Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The First Time

Ahh, the first time. What “first time” am I talking about? What do you think I’m talking about? Yeah, I knew you’d think I was talking about that.

Truth is, I’m sort of talking about that and more. I’m talking about the many firsts that we face as women. Think about it, most anything we do as a first timer is generally marked as memorable. Even if we’d rather some of them be forgettable.

Yup, most of our first times end up in our memory banks as mental keepsakes. And yes, some of them we never speak about because they would make good blackmail material. But sharing is so much fun and sometimes so funny. And just by reading someone else's memories, it very well may trigger your own trip down memory lane. So I'll go first:

Here are just a few of my own first times.

The first day of school. I remember holding my mom’s hand, being scared and yet somehow excited at the same time. To this day, I can smell that wood floor wax that the janitor used to push around on his monster broom. He scared me.

I remember my first crush on a boy. He sat in the back of the class carving his name into the desk. I’m pretty sure he’s spent some time in jail as an adult. What can I say? I’ve always had a weak spot for bad boys.

Oh, goodness, my first “real” kiss. Let me tell you, one should never have that memory involve a bad case of hiccups and the first shocking experience of seeing your granddaddy in his tighty-whities. But it’s a memory that will stay with me.

The first period. Yowzy. I remember being a tad grossed out and yet feeling sort of grown up, as if I’d just crossed some big milestone.

Oh, then there’s the first time I accidentally lost my bathing suit top by jumping off the diving board at the community pool. If you like me at all, you’d better not be laughing. That was a very, very bad day.

The first heartbreak. I swear it was a real pain. I think I cried every night for a month.

The first . . . FIRST time. I’m not going to go there. Except to say it was sort of like my first period. I remember being a bit grossed out and yet feeling sort of grown up. Funny how some things change, huh?

How about the first time you really saw a man naked. Did you, like me, think . . . I’d hate to have something like that hanging off of me? I mean, what do they do with it in their underwear? Seriously, that's what I thought.

Oh, how about my first wedding . . . which led me to my first (and only—I pray) divorce. Oh, yeah, if I ever have to get rid of any of my first-time memory data, those two would be moved into the delete pile.

How about the first time you realized you were pregnant? I remember putting my hand low on my abdomen and thinking . . . wow.

How about the first time you realized that your boobs weren’t perky anymore? I remember putting my hand low on my abdomen, right beside the boob, and thinking . . . damn!

Hmm…first grandbaby? Ahh, that one is still giving me a high. I’ll post more pictures later.

Oh, I remember the first time I saw one of my books on a bookshelf. Seeing my name and knowing a lifelong dream had come true. And thinking about that first, brings me to the “first time” that inspired this blog.

A few days ago, I got to experience another first time. My very first Publisher’s Weekly Review. For those of you who don’t know, this is a pretty big first for a writer. While I know that in all honesty we should never place too much value in the opinion of others, and reviews are just opinions, but I can’t help it. These last few days I feel a bit like Sally Fields, running around and saying…”They like me. They really really like me.” See it below:

Christie Craig. Dorchester/Love Spell, $6.99
(336p) ISBN 978-0-505-52797-4
Craig (Divorced, Desperate and Delicious) fills her new romantic thriller with a playful tone and quick banter. Law student and pizza delivery girl Macy Tucker becomes the special project of detective Jake Baldwin after her sweet but unreliable brother, Billy, escapes from jail on the heels of suspected killer David Tanks. Jake starts out focused on recapturing Tanks, his nemesis, but soon begins to feel very protective towards Macy. Unpleasant experiences
with her dying grandfather, abusive father and cheating ex-husband have
left her with little trust, so Macy has sworn off men, but Jake is persistent and
attractive, and their families quickly begin encouraging the match. Supporting characters like Macy’s sexy, yoga teaching grandmother are engaging and funny without being caricatures, and the mystery and romance plots fit seamlessly into a witty and fast-paced novel that’s easy to read and satisfying to the heart. (June)

Okay…there you have it . . . a few of my notable firsts. What about you guys? Anyone care to share some “first time” moments. Oh, come on, we could use a few laughs, or a few sighs.

Crime Scene Christie


Deb Maher said...

Holding each of my sons for the first time. Those feelings never go away.

The first time I saw Stonehenge, rising up out the middle of a fork in the road. The setting wasn't what I expected. Then we drew closer. Awesome.

