Saturday, April 04, 2009

Welcome to Kimberly Lang

Before I start belting out Sweet Home Alabama, I'll turn you over to a very funny Bama gal who is making a name for herself in romance fiction.

Take it away Kimberly!

I’m tickled to be here today. ~waves to my Alabama Home Girl, Christie~

One of the coolest things about being a writer is the fact I can file a lot of stuff under “Research” or “Refilling the Well.” Going to Vegas for the weekend? Research. Reading the latest romance releases? Both Research and Refilling the Well. Watching movies? Surfing the net? A pedicure? I can apply the terms pretty broadly (it doesn’t take a lot of practice), and it means I can get away with a lot.

“Gee, Honey, I can’t wash the dishes right now. I know it looks like I’m just reading, but, really, it’s market research. Gotta stay on top of the market, you know.”

“The well is feeling a little empty at the moment. I’m thinking a Girls’ Night Out is needed. You watch the kid, okay, Sweetie? Bye!”

I should be very ashamed of myself, I know.

So, I’ve spent a lot of time recently avoiding, I mean, researching. Or maybe I mean filling the well. All I know is that I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And by a lot, I mean the complete box set. (Don’t tell my editor, okay?)

I’m a huge Buffy fan. I’ll happily argue Angel vs. Spike.* I’m unashamed to admit my small Riley crush. I’ve often worn my hair like Willow, and I would love to kick some butt like a Slayer. I love the action, the dialog, the characters. It was an awesome show.

Thing is, I write for Presents/Modern Heat. No vampires, demons, witches, or werewolves allowed in my plots. Nothing supernatural or paranormal. My heroines can be perky and strong, but they don’t kick butt in the Buffy sense. Umm, maybe I can make a small argument on the whole Alpha-hero front, but even then, it’s a little weak even with my broad definition of research.

But sometimes the brain just shuts down and it needs mindless entertainment. Or mine does, at least, because somewhere around Season Six, the fog lifted. I became oddly motivated and my WIP didn’t seem like something I should continue to avoid. It seems Buffy slays all kinds of demons.

I coined a new term – I wasn’t refilling the well; I was “Rebooting the Brain.” I’ve decided it’s equally as important. When my computer locks up and won’t cooperate, everyone tells me to reboot. I think it works for the computer between my ears as well. Complete shutdown. Turn everything off and count to thirty before restarting.

Or in my case, watch six seasons of Buffy, then restart. Hey, I’m not one to question something when it works.

Am I the only one with this need to reboot? How do you reboot the brain? Alternatively, weigh in on the Spike/Angel argument. I’ll pick a one person from the comment tail to receive a copy of my book!


*And I always come down on Spike’s side.

I’m celebrating the release of TWO books this month! The Secret Mistress Arrangement makes its US debut (squee!) and The Millionaire’s Misbehaving Mistress is out in the UK (squee again!) Big blog party at the Writing Playground ( on April 7th to celebrate – and more chances to win! Please drop by!


Christie Craig said...

Hi Kimberly,

I need to reboot. I love to go to Galveston, walk the ocean, to recharge. Thanks so much for guest blogging with us today.



♥ Dawn said...

I also recommend staying in touch with your local writing groups. I belong to two RWA groups and they are both great. Recently, one of our members gave a presentation on medieval armor, and we have a trip planned to Oheaka Castle. Bertrice Small gave a fascinating talk on the history of romance, and we had the Long Island Paranormal Investigators share their ghost hunting experiences. When I surround myself with inspiring people and interesting things, well, it's easy to be inspired myself. It's one of the reasons I like this blog. Oh, and Buffy rocks! Do you watch that Bones show? :) Keep up the great writing!

Angel said...

Ooohhh, I love this idea! And I know exactly what you mean. All of a sudden, the desire to work on the wip suddenly comes to the fore, or dialogue and scene changes pop into your mind. It's a lovely feeling, isn't it!


Kimberly Lang said...

Hi y'all!

Dawn-- I totally agree with finding a writing group. MY RWA chapter is a lifesaver on a regular basis. I don't have an "HOD Meeting." I have "HOD Day" where I meet friends for breakfast and Hubby knows he's on kid duty until whenever.

Angel, Christie -- I heart you both.

And now, in an amazing twist, I'm off to learn how to really kick butt Buffy-style in a self-defense class. This could be interesting...

Christine said...

