Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Winners! Winners! Winners! It was so hard to pick a winner, so hubby pulled his favorites, I put names in a hat and drew. Please send me your snail mail addresses at: christie (at) Christie-Craig (dot) com. The books won’t come to me until a week before pub date, which is Nov. 24th.

#1) Bookmobiler: When we met on the internet and you described yourself as being all ears I thought you meant something else.

#2) Terri : She left me for a poodle. *sigh*

#3) Leona : I hope my friends never see this. I'd never hear the end of sleeping with a mouse.

#4) Shelli : You better be nice to me. If I cry, you're outta here, mister.

A picture says a thousand words, but what are these pictures saying?

I’ve had a busy and crazy week with out-of- town company, (I’m gonna blog about that next week) so today we’re doing something different. I’m holding a “write a caption” contest. You’ll see the four pictures below and the best caption for one of the four will win a copy of Divorced, Desperate and Deceived. So go ahead, get creative, and let’s have some fun. Write a caption for only one of the pictures or write a caption for all four.

And speaking of words, here’s some words from two reviewers on my November 24th release. My hubby is poking me saying, “See I told you didn’t have to worry.” And he’s right, now I can stop worrying about this book and start obsessing over my next release in June 2010, Shut Up and Kiss Me.

RT Book Reviews:

Divorced, Desperate and Deceived, 4 ½ stars, TOP PICK

The latest in Craig’s Divorced, Desperate and . . . series is fast moving, exciting and suspenseful, with the many delightful characters Craig always provides. The secondary romance is a wonderful touch, and much of the humor originates with and is provided by the male characters.

Though Kathy Callahan’s friends are determined to find her a man, Kathy has her eye on one who seems to have lost interest now that she’s ready to date again. While her son visits his dad for a month, Kathy hopes to connect with plumber Stan Bradley who, until recently, showed all the signs of being very interested in her. Only Stan isn’t really Stan; he’s Luke Hunter, an FBI agent in the witness protection program. Just as Kathy makes her move, so do the bad guys, and she winds up on the run with Luke. But some of the bad guys aren’t so bad – something that just may save Kathy’s and Luke’s lives.

Publishers Weekly:

The action only stops long enough for steamy passion in this fast-paced conclusion to Craig’s contemporary romance trilogy (after 2008’s Divorced, Desperate and Dating). Kathy Callahan is the last member of the Divorced, Desperate and Delicious Club to remain single, thanks to her distrust of men and her devotion to her son, Tommy. Sparks are flying between Kathy and plumber Stan Bradley, but Stan is actually Luke Hunter, an undercover FBI agent hiding out until he can testify against organized crime boss Lorenzo. When Lorenzo’s men—including hilariously reluctant mobster Joey Hinkle –catch up with him, Luke and Kathy have to flee, unable to trust even their closest friends. Craig keeps the sexual tension as high as the suspense in the mad dash Kathy and Luke make toward what they hope is safety, and maybe even love.

Okay . . . make sure you post your captions. Here are the pictures:

Photo #1:

Photo #2:

Photo #3:

Photo #4:


Elle J Rossi said...


Great reviews!

#1 Um, could you get your nose out of my pit?
#2 Love stinks.
#3 These deadlines are killing me.
#4 showdown at noon

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

1."You looked prettier when I picked you up at the pub last night"
2.I hate Mondays
3.Wake me up when it's Friday!
4.Who you callin' drool bucket?!

Christie Craig said...

Hi Elle,

Love 'em!

Thanks so much for playing and stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


Too funny girl! Thanks so much for visiting. Your number 4. caption says you know English Mastiffs!


Anonymous said...

1. "If Jimmy asks, we never met."
2. She said she'd never leave.
3. Kitten cradle.
4. Are You My Mother?

Great reviews, Christie!!!!


Christie Craig said...


Great ones!!!



Book Bird Dog said...


Photo 1: "So you think we can get outta here anytime soon?"

Photo 2: "Somebody loves me...not!"

Photo 3: "Why don't you just call?"

Photo 4: "It's just you and me, babe."

This was fun!

harvee44 at yahoo dot com

Christie Craig said...

