Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cool Gift Ideas

Okay, so there is always the toy of the season. And by mid March that toy is usually broken or ignored. Let’s share gift ideas that will stand the test of time!

For the spouse and parents: A DVD montage of photographs you’ve taken throughout the year set to the background of songs that you love or express an sentiment.

For siblings: Did they ever not get a certain toy from holidays past? Shop victoriously on ebay and find them that special gift. Nothing can match the joy of getting a 1980s Holly Hobbie record player -- even if you don't have any vinyl records!

For your kids: Yes, I guess with the kids so you are obliged to get them at least one things the whirs, hums, dings or sings. But I also like to gift something that they’ll still be interested in by the time the ice starts to melt. This year we are investing in a nice big map of the United States. We are going to push pin the places we’ve visited and plan our upcoming family vacations. It is not only educational but hopefully something he will keep up until he goes to college, when it will be full of pins and wonderful memories.

My other favorites this year The Daring Book for Girls and The Dangerous Book for Boys.

From your kids: A handful of hearts. The choice this year come from Sundance. One heart to each grandparent, aunt, uncle and so on, with a hand written note about why he loves them.

For the new parents: If you scrapbook you can pre-make several pages for the baby’s first year with empty places for photos. If you sew or knit a quilt or blanket is a lifetime heirloom.

Share some of your lasting, heartfelt gift ideas.


Jenyfer Matthews said...

I'm making each of my children a Christmas quilt this year - I'm *almost* done!! More than a little assembly required but no batteries :)

I made my mother and father each a calendar on Shutterfly with pictures of my children. It's already been delivered and they've already peeked. It was a HUGE hit.

Gemma Halliday said...

The Dangerous book sounds fantastic! I can think of at least one little guy that needs that this Christmas...


Linda said...

This book will stand the test of time. "Together: Creating Family Traditions" is a book to be enjoyed all year round, not just for holidays. I've given it for many occasions -- birthdays, baby showers, teachers' gifts, hostess gifts -- and everyone who received it enjoys it!

It is filled with family-time-together ideas -- crafts, activities and kid-friendly recipes that will make memories a family can cherish forever. Mine certainly has. The photography is just wonderful, too!

Thanks for all of your ideas too!

Happy Holidays,