adorable baby!

As for favorite character? Bobbie Faye is at the top of the list with Eve and Roarke from the J.D. Robb books. Then there's Helena from the Mudbug books by Jana DeLeon, Lula, Grandma Mazur and Stephanie from the Plum books by Janet Evanovich and The MacGregor from Nora Roberts books.

Fallon said...

The little man is very handsome. Congrats!

My favorite character's are Betsy Taylor from Mary Janice Davidsons Undead Series, Grandma Mazur from Janet Evanovivh Stephanie Plum Series, Georgina Kincaid from Richelle Mead's Succubus Series and Rose Hathaway from Richelle's Vampire Academy, and we can't forget Maddie Springer from Gemma's High Heel Series.

Refhater said...

Congrats on the new little one Gemma!

catslady said...

Congratulations on your new baby boy, Tommy. Hope both of you are doing well and can't wait to hear more.

Fallon said...

I didn't give my reasons why I like them. Oops!

Betsy Taylor is in your face, exuding confidence. I wish my attitude was more like hers.

Grama Mazur is just the little old crazy lady that lives down the street, trying to be young and hip, without any thought to the fact she is no longer as young as she used to be.

Georgina Kincaid is the sassy, over - over confident girl that always says the things I'm too slow to come up with.

And, Rose Hathaway is the young girl I once was. Ready to take on the world, makes mistakes, then realizes why you have to stop and think before you act.

These girls are some of the ones I love.

Fallon said...

Hey Haven. Just an after thought. What character would you want to be like in real life.

Tori Lennox said...

Congratulations, Gemma!!!

I adore Bobbie Faye!!!! And Eve & Roarke are in my Top Ten too.

Christie Craig said...


I love Toni!! She's a real treasure as are her books!!

And Gemma, major congrats!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Fallon, IRL, I'd probably like to be like the character in Julia Quinn's historical, Penelope. She's smart, observant and people underestimate her, but she does well to prove her worth. Plus she's witty as sin!

Thank you all for commenting. I know it's hard to get past the ubber cute picture of Tommy. Awww he's so cute!!