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How to be a Sensual Diva

Please join me in welcoming author Mary Quast to Killer Fiction. Take it away, Mary...

Greetings! I am Mary Quast, the author of the sensual contemporary romance Soul Series. I love to not only write sensually… that is I write using all my senses, but I live that way as well. My goal is to write in a style that pulls the reader into the story to the point of feeling, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting whatever the characters do. Believe it or not, it’s not hard to bring that concept into daily life. I have three boys, am married to a pilot; have a houseful of pets so I know how easy it is to fall into the traps of a monotonous and boring daily routine.

Having a daily routine is important for keeping your stress level healthy but your love life should never become habit. Sensuality is more than just wearing lingerie. While writing Lonely Soul I researched Kama Sutra and Tanta to add more sensual/spiritual elements to my hero. (If you ask dear hubby about the research, he’ll answer with a smile.) I’d like to share some hints and suggestions on how to indulge your senses and use the erotic fundamentals we often overlook to experience the sizzling freedom our favorite fictional characters encounter.


Flowers and bright colors are sensual in a room. Many people are stimulated by this sense so use candles or dim lighting to add to the aura of the mood. Women are beautiful and deserve to be seen. Wear something comfortable that visually compliments your favorite physical features. Try doing a strip tease or a sensual dance while keeping eye contact the entire time. Show your partner how much you enjoy his excitement. Also, for the fun of it, try making love in a new place. Get a room for the night, try it in public, or it can be as simple as the dinning room table! If you’re honey is gone, hide some yummy pictures of yourself in his overnight bag so he’ll always have you on his mind.


The most common aphrodisiacs are fragrances. Carefully choose candles, flowers, oils and incense to create the sensual atmosphere. Don’t over due with too much of a good thing though. A nice hint of a fragrance will leave a lasting impression. Every time your lover smells the scent in the future it will be associated with making love to you.


Sound is the sexiest sense. Try reading sensual poetry or stories aloud to your partner. Use music to stimulate this sense. Create arousal with your own voice; those soft sounds you make when you are pleasured or tell your lover what you want or what you’re going to do. I think it’s a lot of fun to tease my Flyboy all day long by telling him what I want to do with him once he gets home. (And you think those airplanes fly fast to get the passengers to their destination! LOL)


This is the sense where you can get creative. Use this sense to give another the taste of something they crave without full satisfying their hunger until you are ready to. A variety of sensual foods and wine are pleasurable when feed to each other. This is where edible lotions, chocolate body paint (or Hershey’s syrup), strawberries and whipping cream come into play. My personal fav is Honey Dust. Not only do these items taste yummy, but are great for exploring each other with.


Hmm… my favorite sense. This is about feeling intimate. Incorporate everything here; the feel of a silk chemise against your skin, the soft cotton sheets, a fuzzy rug, a feather, a cold surface, a shower and think of different ways you can use your fingers to touch. Follow the contour of muscles with your fingers, your nose, or your tongue. Ladies: when an aroused male is involved there are always a lot of exciting things to see and touch! Keep eye contact as you strip off clothing or caress skin; this can be in many ways more intimate than the physical stroke especially when the eyes can reflect our hopes, fears, and passion we feel. Enjoy each warm breath on a cheek, experience the heat of aroused skin, passionate kisses.

The Mind

This is a little something I like to add to the list. Use anticipation and imagination to heighten the senses. A sexy invitation and simple touches or teasing adds to arousal. Pull out the handcuffs, silk scarves and a blindfold. Tell your partner what you’re doing in a romantic voice when he is blindfolded and/or tied up. Trust me… it’s fun! Don’t hold back your emotions, be free to express yourself. Trust and confidence are powerful aphrodisiacs.

Keep that fire burning; constantly care for it by continually working and paying attention so the flames of passion won’t burn out. Use all your senses and become a sensual person and lover. For a little boost read some sensual romance to your honey in bed with incense burning and soft music playing.


Mary Quast is the author of the Soul Series published by Vanilla Heart Publishing, available at Barnes & Noble and

Painted Soul – June 2008
Tormented Soul – Feb. 2009
Lonely Soul – May 2009
Fortunate Soul – 2010
Dark Soul - 2010

Visit Mary’s website: and her blog:


Chrissy said...

This was great! Smell and sound are big for me.

I find deep, rough voices soooo irresistable. And I keep Ahmed's sink stocked with an all natural line of Amber soap, shaving balm, and lotion. OMG... so yummy!!

Jennifer Leeland said...

I've loved your various blog posts about the senses, especially this one.
Awesome Mary.

Mary Quast said...

Thanks, ladies. Funny I was buring Amber incense last night... very seductive smell. Hmmmm....

Fallon said...

This is a great blog.

Personally, I have not made it to the point where I am actually writing my sex scenes.

I think the fear of it, has kept be from diving in.

This will surely help me.

Thanks for blogging, today.

Word Actress said...

Mary - I'm with ya on so many levels - I always wanted to be married to a pilot (they're not home a lot so u can get plenty of writing time in!) I am very sensual myself - always trying new ways to enhance and arouse the senses both for myself and a partner.
I take sensual dance classes at a studio nearby. There is nothing like putting on those high shoes, the fishnet stockings and that teeny tiny schoolgirl skirt to get the juices flowing. For me, in life and in writing, it is the little details that complete the big, beautiful sensual picture...Thanks for the post...Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, The Shadow of a Dog I Can't Forget and the upcoming novel, Night Surfing.

Carly Carson said...

Thanks Mary,

Here I am reading this on Sat. night after we took a long day trip down to Cape Cod. But now we're alone in the house...

Kate Pearce said...

A very interesting blog and a good reminder not to forget all those additional ways of adding depth and description to your writing :)

Christie Craig said...

Great post, Mary.

Thanks so much for joining us at Killer Fiction.