Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Big "D"


Terri S., Please email me at my website address, christie @ christie-craig . com ((no spaces)) so I can get the info to send your prize. You have won a book, a pack of note cards, and a "silly" pen that will remind you to keep laughing.


It’s almost time--almost time for Divorced, Desperate and Dating to hit the bookstands. Yup, November 25th, Sue and Jason go public; all their intriguing and dirty little secrets will be revealed. You’ll learn exactly why Sue got divorced from her first hubby and why it’s so hard for her to risk loving a man again. You’ll learn the truth of Jason’s past, why being a bad boy is just safer than letting himself care. And I promise you, you’re gonna laugh. Hey check out the link below to see the book video for the new release. DD&Dating Video.

November is also my birthday and anniversary month. So . . . because my grandma always said that giving is better than receiving, I’m gonna be giving away prizes for the next six weeks. Every week, I’ll randomly pick one commenter to win a prize. So . . . make sure you post. Hey…it’s free loot. And it’s Christmas time, so if you don’t like the free loot, you can re-gift it. (Don’t go rolling your eyes, we all know we re-gift!) I’ll be giving away some of my books, and if you already have those, I’ll give away some of my friends’ books. I’m going be giving away note cards, “silly” pens, pizza cutters (I’ll explain the reason for that odd gift) and some gifts that I like to call, “White Elephant” gifts. I mean, doesn’t everyone need a pooping Santa on their mantelpiece?

Below is another addition to the “Why Can’t Life Be Like a Romance Novel?” column that appears almost monthly over at the http://toberead.wordpress.com/. Its subject, “The Big D” is appropriate to introduce my new release, so enjoy.

Why Can’t Life Be Like a Romance Novel?

Two romance novelists ponder the meaning of life, love and anything else that comes to mind.

Ever been through the big D? And as that Country Western song so elegantly puts it, “I don’t mean Dallas.” I’m talking about Divorce.

That painful, chew you up and spit you out point that happens after your knight in shining armor morphs into a lying, cheating, two-bit-no-good-for-nothing scumbag. Most of us can say we’ve been there, done that, done him, got the T-shirt, and burned it along with a few of his pictures.

Most of us have sworn, “Never again!” Never to let another smooth-talking, sexy-in-his-jeans male get anywhere near our hearts or our bra hooks again.

But harder than learning to trust the opposite sex is learning to trust ourselves again. Yup, it hits most us. Bam! Hindsight.

Just like that, we remember seeing all the signs. And I’m talking flashing neon signs along the road in the relationship that we completely ignored. Signs like “Detour” or “Road Closed” or “Bumpy Roads Ahead” or even worse, “Dead End.”

Signs like his having six ex-wives. Or that little problem he had with the local authorities, and had to call you to come bail him out--which he never repaid you for, by the way.

Yep, warning signs that should have told us to walk, or rather to shove it into high gear and get the hell out of Dodge. But nope, we were blindsided by sweet promises, hard abs, and soft touches. And that’s where trust comes in, or rather the lack of trust. If we foolishly allowed love to make idiots out of us once, how do we know it won’t happen again?

It’s not easy to trust or to believe in love after your heart has been used as target practice. I’ve learned that personally. Yup, I’ve got a few ex-husband stories I could share. They even involve the FBI. But I also overcame that painful state of being. I found a man worthy of my love and my trust. (Though I still can’t train him to lower the toilet seat lid.) Interesting enough, I’ve relearned a few of those lessons by reading and writing romance. In my Divorced and Desperate series, three women, all divorced, all determined to never, ever fall prey to come-here bad-boy smiles, or hard muscled chests, all find the ability to trust their hearts one more time.

Five Things That I’ve learned About Divorce, Hindsight, and Learning to Trust Your Heart from Reading & Writing Romance Novels:

Your ex might be the spawn of Satan, a werewolf, or a serial killer, but chances are somewhere along the path you chose him. Maybe you were suffering from bird flu, got bit by a bad mosquito, or maybe you had daddy issues, but until you accept your mistake you could accidentally repeat it by choosing another louse just like the first.

While killing the ex sounds like a really good option, chances are his next wife will make his life more miserable and painful than the death you had planned. It’s called Karma, and it totally rocks.

Before you are ready to let another man love you, you need to learn to love yourself. Seriously. Divorce can leave deep wounds. But love by the right man can make the sting go away.

Just because the new man does it right in bed, doesn’t mean he’s Mr. Right. Then again, you shouldn’t hold it against him. Be cautious, but not close-minded. Sometimes the right man scares us more than the wrong ones.

No man is perfect; even in romance novels, our heroes have flaws. Find a man whose flaws you can tolerate, whose good qualities you respect, whose sense of humor keeps you giggling, whose touch melts your heart, and if you can train him to lower the toilet seat, please send me your strategy.

