Thursday, December 27, 2007

'Snowed' more ways than one

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. My family had a terrific one filled with the usual traditions--and the usual overeating. We're still waiting to have Christmas with my folks and that side of the family. Due to heavy and blowing snow, we had to postpone getting together.
I'm sure you've already guessed this, but I'm not a fan of snow. In fact, if I never saw another snowflake I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. No, I don't require snow to put me in the Christmas spirit. In fact, I'm more likely to become a humbug if it starts to snow when I know family, friends, or yours truly have to be on the roads. I've seen enough snow to last me a lifetime. But when you live in a plain state, you resign yourself to the fact that it will inevitably snow at some point during the winter. But this winter so far has been a snow-grinch's worst nightmare.

It seems every weekend we get hit with a winter storm of some variety. I've already posted pictures of the ice storm that hit our area several weeks ago. Our community still looks like a disaster area with limbs stacked on the curbs or broken ones still dangling from trees. In fact, our county--among many others--has been proclaimed a federal disaster area as a result of the ice damage.

Then on the heels of Mr. Iceman's tantrum, we get hit by several snowstorms a week apart--with my lucky community having the dubious distinction of receiving the largest amount of snowfall. The latest winter weather event occurred the weekend before Christmas. Great timing, Mother Nature.

As a result, I seem to be spending a heckuva lot of time shoveling snow. Nope. No snowblower here. I guess I should admit to being somewhat, uh, thrifty. I calculated the cost of four shovels (one per member of household) and decided who needed a snowblower? After all, how many snowstorms could we get at most?

Little did I suspect that this year would see record-breaking snowfall amounts double what we normally receive. As a result, I'm thinking I should probably have included a snowblower in my letter to St. Nick of a week ago. Sigh.

And the added time commitment to shoveling couldn't come at a worse time. With revisions behind me, I was determined to use the additional time at home to get a jump-start (okay START) my next Calamity Jayne mystery, ANCHORS AWEIGH. I had it all planned out. How many pages I would write each day. How I'd have the first draft all written by the first of the year. (I do love setting goals, don't you?) Well, I hadn't factored lumberjack duties and snow removal into my schedule. So, I'm waaay behind. How behind? Behind as in I have to generate cover ideas for the book and send them in by January 3rd and Tressa still hasn't officially set sail yet! It's enough to shiver me timbers, mates!
So, I'm psyching myself up to make a big charge over the next five days and get a big chunk of the first draft of this book written. I've got my Pirates of the Caribbean CDs to inspire me and pics of Captain Jack Sparrow and William Turner to keep me company. The spirit is willing...
And Bullet Hole's muse?
She may require a kick in the seat to get going if we get the snow forecasted for this evening and tomorrow.
Hmm. I wonder if it's too early to ask Ho Ho for a snowblower for next Christmas--and request a very early delivery?
So how was your Christmas? Any funny stories to share? What did Santa bring you this year? Any gag gifts you can share here? Do tell.
~Bullet Hole Bacus~


anne said...

I do not care for winter and thankfully no longer live in the Great White North. I live in a lovely climate which I appreciate greatly and do not miss snow nor all the extras. Best of luck and success for the new year.

Lucy said...

I've lived in the Houston area my entire life so I can count on my hands the number of times I've actually seen snow (and that includes when I've traveled and seen it!). I'm a bonafide hater of snow! As I type this, I am stuck in Arkansas. A "freak" snowstorm yesterday trapped me at my step-father's house for at least another day. I had to cancel the massage I had planned for tomorrow (darn it...I was looking forward to it!), but I'm hoping to be able to leave tomorrow. This is the second time "freak snowstorms" have trapped me in Arkansas for Christmas. The last time I was a guest of the LaQuinta Inn in Little Rock for two days before I went home...never reaching my intended destination.

I really hate snow!

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Anne! In addition to the snow and cold weather I loathe, winter also wreaks havoc with my writing schedule. I find I'm much more tempted to give into the temptation to curl up with a blanket and a good book rather than plant my posterior in the computer chair and write.