Book Bird Dog,

Great job, girl. It's fun to see how everyone's mind works.

Thanks for joining in.


FiFi Moore said...

#1 My What Big Ears you Have!
#2 This it? No Flowers?
#3 You Know I Love This Mouse.
#4 Are You Going To Come Down
On My Blanket?

RK said...

Good Morning!
Looking forward to reading this last book.
#1 What's the plan again?
#2 Love sick pup
#3 FTDB (Finished the Damn Book)
#4 Mine!

Bookmobiler said...

1: When we met on the internet and you described yourself as being all ears I thought you meant something else.

2: I realize it's the thought that counts but you know chocolate doesn't agree with me.

3: That's odd. Usually when I stare at a mouse they get nervous.

4: I'm cuter than you! Get over it!

Sandy said...

Great reviews, CC.

#1 You're too close, Man.
#2 I love you. Why aren't you giving me any attention?
#3. That mouse wore me out.
#4 You are blocking my way, Bubba.

Christie Craig said...


I love it. Fifi, are you who I think you are?


Christie Craig said...


You are too funny, guy!!!!

Thanks for posting.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much for playing. Love 'em girl. You are always so clever.


Christie Craig said...


Love your number 4. Thanks for stopping in. I so appreciate all you WisRWA gals.


Leona said...

Love the pics :)

#1 Who told you I'm not a cat? They're Lying!
#2 Why is the chocolate always gone?
#3 I hope my friends never see this. I'd never hear the end of sleeping with a mouse.
#4 One day I want to grow up as big as you.

TerriOsburn said...

Great reviews! So looking forward to this book.

#1) I gots this deal for ya, sees...

#2) She left me for a poodle. *sigh*

#3) I'll never do NaNo again.

#4) Don't look him in the eye and no quick movements.

Ainsley said...

#1 If a beagle comes by, I'm a cat, got it? A cat.

#2 Experience has taught me cardboard that smells like chocolate will not taste like chocolate.

#3 Keep stinky on the blanket. Keep stinky on the blanket.

#4 Tell anyone I sleep with a mouse and you die.

Ainsley said...

Whoops. Switch those last two.

Keri Ford said...

Love the reviews! congrats!

#3 Just...60...more...pages and...zzzzz

#4 I'm not changing it.

Christie Craig said...


Clever, girl. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Christie Craig said...


Love #4.

Thanks so much for dropping in.


Christie Craig said...


You must have a little one. LOL.

Thanks so much for playing.


Phyllis Bourne said...

I'm a sucked for babies I don't have to change diapies on so I'll go right to #4.

4. "Nobody's looking. What do you wanna destroy next!"

Christie Craig said...


You got a little one, too! Thanks so much posting.


Christie Craig said...


That dog can do a lot of damage just by shaking it's head and sending drool everywhere. Ahh, but she's a sweetie. Not as sweet as my granddaughter, but still a sweetie.


WandaLaney said...

#1. Hop, hop, hop?? You've got to be kidding!!

#2. Where is my dog treat?

#3. I knew you would come home!!!

#4. Don't even THINK about getting on my blanket!

Anonymous said...

#1 Dude, who's your plastic surgeon? That's the worst ear tuck I've ever seen.

#2 This real estate market sucks. Even my doghouse is in foreclosure.

#3 This is the most boring mouse chase ever.

#4 Hey, kid. Stop hogging the wee-wee pad.

Jeannene Walker said...

#1 I'm not so sure about this
#2 She returned the chocolates ...
#3 He's not going to be much of a mouser.
#4 I told you, I'm the boss.

susiej said...

1. Hey, pussycat! I'd like to hop all over you.

4. No,no Bowser. You're doing it wrong. Downward Facing Dog pose is like this.

Kristi W said...

1. Um, I don't think this inter-species dating thing is going to work.

2. No more chocolate *sigh*

3. Nap time, chasing the dog is hard work ya know.

4. I'm bigger, I can take you kid.

Shelli Cornelison said...