Attending my first honest-to-goodness critique session with real, honest-to-goodness published writers. I drove home feeling vaguely nauseous. How could I ever make the changes they thought necessary? I did though. Then came another first when I finished my first book.

Lots of firsts to recall. Thanks for thought-provoking post!

Edie said...

Great review! I want to read it.

When my son was born, I remember thinking, He's a redhead! And beautiful. So beautiful.

And our first Christmas tree. We didn't have a lot of money, so we bought boxes of cheap silver and blue plastic bells. We loved the way it turned out, simple and stylish. Much better than everyone else's over-decorated tree. Now, of course, ours is way over-decorated.

Christie Craig said...


I so remember the first times I held my daughter and son.

And that first critique group meeting is another memory logged into my memory bank. I also remember my first RWA meeting.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


When my daughter was born, my first, I remember being so frightened of being a mother and responsible for that little being.

As for holidays...I remember cooking my first Chritmas dinner for the family. I was scared that it would be terrible and of everyone getting sick from eating my cooking.

Tessy said...

Ahhh, there are so many firsts.

For me, nothing compares to feeling my babies move for the first time when I was pregnant for each.

Congrats on the great review, Christie!!!

terrio said...

That's a great review and I can't wait to get this one. You do get better with every book, and that's saying something since they have all been so good.

I remember the first time I held my daughter. It was as if my life started at that moment. They brought her to me because she wouldn't stop fussing in the nursery and as soon as they set her on my chest, she calmed down. It was an instant connection.

I'm looking forward to a first coming up this weekend. It will be my first game as a softball coach and I'm so nervous, you'd think I was giving a speech in front of thousands. LOL! My girls still have a ways to go, but I can't wait to watch them get better as the season goes along. Everytime one of these little girls yells COACH T! it makes me smile. LOL!

Christie Craig said...


Oh wow, I can remember that first fluttery feeling and not knowing if it was gas or my baby! It turned out to be my baby. LOL.

Recently, when my daughter was pregnant, I got to feel her baby move in her belly. That was pretty amazing, too.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


It's amazing that first connection we feel to our babies, isn't it? Fear, warmth, a sense of rightness, it's all wrapped up in that emotional memory.

And good luck on that soft ball coaching team. I'm sure you will be great at it.

Go Team!!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping in.


Loretta said...

What a delightful post:)..Odd "firsts" came to my mind, like seeing my ex-husband's big toe for the first time (I know insane isn't it?;) I was horrified, I'd never seen a toe that big...

Then my first Prom (the delight of long gloves) my first time to ride a horse..all those young girl things. Then my first apartment, first baby...first divorce (and hopefully last like you.)

My first flight alone overseas... I was so excited I kept touring the LA airport like a crazed bird, circling and peering at all the sites.

This was a gorgeous post... thank you for taking us down memory lane.

Christie Craig said...


Okay...I'm seriously laughing here and trying to figure out just what's up with your hubby's big toe!! LOL.

And I remember my first flight, overseas too. Life has so many firsts, we gotta cherish them.

Thanks for stopping in.


Kate Douglas said...

The first time I saw my husband. That was 37 years ago, and I was going through a divorce from the "training marriage" when he walked into the store where I worked. When he left, I told my co-worker, "I'm going to marry him." A week after my divorce was final, I did. The first time I held our daughter, our son, our first grandson. There's magic in first times and just thinking about them brings that magic back. Thanks for a terrific post, and congratulations on such a wonderful PW review! I'm still waiting on one of those.

Refhater said...

Home sick and heavily medicated so please forgive me if these are a bit odd. Thank God for cough syrup with Codeine! The new book looks great! I can't wait to read it.

The first time I felt old was when I caught myself saying "I remember when gas was 88 cents." And "Turn down that radio, some of us have to work in the morning."

The first time I drove a car. It was a rainy day and "I can see clearly now the rain is gone" was playing on the radio.

The first time I had carbon monoxide poisoning. I asked my mom why we didn't have a CO detector and her response was "Well, we did have one, but it just kept going off so I thought it was defective."

Christie Craig said...


Sounds like seeing your hubby was love at first sight! Awesome!

And you are right. The first times are magical.

Thanks so much for dropping in.


red said...

The first day of school, as the teacher! I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep the night before.

So many firsts. A recent one that justs melts my heart, my first born's baptism. He looked so grown up and yet I have a hard time believing he's old enough to make life changing decisions.

Christie Craig said...


