Sunday, January 18, 2009

Come Bid on Cool Sutff!!!!

Hey everyone, don’t forget to stop by the Gamble on Love charity auction! We’re auctioning off critiques by agents, published authors, and professional proofreaders, jewelry, hand made quilts, artwork, web design services, tarot card readings, rare and autographed books, and tons more! I’m auctioning off the chance to name a character in my next book, SCANDAL SHEET, after the person of the winner’s choice! And my fabulous editor, Leah Hultenschmidt is auctioning a 1/2 hour phone call to pitch or ask her anything about publishing that you want! How cool is that?!

The auction runs from January 19th (tomorrow!!!) to Jan 26th. To bid, just go to

ALL proceeds from the auction will go to benefit Katy, a sixteen year old avid reader and aspiring author and illustrator who has won local awards for her artwork. Just before Christmas, Katy and her mother became homeless. They were evicted from their apartment and have been living in hotel rooms (when they've been lucky) or their car (when they've not been so lucky) since then. Katy has been blogging about life on the streets, and you can read all about how this incredibly sweet mother and daughter ended up in this situation here: As
Katy states on her blog, "Homelessness has many faces. And sometimes it happens to have a computer." Both Katy and her mother seem to have very positive outlooks, but it's clear they're in some real trouble.

So, feel free to blog about the auction, tell your friends, spread the word, and come bid generously on a ton of really cool stuff!


Keri Ford said...

I've already got my eye on that chat with Leah!

Do you know when everything will be loaded? I keep going back and am finding great new stuff every time!

Gemma Halliday said...

Everything should be up by now. There might be a couple more items trickling in, but Haven at Romantic Inks has done a phenomenal job of getting everything listed in time.

And, yes, that chat with Leah is SUCH a cool item!