Still, deadlines do work wonders in the area of motivation...!

~Bullet Hole~

Kathy Bacus said...

Ah, a kindred spirit, Lucy! So sorry your plans got boondoggled by snow. And I'd definitely reschedule the massage. Sounds like you'll need it when you get back home.

Once I finish the next round of shoveling, I could probably use a nice, relaxing massage as well!

~Bullet Hole~

pearl said...

After spending a lifetime living in one of the worst climates imaginable, shovelling snow and enduring the cold, ice and dampness we finally moved to a decent climate. I no longer have to put up with discomfort of any type. Sunshine and moderate temps are my desire.
Wishing you the best of health, happiness and more lovely books to read.

Kathy Bacus said...

I'm trying not to be envious of your warm climate, Pearl. Seems every year the cold affects me more than the year before. I'm so much more productive during warm months.

Thanks so much for the warm wishes, too! May the new year bring you all the best 2008 has to offer!

~Bullet Hole~

Anonymous said...

Don't have TOO much fun in that snow! Christmas is are over, you know, and it's time to get back to work!

I can relate though; we've had our fair share of snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures.

Anyway, best of luck to you in the new year!

Estella said...

Santa brought me the china hutch I've wanted for years.
I don't envy you for having snow---hate the stuff.

Kathy Bacus said...

You're right, anonymous. It's time to get back to business. And I will. Right after I take a wee nap. :)

All the best to you in the new year, as well!

~Bullet Hole~

Kathy Bacus said...

Wow, a china hutch! You must've been a very good girl, Estella!

I hope the new year also treats you well.

~Bullet Hole~

ellie said...

Snow and cold are 4 letter words which do not enter into my vocabulary. Sorry that you are experiencing this unpleasantness and stress. Winter does bring this on and it is detrimental to all humans and animals. Having lived in the coldest clime for the majority of my life it is with great pleasure that I can now ignore this season completely.
Hoping that you complete your book and best for the new year.

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks,Ellie, for the new year good wishes. I've never been a big fan of snow/cold. When I was a trooper, I'd have to be out patrolling the roads even when the state and counties would pull their plows off the road. I can recall times when I'd be out on the interstate in the middle of the night in a blizzard and not have a clue exactly where I was. Yikes! And directing traffic for hours at the scene of an interstate pile up was no barrel of laughs either. It's little wonder I'm no fan of winter.

Have a super new year!

~Bullet Hole~

Christie Craig said...


I guess I can't complain about my weather here in Houston.

Loved the picture. For a minute, I was afraid it was you buried in the snow. I was about to call for help.

Hope you and all your bunch had a great Christmas.

Crime Scene Christie

Kathy Bacus said...

Well, it could very well have been me, Christie. Then again, it could be the neighbor who likes to blow his snow in front of my garage door!

I'll never tell...

Hope the turkey was tasty! This time I roasted mine right-side up. I did, however, leave the oven on pre-heat for the first hour.

~Bullet Hole who is so not at home in the kitchen~

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Looks like a plow blade for the front of your car might be more appropriate!!

Stay warm and get back to work! :)

Kathy Bacus said...

I'm thinking the snow plow idea might be just the thing, Jenyfer. Can you believe it's snowing AGAIN? For the month of December we've had fifty percent more snow than in an average December--and that doesn't include the rain or freezing rain.

Enough already!

And yep, it's nose to the monitor and fingers to the keyboard for me today. Until I have to go back out and shovel, that is. :(

Have a super new year, Jenyfer!

~Bullet Hole~

diane said...

Since I was born in a warm clime I will stay here forever. The sunshine, warm temps and lovely blue skies does alot for my well being and my psyche as well.
Hope you have warmed up and that the deadline work has been progressing well.

Wendy said...

I love Winter! I love snow! but I'm kinda glad I live in such a sunny bright (gag) place right now because it would suck if I had to shove so much snow! think of it as exercising though, heh.