I know I need to reboot my brain when cleaning house suddenly seems very important to me. It's like my right brain is screaming for a way to get out and the only way to do it is with mindless activities.

Cleaning a few toilets apparently shuts down the left brain completely.

amy kennedy said...

I love it that you've added re-boot to your writing lexicon. I think you are so right.

Just last year I did the same thing--watched the entire Buffy series, and at first I would say, "I can only watch it if I've written so many pages."

Yeah, that finally just morphed into me and the tv and Buffy, any free time I had. I think my husband now hates Buffy.

But once I finished it--I really could sit down and write freely.

So now...I'm watching the complete series of Angel.

And Kimberly, I go back and forth on the Angel/Spike thing--I'll take both please.

Playground Monitor said...

Uh... I've never watched Buffy, but last year I discovered Law and Order SVU and when I get bogged down in romance, I just go watch detectives solve sex crimes. That's abour as far from category romance as you can get. I never knew I was rebooting my brain. I like that term -- and research too. It's a great excuse... er reason to have the TV on.

housemouse88 said...

Hello Kimberly,

For me rebooting my brain means cleaning the house or changing my routine.

Now the Spike/Angel issue, I have to chose Angel. There's just something about him that I can't shake.

Have a great day.

Allison Knight said...


Love the expression "reboot". Since my DH is a bit of a geek, I believe that's going to be my new password when the dishes don't get done, bed time comes and I'm still reading, I forget to defrost something for dinner.

Thanks. Just the word I need.
Great Blog!


Katherine Bone said...

Waving at you, Kimberly!! I've been looking for THE SECRET MISTRESS ARRANGEMENT. Haven't found a copy yet, but I did order it from Barnes & Noble.

I always liked Angel's angst. Stopped watching Buffy before Spike came along.

Rebooting is a great term. I need a lot of rebooting right now. My brain is fried. ;)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Ooh, I like rebooting. And I guess I have to admit I've never seen Buffy. But I am a huge Joss Whedon fan when it comes to Firefly. One of these days, I'll get around to Buffy.

I like to reboot with a variety of things. Sometimes it's shopping, sometimes television, sometimes reading. Right now, I feel like a great new pair of high heels could do it. ;-)

LuAnn said...

We don't have a writing group in my area, but I do read posts by some on the Internet.

Misty Williams said...

I need to reboot. NOW! LOL.

I like to watch NCIS! Bones is a good one as well. I will watch a movie or read a book. I would really love a great place to walk around here, because that always seems to help me. However, there's not a good place to do that here. Now where I can enjoy what I see around me.

I would go with Spike as well in Buffy, but have to admit I haven't seen as much of Buffy as you Kim. :)

Suzan Harden said...

Um, as a die-hard, 'watched the original theatrical movie', 'bought the Buffy and Angel seson sets the week they first became available' fan, I have to admit - neither. I've got a thing for Giles - but then I did ever since Tony Head made those Taster Choice commercials back in the '80's. ;-D

Refhater said...

I reboot by taking pictures. I take my camera and wander aimlessly taking hundreds of pictures. Then I spend time deleting the bad ones and editing the good ones.

I never was a Buffy/Angel fan, but I do like to watch David Boreanaz on Bones.

Estella said...

When I need to reboot I grab a book, sit down and read.
I have to confess, I have never seen an episode of Buffy.

Kimberly Lang said...

Seems we have a lot of folks who have discovered the importance of rebooting!

I'm shocked to see so many folks who haven't watched Buffy! I must admit I was forced to watch it the first time by my Geek, but I was hooked pretty quickly. I haven't watched Bones, but I may have to give it a try.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kimberly, congratulations on your releases. That's awesome!

As a self-confessed Buffy fanatic, I will agree that watching it for hours and hours will give your mind all sorts of 'rebooting' fuel. Of course, just about anything that Joss Whedon is involved in is brilliant. Anybody watching Dollhouse?

Um...Spike or Angel? I'd have to go with Angel. But I admit, I kind of had a crush on Giles too.

Callie James said...

Hi, Kimberly. Many congrats on the releases!

Southern Magic member and Buffy fan waving!!!

I've done many of the things listed here to fill the well, but I did a massive hard boot when I switched genres. I used to write romantic suspense. Now it's romantic suspense paranormal, and I can't shut off the creativity!

A cross I am willing to bear...

Awesome blog!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the new releases! Great blog.


Mary Marvella said...

Excellent blog. You made me smile and I know you're thrilled about the books!

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