Friday, January 16, 2009

Golden Globes Recap

Last Sunday was the 66th annual Golden Globe Awards. Did anyone else watch it? I'll admit, I'm a total awards show junkie. Any excuse to watch stars on the red carpet, and I'm totally there. In my world the Oscars are on par with the Superbowl. So, I guess that makes the Golden Globes sort of like my play-off games? And I was not disappointed last weekend. Couture, champagne, and stars as far as the eye could see! So, here’s my Golden Globe recap:

Embarrassing moment I wanted to watch over and over again

Brad and Angelina completely ignoring Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.

Now, I like Ryan as much as the next gal. In fact, I used to listen to him everyday on L.A. radio back when he was a nobody DJ doing “Ryan and Lisa for the drive home”. But, seeing the pair of A+ listers gracefully tune out Ryan as he fairly begs for their attention… “Brad! Brad, Angelina! Over here! It’s Ryan… Ryan Seacrest…?”… clearly illustrated the divide between real celebs and a guy with a microphone.

Embarrassing moment that made me cringe

Rumor Willis being caught “hunching” by Demi Moore.

Every year the Golden Globes picks a second generation Hollywood-ite to be their Miss Golden Globes. This year it was Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s daughter, Rumor Willis. She was lovely. A definite beauty and possible star in the making herself. Until her Mom came out on stage to present and said, she needed to be a Mom for a moment. “Ru, I’m very proud of you and I love you. And don’t hunch. Shoulders back!” Which might have been funny if Rumor hadn’t, indeed, been doing a horrible slouch thing. And had her mother not had perfect posture. And a much more gorgeous gown. And a hotter bod. And a husband closer to Rumor’s age than her own. Being chastised by Mom on a program seen in more than 150 countries around the world, super fun for a 20 year old. Add this to the fact that her parents named her after gossip, and anyone else see a Mommy Dearest book coming from Rumor in the future?

Best speech
Tina Fey
That woman can do no wrong this year. In a speech that was funny, and more importantly SHORT, Tina poked fun at herself, while also graciously acknowledging how grateful she’s been for the amazing opportunities she’s had this year. Way to go, Tina!

Worst Speech

All the rest of them

Note to Hollywood: if your thank you speech is longer than the script you’ve just won for, stop. Just. Stop. Seriously, no one cares about your middle school drama teacher or your make-up artists’ make-up artists. And no one really believes that you think your fellow nominees deserved that just as much as you do. You know you’re going to leave someone out, just thank the Hollywood foreign press, the generic cast and crew, and get the heck out of dodge.

Celebs who looked like stars
Anne Hathaway
If her poise over the past year’s boyfriend debacle didn’t convince me she was an Audrey Hepburn in the making, her grace on the red carpet did. Kudos to her stylists!

Eva Longoria
Okay, so it’s pretty clear that she can’t bend at the waist to sit, let alone breathe, but there’s no doubt Eva looks hawt in this red dress! It’s a big “take that!” to everyone who called her fat at the beginning of the Desperate housewives season.

Celebs who looked like homeless people
Drew Barrymore
This is horribly sad because she’s actually one of my favs, and the dress was such a nice, light, flowy thing. But the hair… honey, they’re called combs, learn to use them. The frizzy, sprayed stiff, poof ball hairdo did not do her justice at all.

Robert Downey Jr.
Again, someone whose work I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past year. But who clearly went way overboard with the gel and could use a color touch up and a shave. And a mirror. Are we sure he’s still sober?

Mickey Rourke
Showers are our friends. ‘Nuff said.

And to end on a high note…

Best overall Golden Globe moment

Heath Ledger winning Best Supporting actor for his role of the Joker in The Dark Knight.
Bittersweet, deserving, and moving, I’m pretty sure that wherever Heath is now, he heard that standing ovation. A wonderful tribute to a very talented actor taken way too soon.

So, what were your favorite moments? Any big Oscar predictions? My money's on another Kate Winslet sweep.

~Trigger Happy Halliday

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Lucy said...

I missed the Brad and Angelina thing but have heard about it from everyone who saw it. Thanks for posting the clip.

I pretty much agree with you with your comments. Loved Tina's speech. :)

And I don't think Mickey could've looked worse if he tried. Gah!

Keri Ford said...

Didn't watch the awards show. Unless there's a lot of music acts, I get pretty bored pretty fast.

And am I the only one tired of hearing about angelia and brad???

Gemma Halliday said...

I have to say, Brad and Angelina are my fav couple to hear juicy details about. I know, it's a disease. :) But the book I'm writing now is all about a gossip columnist at a tabloid, so I've become addicted to Hollywood gossip lately.

And, yes, Mickey was an absolute train wreck. I had to laugh when he thanked his dogs in his acceptance speech.


Jana DeLeon said...

I didn't watch, so I'm SO glad you posted the best parts. :) Great update and methinks Demi might be having a bit of a (past) mid-life crisis if she's having to put down her daughter publically to remind us how beautiful she is. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Christie Craig said...

Thanks for the highlights Gemma.

I didn't watch it. So at least now I'm in the know.


Terri Osburn said...

I love these awards shows. I didn't get to see the entire show and I didn't watch any red carpet stuff (was watching football...GO STEELERS!).

I've heard about the Brangelina thing, but the reason was that they supposedly signed a deal to exclusively talk to one show on the carpet and no one else. I'm guess the money went to charity? However, they could have gotten word to the other shows that they wouldn't be up for interviews.

That Heath moment was pretty good. I think he deserves the Oscar but don't think they'll give it to him. I love to see Kate sweep though.

Gemma Halliday said...

Tacky! Perfect word for it, Jana! Sadly, it was right before Demi announced Heath as the winner, so that belittling clip is playing over and over and over on youtube now. Poor Rumor!


Gemma Halliday said...

I've heard about the Brangelina thing, but the reason was that they supposedly signed a deal to exclusively talk to one show on the carpet and no one else.

Ah ha! That makes sense. Because they were totally ignoring that he even existed. Still - classically funny. And, yeah, let's hope the money went somewhere useful.


catslady said...

Oh they wouldn't let us watch the last clip!

I missed it too - was trying to save a stray kitten's life but even with a trip to the vet it didn't make it and it suffered terribly :(