And hey! you could someone else to do it! :)

Kathy Bacus said...

So far, so good in the writing department today, Diane, and I plan to keep pushing forward for as long as I can remain upright in my desk chair.

And good news from the weather realm: the snow has ended and the sun is trying to peek out. And two of my kids have already shoveled the sidewalks, driveway, and parking!

Whoo hoo!

~Bullet Hole~

Kathy Bacus said...

Uh, oh, Wendy. Gotta tell you girl, you're the only one so far who has extolled the virtues of winter. But we won't hold that against you.

Question your sanity, maybe...


I have to admit there are times snow isn't all that bad. Like just now when the kids did the snow removal honors and I sat indoors, warm and dry, and wrote.

And exercise? What in the world is that?

~Bullet Hole~

Minna said...

So that's where all the snow went! We got barely any snow at all and usually there's plenty of of it by now.

Kathy Bacus said...

Arrgh, Minna! So ye be the scurvy wench whose share of snow we be battlin' with here in the Heartland...

Uh, sorry. Guess I got a bit carried away with the pirate chatter there. I've been watching way too much Pirates of the Caribbean while writing Tressa's Ocean Adventure. If there is such as thing as too much Johnny Depp, that is.

Thanks for posting, Minna! And happy new year!

~Bullet Hole~

Baby Keeper said...

Hi, Kathy.
It's an old Knoxvillian here ... Louann Martin (Rod's sister). I am still in town for the holidays and my sister-in-law, Anita, showed me your web site. WAY TO GO!!, Kathy! I have a thirteen year-old daughter who is a writer and avid reader. I'll be getting your books for her.

Do you know what a role-model you were for us (young girls) in Knoxville when you became the first highway patrol PERSON!?!?? I am so happy to read your story and see what you are doing these days.

P.S. Check out my daughter's first place writing ....
(My name is now L. Janel Martin Miranda). You can read her story and/or hear her reading it.

Do you have a place ... is this the place ... where readers can interact with you? My daughter loves that.

Take care ... and keep up the great work.


Kathy Bacus said...

Ohmigosh! How great to hear from you, Lou! And how wonderful your daughter has a passion for reading and writing. I'll definitely check out her story!

I have a website: with a contact page for readers to email me. I also post a weekly blog here at every Thursday.

Great to hear from you! Have a wonderful new year and safe trip back to Columbia, MO!


Minna said...

...And now it's raining and the little bit of snow we still have will be gone by tomorrow. Life is hard for hares and other animals that turn white for winter this year.

Wendy said...

Kathy -

I think we're all a little bit insane. :)

And believe me, if I had to live in a place that snows a lot, I would probably grow to hate it, too.

Blondie0409 said...

Yeah, I have to agree I'm not a big fan of winter myself. It's just so gloomy and cold.
Well I have a short funny holiday story. It was Christmas morning and every year we have my grandparents over and have our traditional breakfast casserole. We were all sitting around the breakfast table when out of the blue my grandmother asked "Dawnine, what kind of toilet paper do you use?" now, I love my grams. She is a cute 86-year-old little lady. We all just stopped with our egg casserole half way to our mouth and looked at her with a dumbfounded look on our face. We all then laughed until it hurt. Grams then adds (not understanding why were all laughing) "I'd like to know because it's very observant" And then the laughing continues. Needless to say we never did finish our traditional breakfast casserole.

Kathy Bacus said...

It's just that I seem to go a little crazier this time of year, Wendy. Wonder if it will show in my writing?

~Bullet Hole~

Kathy Bacus said...

What a hilarious story, Blondie0409!! Gotta love those relatives! And how lucky you are to have your grandmother still around. I had lost all of my grandparents by the time I was sixteen.

Thanks for posting. Have a super New Year!!!

~Bullet Hole~

Wendy said...

kathy, probably. :) But really a little crazy or in your case, crazier never hurt anyone, makes things interesting!