Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Community of Big-Hearted Scribes

No. This isn't heaven. Or Iowa. It's the Killer Fiction Writers' blog. And the picture to the right features five-sixths of our criminally creative cast of characters. From left to right are Deadly DeLeon, Bullet Hole Bacus, Trigger Happy Halliday, Leslie 'The Assassin' Langtry, Farrah Rochon (fellow Dorchester author), and Crime Scene Christie (pretty in pink). The picture was taken this past July in Dallas, Texas, during the Romance Writers of America annual National Conference. It was the first opportunity most of us had to meet in person--although we'd communicated on-line and our joint website/blog was born out of that auspicious--and hilarious--meeting.
The story relating to fellow author Dawn Thompson's medical emergency and the ensuing medical bills Gemma posted about yesterday--and the outpouring of assistance--got me thinking about how really unique the writing community is--and how amazingly big-hearted. Yet, it doesn't surprise me that authors, agents, booksellers, and agents are coming together to help an author out in her time of need. It's what I've come to expect from a guild of professional writers who in a very real sense educate and mentor their own competition. Think about it for a second. Can you imagine an athlete in a professional sport telling a walk-on, "Hey, rookie, I'll teach you everything I know so you can compete against me for that spot on the starting roster." Or a lawyer telling opposing counsel, "See, this is how I would try this case if I were you?" Or a famous chef giving away the secrets to his award-winning souffle? Or a Cover Girl model giving beauty and diet tips to America's next top model?

Yet writers do that every day. From giving workshops, writing how-to articles, providing recommendations to agents and editors, to critiquing and judging contests, writers and authors give of themselves until it hurts. Maybe literally.

It's an amazing dichotomy. And typical of the comraderie that exists in the writing realm which operates under the credo that there will always be room for great stories.

So today I'd like to salute my fellow authors and writers who so selflessly give of themselves to others--only to find their proteges grab a coveted slot from under their nose--and ask that you take advantage of the terrific opportunities Gemma mentioned. Pass the word along to fellow writers, as well, so they can take advantage of the splendid opportunities for critiques from publishing professionals. You'll be helping a terrific author at the same time.

So long for this time,

~Bullet Hole Bacus~


Christie Craig said...


I couldn't have said it better. Thanks for the post and reminding us all how our network of friends are so important.

Crime Scene Christie

Angie Fox said...

Thanks for that wonderful post. I was just trying to explain this very thing to another writer friend of mine (she's just starting her first book). You said it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, an excellent post! And so true. :)

Estella said...

Great post!

Kathy Bacus said...

I think our writer and author friends are special lifelines for us given how solitary an occupation writing is, don't you, Christie? I know they are for me.

~Bullet Hole~

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Angie!!

You know, it's always been somewhat of an enigma to me how gracious and helpful fellow authors and writers are to newbies, Angie. I think it may have something to do with a feeling of kinship writers share with each other as a result of feelings relating to their writing. Only another writer can relate to the 'stuff' going on inside a writer's head.

~Bullet Hole~

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks Tori and Estella!


~Bullet Hole~

Stacy S said...

Great post! I think it's great how authors band together to help other people.

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