Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Friends, Family, Being Likable, & Saying Thank You

This last two weeks, I’ve been amazed by the support of my family, and friends, both the ones I know and the ones who only know me through my book. I feel like Sally Field when she accepted her Oscar speech. “They like me, they really, really like me.”

Sure, I’m a likable person. That is if you use my measuring stick to judge “likable.” And my measuring stick is to judge likability by how a person treats animals.

I’m good to canines. Not only, do I not kick dogs, heck, my husband says he comes second to the real man in my life, my dog Jake. Of course, I denied it, but then hubby pointed out that Jake appears with me in my photo in the back of the book and not him. What could I say to that? Jake wasn’t the one who drove me through the Burger King drive through while I was in labor, or cut holes in my carpet. (See older blogs for those stories)

I’m good to felines. I share my pillow with my favorite cat—but I love all four of the rescued felines. The only reason Bob, my second-favorite feline can’t share my pillow is because he still thinks I’m hiding his mama’s breasts beneath my hair, and at night he sets out to find them. This leads to some very bad hair days, so I force Bob to sleep in the cat room. (Okay, I admit it, I might be a tad vain. Bad hair days set me off. Take off one likable point.)

I’m even good to undomesticated animals. I brake for squirrels. I’m real sorry the car behind me was too close and had to pay to have my bumper replaced, but I'm sure the squirrel was grateful. I even feed possums and coons. (How was I to guess Aunt Sharron’s fruit cake was lethal? But at least we gave the guy a proper burial. That might cost me another point.) I even fed a Great Blue Heron. Inadvertently, anyway. It was sad that it was Goldie, and Freckles, our pet gold fish, that the Blue Heron fed on when he mistook our water garden as an all-you-can-sushi buffet, but I’m working on forgiving the fish-breathed-pet-eating bird. And in spite of my trouble with elephants at the zoo, I don’t slander the big, thick-skinned, perverted, breasts-grabbing bullies, too much. (You can read that story on a past blog, too.)

So…I’m likable if you use the good-to-animals as a measuring stick, but the point is that a lot of my readers don’t know about my animal-loving side. And when strangers started emailing me and telling how they liked my book, well I just assumed the obvious.

The obvious being that some of my kin folks and friends were taking up pseudonyms and pretending to be other people. And yup, those friends and family have been great.

My dad, who is recovering wonderfully and is shown in the picture above, told all his visiting friends and nurses while in the hospital about my book. (And with the hospital gown and all, you'd better be glad I didn't take the picture from the rear.) One of his friends even brought me some pecans as a trade for an autographed copy. Hey, bartering in Alabama is a way of life.

During my autographing in my hometown, my dad’s girlfriend, Faye, worked the streets in downtown Gadsden. While she did look really hot in her pink leather jacket, what she was selling was my book as she herded potential book buyers into the store. I think she even bartered one of my books for some Kettle Corn.

My friend Terry Jennings, owner of Little Face’s Doll Shop in Gadsden, is the one who set up the autographing and made me feel like a hometown celebrity. What a friend!

Then there was a new friend I met at the Houston airport as we both boarded a plane to Alabama. She just happened to be reading Janet Evanovich and I may have mentioned my book and the autographing. (Okay, I gave her my cards, cornered her and wouldn’t let her get on the plane until she agreed to attend my autographing.) What amazed me was that she showed up. Surely, she knew I wouldn’t carry through with my threat to send her my aunt’s fruitcake. Then, there was my jury-duty buddies (another story on my past blog) who showed up at my last Houston autographing.

Yup. I feel well-liked. And I just want to take the time to say thank you. I don’t even care if you really are just all my distant relatives pretending to be fans. I’m so grateful that you are reading my book and my blogs. And please take the time to post a comment. Tell me how you measure likability in a person. Or tell me about someone who made you feel special. We don’t say “thank you” near enough. Oh, and I’m in charge of the gift this time—a nice little thank you from the Dorchester divas here at Killer Fiction. You’ll love all the goodies, too. Also check out Dorchester’s site for a contest for another of my T-shirts.

And again, because we just don't say it enough. Thank you!

Crime Scene Christie


Anonymous said...