First I hope you get to feeling better, but until then enjoy the cough med' buzz!! LOL.

As for that first-time memory of getting old. I remember (in-detail) the first time I wasn't carded when I ordered a drink. Totally ruined a good night out.

Your "first-time driving" memory really triggered some of my own memories.

Now the carbon monoxide poison memory...never been there, but it did make me laugh.

Have a great day and get to feeling better. Thanks for posting.


Christie Craig said...


I can imagine the first day at teacher jitters. My daughter is a teacher and she had it bad the first time.

And the kid's baptism...? Savor that memory. They do grow up fast, don't they?

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day.


Sandy said...

Great post, Christie. I've been thinking about my own firsts, and I have some strange ones. Grin.

The first and only time I was sick from drinking too much. Smile. We were double dating with another couple but my date didn't show up. They talked me into going with them anyway. I drank three 16 oz glasses of Black Russians (or was it White Russians) in 45 minutes, and I was so sick. The last time that ever happened. lol

My first car wreck was when I was taking drivers ed in high school. I was learning to drive a stick. lol

I've had most of the other firsts, too, but everyone beat me to those. Grin.

Great review from PW, Christie.

Nancy said...

Another lovely post, Christie!

My first kiss involved braces being ground into my teeth.

The first time I felt my son move in the womb.

Holding my babies for the first time.

Okay, I'll keep strolling down First Lane and smiling.

Nancy Haddock

Christie Craig said...


Okay...you hit upon a first I think most of have and wish we didn't!

My 40th birthday party. The wine didn't stop and neither did I. I can honestly tell you that it was the first time I was sick from drinking. LOL.

Thanks so much for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


Ouch!!! I never had braces, but I'll bet that brings back tons of memories for everyone who did.

Thanks so much for popping in.


Alexis said...

I was reading through everyone's posts and what struck me is my first day of school as a teacher. All the other posts are so detailed, but what I remember about teaching 7th and 8th graders is absolutely nothing! The entire day is a blur. I can't remember what I did to occupy them for seven hours. Luckily, I'm better at my job now and not in such a fear-induced haze around 13 year-olds.

LuAnn said...

Definitely -- first grandbaby! He was born four months premature and spent the first four and a half months in neonatal intensive care. He only weighed 1 pound, 10 ounces when he was born and there were many times when it was touch and go. I wrote him a letter after we knew he was going to be OK and sealed it in an envelope. He will get it sometime in the distant future when he has his first child!

Christie Craig said...


I love teaching . . . adults. Kids scare the crap of me. Even 13year olds. So I can really relate to the fear you described.

Thanks so much for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...


What a great idea to write that letter. I'm positive it will be very special to him.

Both my children were premature, not that premature, but both of them stayed at the hospital for about three weeks. It was so hard. So I can understand what you and the family went through. Hugs and I'm tickled the baby is fine now.

Thanks so much for sharing.


Linda Warren said...

A great and thought provoking post, as always. And congratulations on the PW review! Wow! I have to buy the book - very soon.

There're been a lot of firsts in my life, but the one that's fresh in my mind is getting the Rita call. It seems like a lifeime of work and a lifetime of dreaming and it came true. I keep thinking I dreamed it. It's an unbelievable feeling and one I'll never forget.

Christie Craig said...


That is one heck of a first! I can only hope I'll get to experience some day.

I hope you enjoy the heck out of it. You have worked hard and made those dreams come true. It's a first that you well deserve.

Thanks so much for stopping in.


LuAnn said...

Yes, Christie, he is. In fact, he's 5 years old now and quite the little go-getter. And he has a new baby brother who was -- fortunately -- born at the right time, although he had some issues during delivery and they had a few problems stabilizing him. It was like flashbacks for me and I finally had to go outside and cry. But, all turned out well and the two brothers adore each other!

Anonymous said...


I share many of the ones already mentioned.

My most recent first time was last week when I was reading your Divorced, Desperate, and Dating. I needed laughs, I love romantic suspense and quirky characters. You came through in all three! :-)

Not easy to do at my age.

Mary Jo Scheibl

Christie Craig said...


I'm so glad he's five and doing great! And I'm glad the new fellow is okay. Babies shouldn't ever be sick. It just isn't right.

Thanks for stopping in.


Christie Craig said...

Mary Jo!!!!

You made my day. Thank you so much. Making people laugh is one of my many passions. When we laugh, we're happy.

Thank sooooo much for sharing this.