Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Craig House!

It’s Christmas and I’m up early.

There’s a job here at the Craig house that I get stuck with every year. You know, sometimes people assume that once an author actually publishes, that their world changes—that their creative talent, suddenly valued by editors, agents, reviewers and readers across the nation, changes things ever so slightly. Some people would think that this step up, that this achieved goal automatically offers authors a reprieve from the mundane chores of life.

Yeah, well, would someone please explain this to my family? I mean, at least tell them that I’m not the only one who assumed that my accomplishment might have given me an out on some of the more . . . repulsive chores. But nope, there are jobs with my name stamped on them and my family won’t hear my but-I’m-published debate. So I guess, Nora and Sandra get stuck with the grubby jobs as well. Laundry has to be done. Toilets need to be scrubbed. (But those aren’t what this blog is about.) And there’s Christmas chores. Someone has to decorate the tree. Someone has to wrap Santa’s gifts.

Now, I don’t mind tree decorating or gift wrapping, though I am a bit wrapping impaired. But that isn’t the job I woke up dreading on this Christmas morning, or the one that makes my skin crawl as I head to the kitchen—the kitchen where the Christmas meal must be prepared.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mind cooking. I don’t mind checking the thermometer of the cooking fowl, or even carving the poultry, but I’ve never, ever, enjoyed sticking my hand up the turkey’s backside and pulling out its innards. I mean some places are just not meant to be explored.

But I’ll do it, because it’s Christmas. Because I love my family. But I’m gonna blog about it. Because this is one place I can whine.

And because . . . well, it’s sort of funny. And because I’m hoping I can at least give you a small chuckle on this wonderful day.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and if you, too, are the one sticking your hand up a turkey’s backside, well, you need to know you’re in good company.

Oh, remember the Craig tradition of writing clues on our Christmas gifts? After we open them I’ll post what they were in the comment section of this blog.

Merry Christmas!

Crime Scene Christie


Faye Hughes said...

LOL. Girl, those pictures are priceless!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Tori Lennox said...

ROFL!!! Yeah, what's up with hiding stuff in there, anyway? What bright bulb came up with THAT idea?!

Ms Terry in Gadsden said...

LOL ok here goes , i want to know do you really get that dressed up to dress a turkey. Christie, im hoping some people will share true stories about not knowing those things are inside the turkey. More than once i have heard of people cooking their first turkey and learning you dont just throw him in the pan.

Merry Christmas and i am looking forward to hearing about the clues that were on the presents.

Ciara Gold said...

Too fun, Ms. Terry, I was one of those that cooked my first turkey with everything tucked nicely inside. I didn't understand the strange aroma until after we carved that sucker and of course, after my mother asked where the giblets were for gravy. Ack. But now, that's one of my jobs, too. Ick. Then I get to stuff more stuff into the cavity. That should be illegal also, but dang, it does make for a tasty turkey. We stuff him with limes, oranges, a stick of butter, apples, garlic, onion and lemons, the put him on the grill. Of course, DH wasn't too happy this year as the temperature outside made it difficult for him to keep a hot enough fire in the firebox and he was up stoking the fire at 3:00 AM. Yeah, maybe I don't mind digging around in that turkey after all.

Lucy said...

I guess being youngest in my family does have its privileges...I've NEVER stuck my hand up a bird's backside. :)

Merry Christmas Christie.

Christie Craig said...


I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


I'm glad you agree. And yes, what bright bulb came up with that?Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Holidays...
Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...

Hi Terry!!!

Thanks for posting girl. Of course, I get that dressed up. NOT!!! I went back up and put on T-shirt and finished dinner. When my sister-in-law and her family showed, I ran back upstairs and put on my fancy clothes.

I'm going to post about them gifts and clues soon.

Crime Scene Christie

Estella said...

Great pictures, Christie!

Christie Craig said...


That stuffing sounds very interesting. I don't normally stuff the bird. My brother-in-law slices the bird up and lays it out on platter. We serve the cornbread dressing on the side.

