Friday, November 14, 2008

'Tis the season…

Show of hands… who has started their Christmas shopping already? (*Gemma raising hand*) Yes, I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who wishes the Christmas season lasted 6 months instead of just one. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, it’s early still. But as soon as Starbucks rolls out the egg nog lattes and red cups with little snowflakes and reindeer on them, it’s the holiday season in my world. I already have my cart full of Christmas presents. And this year my editor extraordinaire turned me on to a new Amazon feature – the gift organizer. It is the coolest thing ever!! I can make specific profiles for everyone on my Christmas list, put in info about them, and Amazon actually gives me ideas based on what I input. Even better, once I start adding items to each person’s gift list, Amazon uses those to further hone their suggestions. I’ve ordered three things base on Amazon’s wisdom alone so far. Seriously, if you are into no-brainer shopping, you must check this out. (And Amazon isn’t even paying me to say this! Ha! Hmm… though if they did, I could order a lot more… hint, hint Amazon guys…) So, thanks to the wonders of Amazon, I have ideas for everyone on my Christmas list.

Except one person.

Mr. Big.

So, we’re at that delicate 6 month mark where we’re not seeing anyone else, and I’d safely call him my “boyfriend” (to anyone except my grandfather who has been on groom watch since I hit puberty), but the wrong present could easily push things into too serious too soon territory. I want to say, “I really dig you” but avoid saying “I’m branding you as mine for ever and ever”, know what I mean? Originally I had this great, perfectly neutral, yet still sweet gift all picked out and in my Amazon cart. But…

Last week, I went out of town. Between that and Big’s work schedule lately, by the time I finally got home it had been almost two weeks since we’d seen each other. Too long in my book. So, the next night I went to his house and we ordered pizza and watched some football. Fun, low key evening. Awesome. Towards the end of the night, he starts rummaging around in a closet. I ask what he’s looking for and he says, “Something for you.” Yay! I love things for me. And it must have shown how excited I was, because he tempered it with, “It’s just a little something.” Oh. Okay, well, that’s fine, I love little things too. So, he finally finds his little something and hands it to me.

It’s a handbag. A designer Coach handbag. For anyone not familiar with the price of Coach handbags, go google it. (Seriously, I’ll wait. Google it.) Okay, now that we’re all on the same page… holy crap!!! If this is his idea of a “little something” I’m totally going out of town more often. I’m floored. And ecstatic. And a little bit in love. (With the purse, though he’s coming in a real close second at this point.) This is by far the coolest gift any guy has ever given me.

So… you see how my neutral-yet-still-sweet gift idea suddenly went down the toilet. After that “little something” I need a huge, great, awesome, amazing gift idea that still manages to delicately avoid that branding territory. Yes, I know this is a near impossible task. Which is why I need your help. Help!!! Any ideas?

~Trigger (and Handbag) Happy Halliday


Terri Osburn said...

First of all, I'm now panicking about Christmas shopping. Thanks for that. I'm also doing a happy dance for your coach bag. Whoohoo!

Unfortunately, I have no idea what to suggest. Sounds like Mr. Big can get himself anything he wants. You say you watched football. Does he have a favorite team? A favorite player? My guy really wants a Rothlisberger jersey so I'm on the hunt for that. And they ain't cheap, let me tell ya. So that would be meaningful to him AND would not be cheap YET would not equal the overboard branding thing.

Just an idea.

Gemma Halliday said...

Good idea! he does have a fav team, though I have no idea about fav player. Maybe I can very sneakily ask in the next couple of weeks.

Keri Ford said...

I see me and Terrio had a similar thought!

My hubby has always wanted a Mike Singletary football jersey to wear. He's his FAVORITE player of all time, but he doesn't play anymore, so the NFL people don't make the jersey anymore. Next to impossible to find.

What other things does he like aside from football? My hubby is a huge hunter, so if I get desperate, I can spring for a gun.

Terri Osburn said...

Keri - I just checked eBay (was looking for my own so pulled up yours) and there are a ton of Singletary jerseys. Not too expensive either. And as I'm sure you know, he coaches now so maybe something from the new team?

Gemma Halliday said...

What other things does he like aside from football?

He's into music. Recently he's been listening to a lot of jazz. Um... I don't really know what else. That's bad isn't it? Lol! Surely he has more hobbies.

Anonymous said...

He's into Jazz, why not find him a boxed set of a group he likes. Or even a really neat framed Jazz poster. Guys are so hard to buy for.


Anonymous said...

Okay Gemma, you have *officially* scored with Mr. Big. Any guy who will not only pick out a designer purse for you, but also refer to it as a small gift is a Keeper.
You could create a little getaway voucher for the two of you. A weekend trip to somewhere he would enjoy.
Or, going with the jazz thing, find a jazz festival or concert excursion...

*hand so not raised btw*

Christie Craig said...


Okay...I bought my first Christmas present yesterday. Yikes, it's here and I'm not ready.

About the purse, congrats! And about what to get him. Hmm...How about . . . a Victoria's Secret catalogue and check, with note attached, "You pick."

Or how about tickets to some event he likes.

Oh, thanks for the google tip. I'll check that out.


Gemma Halliday said...

Funny you should mention that, CC. I actually just today wrote a scene where lingerie was the perfect Christmas gift. I like the idea of the 'you pick' note, though. Very cute. hmmm... lots of good ideas here.

Jax Cassidy said...

Whatever you do, for Heaven's sake, don't give him a tie! :) That's the dreaded KOD (kiss of death)!

'Tis the season...fa-la-la-la-la...

I love the holidays, would love it more with a bigger paycheck..but I will forget about financials for a moment..I think that it's never too early to, for Christmas, that is.

You know I LOVE Mr. Big for you!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Christmas shopping - I just wrote about that on my blog this week. Don't kill me if I tell you that I'm nearly done! I got on a roll and just went with it. It helps that I have a small family :)

I totally get your surprise (and delight) at the purse. My DH brought me back a red patent leather designer purse from Italy this spring (he was there on a conference) and I was totally floored. A man who can buy a woman a totally great purse is a real find. I'm afraid to carry mine - it's too good for me and my mom-life! LOL

What to get him? That's a toughie. I got my hubby a lovely Caucasian carpet for his birthday this year but he's really into carpets. Aside from football and jazz, is there anything about his apartment decor that gives you any ideas of his taste? Art is tricky because tastes do differ, but when you hit it right it does make an impact.

Keri Ford said...

Thanks, Terrio. Since he's coaching now, maybe people are getting rid of theirs!

Just by googling I found some that bumping the $300. mark. But they were signed. Which means he won't wear it and instead will want it up on the walls. And I don't think so.

Gemma Halliday said...

Lol! Okay, no ties, Jax! See, this is why you need to live in California. So we can do this sort of delicate shopping together. ;)

Gemma Halliday said...

Jenyfer - You are my hero. You're done already? All hail the Christmas shopping queen!

Art is a really cool idea! Okay, maybe if I pay close attention to clues between now and Christmas I can get a clue to his artistic style. Actually, I just found out he's moving to a new place in the next few weeks, so something nice for new bare walls would be perfect. If I were more of an artist, I'd try my hand at something myself.. not sure I could pull that off without looking kindergarten though. Lol!