The best measure of likability is acceptance. The opposite of acceptance is shunning. Have you ever been shunned? I have, and it is so painful a memory that I tend to avoid people and sit out here on my farm with a bunch of animals, including a flock of sheep. They love me to pieces when I have a food bucket or a handful of horse treats. Only one or two love me when I come empty handed. Funny, people are a lot like that too.
I consider people who do not have animals odd. I know several. They are the ones who connect with people a lot better than I do, and don't worry so much about whether or not they are liked, as whether or not they can be of service to others. Some of these people traveled to China during the past year, at their own expense, to pass out Bibles to secret Christians who attend underground churches, risking imprisonment in a foreign jail.
Betty MacDonald wrote back in the 1950's, a very funny book (try to find it, and read it) titled THE EGG AND I. In it she states: "Women accept each other to the extent that they approve of each other." By George, I think she's GOT IT!

Christie Craig said...


You make a great point. Accepting someone for what they are, faults and good traits, is a good sign of likability.

Thanks for posting.

Crime Scene Christie

Lucy said...

I'm very much an animal person myself. I'm also the kind of person that would rather have another car rear-end me than hit any kind of animal on the street. It broke my heart when my dogs were killing (and bringing into the house) possums - and a few years ago, birds.

As always, a very funny (and nice) post. :-)

And loved your book, by the way. :-)

Christie Craig said...

Ahh, Lucy...thank you so much.

And yup, I break for all animals. Thanks for posting.

Crime Scene Christie

Tori Lennox said...

I love animals though we don't have any right now. I wish we could afford to fence our yard so we could get a dog again. I miss having a dog.

And of course people like you! :)

Gemma Halliday said...

Like you? We love your elephant attracting self, Christie. ;)
So glad the booksignings are going well! May you sell out every time.


Jenyfer Matthews said...

You like animals and animals certainly seem to like *you*!! LOL

I'm a pretty friendly open person myself. I can talk to just about anyone. There are some people with whom I "click" more immediately than others, but there have been a few people I've come across that literally just made my hackles stand up immediately. Turned out further down the line that they were loony. I've learned to trust my inner radar on these things.

How have people demonstrated they like me? I've been blessed to run across a lot of special people from all over the world. Most recently some moms from my children's school offered to bring me back any items I need while they are away on their winter holidays. Giving up precious luggage space is a big indication of their friendship to me!

Jana DeLeon said...

Well, you passed my test, Christie. I think people who are nice to animals are usually good people in general. Of course, I'm a bit biased as I have 6 - 3 dogs/3 cats and they are all ridiculously spoiled. :) I'm so glad to know I have another pet-loving sister.

Christie Craig said...


I agree, pets help make a house a home sometimes. I went to a Christmas part of a fellow writer the other day. She had three dogs, all sooners, sooner be one kind than the other, and I can tell you the dogs just helped make the house feel warmer.

Thanks for posting girl!

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


It has been such a rush to actually experience the book being out and hearing from people who are reading my book. I love being a writer.

And hey, stay away from those elephants. And isn't it about time we hear about another blind date?

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Well, elephants seem to me be fascinated with certain body parts of mine. And okay...my cats and dogs all love me.

And yes, moms who will give up luggage space...that is friendship.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Yup...we're sisters. My grandma used to say that if a small child or an animal didn't like someone, you'd better be careful getting too close to that someone.

And my animals are all spoiled to the core. They pretty much rule the roost around here.

Have a great day.

Crime Scene Christie

Estella said...

I love aniimals also.
I have 5 cats and 1 dog.
We spend more on bird food than food for ourselves.
Love your books, Christie!

Gemma Halliday said...

Oh, so funny you should mention that, Christie. There is a new guy I've been chatting with. Here's hoping he asks me out for just such a blind date this weekend. Though, chances are I'll get impatient 'round about Thursday and just ask him out myself. I haven't quite mastered that whole hard-to-get thing.


Christie Craig said...


Boy do I know about the cost of pet food. Right now my dog, an old dog, will only eat people food of chicken and rice.

I think I spend more time cooking for him than I do my family.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


Okay...I can't wait to hear about it.

And hey, I agree, the hard to get thing is for the birds.

Crime Scene Christie

Dru said...

Likability is acceptance both to and from you.

pps..I enjoyed your book.

Glad to hear that your dad is doing good.

Christie Craig said...


Yep. Acceptance is golden. No one is perfect, but loving someone inspite of their flaws, well, that is true love.

Thanks for posting and I'm thrilled you enjoyed my book.