Thanks for stopping in.

Merry Christmas!

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


You are a very lucky girl!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for popping in. I glad you enjoyed my pictures. It was a fun photo shoot. My poor son-in-law is pretty sure we're nuts.

I hope your holidays are wonderful.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...

Okay...here are some of our clues. Could you have guessed them?

1)Because Chit Happens. (From my hubby to me.)
This was flash drive. And by chit, he means a computer could crash.
2) Lock these Up before someone steals them. (From my hubby to me.)
This was socks. My son has a bad habit of borrowing my socks. Now, explain to me how he gets his size 13 mens foot in my size 51/2 women's sock?
3)Is that a bird, or is it plane? (To my hubby from me.)
This was a pair of binoculars.
4) About the only bearded man on the mountain. (To my hubby from my daughter.)
This was a book about Abraham Lincoln.
5) This gift is right on the mark. (From my son to his sister.)
This was a target gift card.
6) For your cute butt. (To me from my hubby.)
This was new office chair.
7) No fish tales. I’ll expect proof. (To my hubby from me.)
This was waterproof camera so he take it on his fishing trips.
8) For us later…Open in private. (From my hubby to me.)
Oh please, you didn’t think I’d really tell you did you?
Merry Christmas everyone!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Great pictures - and makes me realize another benefit to having a vegetarian family!!!

Glad your present wasn't stuffed up there!!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

As Charlie Brown would say, "Good grief!" I would not even consider buying a frozen turkey and baking it myself---and I'm not a published author. I live in the Dallas area, and there is a wonderful grocery chain called Tom Thumb. For about $69 they provide Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner in a box. Turkey, or ham, dressing, vegetable sides, dinner rolls, a couple of pies. All cooked to perfection. If more food is needed, buy those frozen veggies that come in a pouch with sauces and seasonings inside. Heat a large pot of water on the stove top, and dump all of them in at once. After about 15 minutes, fish them out, one at a time with tongs, cut the tops, and pour into serving dishes. Wa la! Mrs. Smith and Sara Lee will be happy to do all your baking--and I'd let Little Debbie do it before I'd do it myself. Why do things the HARD WAY unless you fancy yourself another Rachael Ray or Paula Dean? Nothing says lovin like something from the oven--and if it matters THAT MUCH to your friends and family that you knocked yourself out, get the stuff early and destroy the evidence! Do things you don't like doing the easy way, and spend your time on things you really enjoy!! After all, food is just food. If it tastes good, and there is enough of it, that should be all that really matters.

Faye Hughes said...

LOL, Anon 6:12!

I've actually done one of those "dinners in a box" thing when I was in charge of company holiday luncheon. It was great, as I recall.


Christie Craig said...


Thanks for posting. And you're right, buying a dinner ready to serve might be a great idea. Especially when I'm seriously not in the mood. I pull out those frozen dinners on many nights when I'm not in the mood.

I don't fancy myself a Rachael Ray. However, other than the inner removals, down deep I do enjoy cooking. It's in my blood. However,I'm one of those who wants to rewrite the recipes. This year I decided to mix two pies and bake as one. We had a cheese cake/pecan pie.

Hey, the experiment disappeared really fast. I guess they could have been feeding it to the dogs, but I didn't see it.

Anonymous, thanks again for stopping by. I hope your holidays were wonderful.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Here in Houston, we have several of the grocery stores who offer this. I've heard they are really good and not even a bad price.

Next time I'm on a deadline on the holidays, my family might get the chance to see.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


How was your vegetarian holidays? I guess stuffing a tofu wouldn't be near as bad. (smile)

I actually made no-meat dressings, for my son. Then he had all the veggies, rolls, and dessert.

Here's hoping your New Year is wonderful.

Crime Scene Christie

petite said...

Enjoyed this amusing post. Pics are great.

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for posting girl.

I hope you had a great holiday.

Crime Scene Christie