#1 Um, did you have garlic at lunch?
#2 Really? A box of candy was your idea of a good gift for an animal without opposable thumbs?
#3 Man, these online classes are convenient.
#4 You better be nice to me. If I cry, you're outta here, mister.

Katherine Page said...

Awesome Reviews Christie! (As if we your readers had any doubt!)

#1 - Kitty says "Is it Easter already???"
#2 - "No Fair! Who says dogs can't have chocolate? Can I at least keep the box?"
#3 - "Wait, we're supposed to CATCH the mice?"
- "Writer kitty needs a nap. All this mystery makes me sleepy!"
#4 - "No, no, no, you're doing it wrong. Where's your TAIL?"
- "Now listen, little grasshopper, eat lots of dog food and you'll grow up big and strong like me..."

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

NO need to enter me, which is good 'cause I'm as bad at captions as I am at naming blogs.

I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

Christie Craig said...


Cute ones!!! Thanks so much for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


I like #4. Thanks so much for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


I really like your #3.

Thanks so much for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


#4 is very cute!!

Thanks so much for playing.


Christie Craig said...


Very cute! Gosh, it's going to be so hard to pick a winner. Thanks for posting.


Christie Craig said...


Love #2 and #4. Great job. Thanks for stopping by.


Christie Craig said...


Great job, girl. Thanks so much for playing.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much. You guys are great.


Penelope Wright said...

#4: Yoga wars: Downward facing dog meets cobra.

catslady said...

1. I never should have had that last drink.
2. It didn't have a HEA ending.
3. I give up, how do you chase a mouse that refuses to run.
4. Bet you blink first!

Christie Craig said...


Good one! Thanks for stopping by.


Christie Craig said...


Love 'em!!! Thanks so much for dropping by.


Donna Marie Rogers said...

Major congrats on those wonderful reviews, Christie! SO looking forward to reading it!

I'm terrible at this (and there's already so many good ones!), but I'll give it a try.

#1 "Dude, didn't I warn you not to have that last beer?"

#2 "Oooh, ooh-ooh ooh, Love Hurts...though chocolate helps."

#3 "Please, just a few more minutes...then I'll finish my edits."

#4 "Can't believe I let them rope me into watching the little drool bucket again..."

Refhater said...

1. Cat got your tongue? I'm all ears if you want to talk.

2. Nothing says you're sorry for chewing up her favorite shoes like chocolate and sad puppy eyes.

3. Gotta love Ebay! Where else can you get 50 catnip treats for $1.00 with free shipping!

4. Look into my eyes kid. You're getting VERY sleeeeppyy!

robynl said...

1)"Get out of here; you don't say"

2)"My love left me but I got the chocolate

3)"Where did my Muse go?"

4)"You just do it like this"

Brandy said...

I'm not playing, but wanted to say Congratulations on your well deserved, wonderful reviews!
And these captions are hilarious!

Christie Craig said...


I like your #4. Thanks so much for popping in, girl.


Christie Craig said...


You are good at this. Thanks for the laugh and thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


Like your #4. I was thinking along those lines, too.

Thanks for dropping by.


Christie Craig said...

Thanks Brandy!!!

Aren't the captions fabulous. It's gonna be hard picking a winner.


Gillian Layne said...

Hurray on those amazing reviews!

Gillian Layne said...

Oh, captions...

1 At least they won't put bunny ears on ME this Easter...

2 I shoulda stopped at six boxes of doggie treats.

3 I love it when she types...

4 Ok, kid, you keep the rug--I'll take your crib.

Again, congrats on those awesome reviews! :)

Michelle said...

I'm late but for the fourth one i've got

"I'm still bigger than you!"

Christie Craig said...


Thanks so much girl. Only another writer understands hard it is to wait for those reviews. And I love your #4.

Thanks for playing.


Christie Craig said...

Hi Michelle!

Love it. Thanks so much stopping in.


TerriOsburn said...

WHOOT! I won one!!! This will be my reward at the end of November for finishing NaNo. LOL!


Leona said...

Woo hoo Me too! I'm doing NaNoWriMo and now I have my reward.

Thank you Thank you Thank you :D

The entries were too funny. I shared them with my family. Good job and generating interest.