Thursday, October 08, 2009

Before and Afters Part One

It's 'that' time of year again. Days are growing shorter and heating bills begin to creep upwards. Leaves are falling right along with the temperatures--not to mention, my spirits. The 'S' word is in the forecast. We're getting down to the wire. Outdoor projects must either be completed or languish through a long, miserable winter along with the rest of us poor suckers who must contend with another Heartland winter.

As you know, I've been working on my house and garage exteriors. I've spent more time on a ladder this summer than some folks spend in a lifetime and my hair has sported more bizarre color combos than I'd care to think about.

It's crunch time.

And I'm nearing the finish line. (No snorts or snarky remarks allowed!)

Yesterday I spent the day on the ladder painting over spots I'd missed--or been too terrified to do a good job the first time around. I managed to finish the garage--or at least call it as good as it gets for this year. So you'll know how I spent some of my summer 'vacation' I thought I'd post some before and after pics of the garage. So here is my flat roof garage before it's 'facelift'.

And here is the 'after' pics.

Some people have commented that my garage looks like a tiny little house now! As you may recall, the side of the garage with the walk-in door and large window used to be my office. Until the roof began to leak. So, next spring, I'll do a total re-do of my office area and update it and, hopefully, swing a new garage door and opener. Whoo hoo!

Next week I'll post pics of the house. I should have most of the clutter associated with my long-term do-it-herself projects put away and out of sight for the winter.

Any last minute projects that need your attention or are you good to go for the coming winter months?

Today it is rainy and cold here so I plan to do laundry, write, and munch on corn candy and peanuts...uh, not necessarily in that order.

~Bullet Hole~

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TerriOsburn said...

That looks great, Kathy! I have dreams of being a do-it-herselfer someday. But maybe not to this extent. :)

We don't get the "S" word here, which is exactly why I stay. But I'm not dreading winter as much as I usually do. Huh. No idea why.