Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life as a Juggling Act

I need an assistant.

Or a secretary.

Or, maybe, a long vacation.

I'm so behind, I despair of ever getting caught up--much less make headway.

The last week has been a doozy--and, at times, a bit of a blur. My dad spent the week in the hospital after a prolonged virus dehydrated him, causing him to sustain a rather nasty fall at home, followed by a bout of pneumonia. He's now recovering at home, thank goodness,but looks like he went ten rounds with Ali in his prime.

I got nailed by the same bug that originally put him down for the count, and while I didn't keel over from the nasty virus, that's only because I didn't feel like venturing from my bed. The up-side? I lost six pounds.

Now I've run into a snag getting my fourth Calamity Jayne Mystery e:book, CALAMITY JAYNE GOES TO COLLEGE, up for sale. You see. I really don't care for the cover art I selected. It conveys the premise of the book, but the gal in the photo doesn't trip my 'Tressa Trigger'. I'm just not feeling her. Originally, I thought we could obscure the gal's face with text but that won't work because of where her face appears in the picture. So. I'm posting the stock art photo I purchased for CALAMITY JAYNE GOES TO COLLEGE with my son, Erick's, attempts, let the reader imagine what he/she thinks Tressa looks like. Here it is:

Now, I'm gonna ask your opinion. Should I use this cover or find another one? You can vote now.

~Bullet Hole Bacus who wishes she could go somewhere warm for Spring Break~


Tiffany0227 said...

I am with you on the cover, I don't like the smiley face. Maybe you could have her swinging with one arm and then the other she could be carrying a load of books which is partially covering her face.

I do have to say, I like the fact I can think of what Tressa looks like and I have my image and might I add I just finished my fourth Calamity Jayne and they keep getting better.

Keep up the good work, can't wait to start in on the next one.

Let me know what you think of the idea or the idea/picture you choose.

TerriOsburn said...

I don't think this cover will work, though I applaud the attempt. Could you switch to something books or something? Even some old looking buildings that would resemble a college campus would be better.

Amanda Brice said...

OK, it's pretty funny, but it's not your book.

Suzan Harden said...

Uh, no, dear, that does not quite work. Maybe a girl peeking over a pile of books?

Kathy Bacus said...

Thanks, Tiffany. Glad you like the books!

And. Yeah. The kid tried, but the smiley face just ain't workin. And the face underneath the smiley face ain't much better.

Back to ye olde drawing board--er, stock art site.

Kathy Bacus said...

Okay. It's unanimous. The cover's got to go. Gonna go stock art shopping. Wish me luck!