Monday, March 07, 2011

All Kinds of Exciting

Today is all kinds of exciting Monday. Why, you ask? Well, we can start with the official release of my first Harlequin Intrigue, THE SECRET OF CYPRIERE BAYOU! I cannot tell you how happy I am at all the great reviews and publicity that SECRET is garnering. I simply couldn't ask for a better launch.

My blog post in heroine Olivia's point of view went up on the Romantic Times Book Reviews website last week, so check that out if you're interested in hearing Olivia's take on her unique method of writing.

I'm guest blogging at Romance Bandits today and giving away a copy of THE SECRET OF CYPRIERE BAYOU to one lucky poster, so hop over there and answer the question for a chance to win.

I finally wrangled some print copies of my Dorchester books out of one of the distributors and have made a limited number available for sale on my website. You can order as few or as many as you'd like and get them personally autographed. Click here for more information.

Smashwords is having a ebook blast week where authors are offering discounted and free books, including some of your Killer Fiction ladies. Check out Sunday's Killer Fiction blog post for information and links to freebies!

Barbara Vey, Publisher's Weekly blogger, is having a week-long party on her blog with tons of great give-aways. The ladies of Killer Fiction are sponsoring a Kindle giveaway tomorrow, so be sure to visit Barbara's blog for a chance to win!

The cold weather snap has finally left Texas and we are returning to a semblance of normal, with days in the 50-70s. Time for a pedicure.

And in big news (drumroll please) - I am wearing normal shoes for the first time since surgery! Granted, I still only manage lace-up shoes at the moment since I can control the width, but being as I scored a pair of Coach tennis shoes at Marshall's for $35, I'm pretty darn excited.

Deadly (Happy-for-a-Monday) DeLeon


Diane Kelly said...

Sounds like your week is starting off great! Can't wait to read your new book! One thing I always love about your books is the settings. You do such a good job of transporting your readers to another place - even if it is into a swamp! : ) Congrats!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, Diane! The funny thing to me is that it took leaving Louisiana after college for me to realize how unique it is and how interesting other people find it. But I love being able to draw on my own experience. It's so much easier to create a realistic setting that way. :)

Brandy said...

Happy Release Day!

Robin Kaye said...

Happy Release Day, Jana! That's so exciting! So are the Coach shoes!

Robin :)

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, Brandy!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, Robin! Coach shoes are the bomb, especially when heavily discounted. LOL

Tori Lennox said...

Happy release day! I managed to snag the ebook copy on B&N last night and I'm about halfway through. Awesome!!!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, Tori! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Kathy Bacus said...

HUGE congrats on the release of SECRET, Jana! I'm thrilled with the wonderful reviews and buzz the new book is getting--and deservedly so.

Also, great to hear you're able to get into real shoes finally. As Gemma will affirm, it's almost always about the shoes... ;)

Here's to great sales and mega contracts coming your way!