Crime Scene Christie

catslady said...

My surefired measure of likability is also that they have to like animals. And the more they like them the more likeable they seem to me. People that just tolerate them don't count or ones that have them but care more for their furniture usually don't cut it either (of course there's bound to be one or two exceptions in this world lol).

At the moment I have 7 cats lol.

Christie Craig said...

Hi Catslady,
Thanks for posting. To love an animal is to show patience and recieve a blessing.

Give your felines a good scratch behind the ears for me.

Crime Scene Christie

Ms Terry in Gadsden said...

Christie , thank you for letting my shop be the first place for you to have a signing in our hometown.
It's neat to see your dad's picture here on Killer Fiction.
Christie, I don't think you've told this story yet but i want to mention it.
You see we accuse Christie's dad of doing things to get Christie to come to alabama to visit him. A couple of years ago he took a power saw and cut his leg.
So when Christie told me her dad was having surgery week before last I asked her "well do you think you can get away some how for 2 hours for a book signing at the Doll Shop."
I had a strong feeling her dad was going to be fine. But i still felt kinda bad about asking her to leave him at the hospital to come and do a book signing. We sold a lot of books and I have orders for more. The pampered chef lady that was doing a demo at the shop bought a book and couldnt put it down til 6 hours later when she finished it. We even had Men who went to school with us at Glencoe come and by an Autographed copy of of DIVORED ,DESERATE and DELICIOUS.
I would advise anyone who has a chance to see Christie in person DONT MISS IT. She really puts on a show.

I'm so glad Pete's doing well. And believe me Christie takes after her dad when it comes to wit

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I had this wonderful black cat during my teenage and college years. She's was devoted to me but very very shy. People would visit and never know I had a cat. The first time my (now) hubby stopped by she came out to see him and I knew he was a keeper :)

PS - the zookeepers at the zoo we last visited must have heard about your escapades with the elephants because they kept them well back from the fence!! I'm really surprised that footage of you hasn't ended up YouTube or something...

Christie Craig said...


Thanks for popping in. Yup, my dad will go to the ends of earth to get me to come home. :-) And the signing was totally wonderful.

When my dad almost took off his leg with a chain saw, Terry just looked at him as asked..."Have you thought about just asking her to come home for a visit? I'll bet she would come without you doing bodily harm."

Thanks Terry.

Crime Scene Christie

Christie Craig said...


I love the story of the cat and hubby. Thanks for sharing. And hey...those zoo keepers better be careful. Can you imagine someone taking an elephant to court for inappropriate behavior?

Crime Scene Christie

Jo Anne said...

Christie, I'm late, as usual. WHAT A SURPRISE!

First, you know I'm an animal person, and support a herd of cats. I still have the cat magazine in which you immortalized my kitty, Bogie. My, he's such a handsome guy.

Second, this post is about thanks. Saturday afternoon, in line at Sam's, I pulled out your book - finally got a chance to start it - and started bawling in the middle of check out when I saw I was mentioned in your acknowledgements. Thanks for all the years of friendship.

And last - about being liked? Some are easier than others - and you are kind, funny, caring, hardworking - and an all around good gal. Folks would be crazy not to love you.

People are what they are. Some are nicer than others - some easier to like than others. But I've simply made it a point to only keep the nice ones around me. And Christie, you do the same. How lucky are we? :-)

You go, girl!

Christie Craig said...

Well, darn Jo Anne,

You had to get even and make me tear up, didn't you?

I'm so fortunate to have such a great support system with such wonderful friends and writers around me.

Friends, and especially nice friends, are essential to living well.

Thank you girl, for all your support.

Christie Craig

Anonymous said...


I love that picture of your dad. He must be so proud of his little girl! (And who can blame him?)

BTW, guys, Christie's book is going back for a second printing. Is that awesome or what??


Christie Craig said...

Thanks Faye,

My dad is a hoot and my hero.
And I'm super thrilled that DD&D is going back for another printing. This is my dream come true.

Crime Scene Christie

ruth said...

What a great photo of your dad. Keep it forever and cherish it.
I have 2 sweet dogs and love them to bits. Yes, animals are the best thing, loyal and non-judgemental.

Christie Craig said...

Thanks Ruth!

Crime Scene Chrisie, who is definitely keeping that photo.

Crime Scene Christie

anne said...

Love your post, the photo is a memorable one and best wishes.