Crime Scene Christie

About the authors: Christie Craig, an Alabama native, is a multi-published photojournalists and award-winning writer of both romance fiction and non-fiction who is happily married to her prince charming. Faye Hughes, a Mississippi native, is single and an award-winning romance author who is still searching for her own prince after having kissed a lot of frogs. Together, they are the co-authors of The Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel and an upcoming humor-filled relationship/self help book (Polka Dot Press) slated for release on Valentine’s Day, 2010. Visit them online at www.WritewithUs.net.


Keri Ford said...

My hubby potty trained himself in lowering the seat. He went in there one day, distracted by something or other and sat down and fell right in! He's never left the seat up since.


Christie Craig said...


I love it. I'll have to remember to raise the seat around library time at the john. :-)

Oh, by the way, I love your blog. And thank you so much for putting a link to Killer Fiction and my book cover up. I'm so honored, girl.

Take care...


Gemma Halliday said...

Find a man whose flaws you can tolerate

This has become my dating mantra lately. I've had to remind myself many times that I'm looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Perfect. Lol!


Terry S said...

Great subject. I especially like the one about karma. It is so true.

My contribution is love your child/children more than you hate your ex. Easy to say, hard to do, and totally worth it in the end. Karma, again. Your children are not dumb and will develop their own opinions about both you and your ex. Doing this one thing will help their psyche more than anything else you do. And what could be greater for you than to have your off spring respect you and your actions when they become adults?

I'm really looking forward to the new book. I hope your publisher considers releasing it as an ebook as well as a print.

Christie Craig said...


Years ago, I went to hear a psychologist, who specialized in finding your mate, speak on finding the right person with whom to share your life.

His number one piece of advice was not to use good qualities as a criteria, but to shop for their flaws...flaws that you can tolerate. He said that generally no amount of good qualities will keep you married, but 90% of marriages are ended due to a flaw.

Interesting isn't it?


Terri Osburn said...

I want to believe. I want to believe. I want to believe. (How long do I keep this up til it works?)

That karma thing is true since I was ex #1 and there have been #2 and #3 (twice) since then. LOL! My problem is that I've found one, but I might not get to keep him as he might be moving away in the near future. WHY do these things happen to me?!

Okay, whining pity-party over. Can't wait for this book. Trailer looks great. Off to check out Keri's blog...

Christie Craig said...

Terry S.

Girl, it's so true. You have to love those little guys. Divorce is tough on them. My parents divorced when I was already married, but it still hurt like paper cut.

Thanks for sharing.


Christie Craig said...


Hang in there girl!!! And keep saying it. I swear positive thinking does miracles.

And about your new guys moving away. Double darn!!!! You deserve your mini pity party as long as it doesn't last too long.

But don't give up. I believe in fate girl. Follow the right path and good things will happen.


Anonymous said...

I keep hoping to find Mr. Right someday, though living in Hooterville does limit the options around here. :)

Christie Craig said...


In Hooterville? LOL.

Hang in there girl. You'll find Mr. Right in a place you never expected.


Terri Osburn said...

Tori - I moved out of Hooterville and to a military town where the ratio is about 6 to 1 men to women. Didn't help on bit. LOL!

Christie - I appreciate the pep talk! Some days are more positive than others. Between the rain, the early sunsets and the depressing circumstances, this one isn't so positive. But as Scarlet said, "Tomorrow is another day!"

Keri Ford said...

Christie, you're very welcome. And thanks for coming out girls.

Keeping looking for that perfect man. I grew up in the ouskirts of Hooterville and found my hubby in the next town over!

Refhater said...

Congrats on your birthday and anniversary month. You're gonna be 21 again right???

Hopefully someday I'll find Mr. Right. Though at this point I'd settle for Mr. Breathing. I've already had Mr. Stalker, Mr. My life is a bad country music song, and Mr. I'm into other men.

Christie Craig said...


Okay...I'm laughing now!!! You have really good luck with 'em, don't you?

I'll tell you like I tell my single friends, just learn from your mistakes. And continue to laugh about them, girl. And remember love is risk, but it really is one worth taking.

Oh, thanks for the birthday and anniversary congrats... You bet your boots, I'm 21...in spirit anyway!!


Christie Craig said...


Scarlet was really on to something when she said that.

Seriously, just keep your head up and keep thinking positive thoughts. Sending cyber hugs.


Estella said...

Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

Christie Craig said...

Thanks Estella!!


petite said...

Best wishes, Enjoy this special time and celebrate. Have a blast.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks! I will have a blast.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Hope you enjoy your special days and get all the gifts you want!

Congrats on your new book!

Terri W.

Christie Craig said...

Terri W.

Thanks. I'm expecting grand things out of my hubby in the gift department. I'll let you know if he steps up to the plate.

I think he will.


Bookmobiler said...

"doesn’t everyone need a pooping Santa"

"(Though I still can’t train him to lower the toilet seat lid.)"

Try threatening to gift him with the former if he doesn't do the latter. :)

Since you'll have to keep the Santa to make it a viable threat the rest of us can breath a little easier!

Christie Craig said...

Ahh Bookmobiler,

We know you're wanting that Santa. :-)

Thanks for stopping in.