Leslie "The Assassin" Langtry

Leslie Langtry is, in fact, a mom and a Girl Scout leader, but she has never assassinated anyone, either professionally or for recreation. Okay, she knits, but she almost never garrotes anyone with the circular needles.

Instead, she lives with her husband, Tom, and two children, Margaret and Jack, in the Quad Cities - with no immediate plans to train either child as an assassin. She wants to make that perfectly clear.

Sure, Tom is a professional bodyguard, but he is not from Australia - nor has he ever been there. Seriously, he can't even do the accent properly. And yes, she has a Pug (named Lucy) who has never, ever tried to seduce anything other than the sofa. She also has a basset hound and two cats - none of which possess any killer instincts whatsoever.

So there, you see, this book in no way mirrors Leslie Langtry's life. That's her story, and she's sticking to it.

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'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy
No one really liked family reunions. I got that. But when I listen to people complain about it 'round the water cooler, I couldn't help rolling my eyes. I mean really, try it when you come from a family of assassins. Kind of gave "avoiding Aunt Jean's potato salad" a whole new meaning.

Guns Will Keep Us Together
Dakota Bombay is a bit of a playboy/assassin. Unfortunately, his world turns upside down when he finds a long-lost son and falls for a redheaded mortician.

Stand By Your Hitman
Gadget-lover Missi Bombay’s newest mission is on the set of reality TV show Survival, but she may not outlast her super-sexy competitor.

I Shot you Babe
Cy Bombay is your average carney/assassin with a Ph.D. in philosophy from an ivy league school and a guinea pig named Sartre. Training in Mongolia for the Naadaam wrestling festival, he finds he has his hands full with a blond doctoral candidate and a Dutch Mercenary.