Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Domestic Gods

I realized today that while I’ve been blogging here for a month or so, I really haven’t talked about what I write. I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to my books.

Romeo, Romeo, Too Hot to Handle, Breakfast in Bed, and Yours for the Taking (coming out in January) are the books in my Domestic Gods Series.

When I tell people that I write about Domestic Gods, everyone assumes I write paranormal romance. I don’t—I write contemporary romantic comedy. Though I must admit that some people who have read the series tell me they consider my books fantasy—maybe because real men like my Domestic God heroes are few and far between. But rest assured, ladies, since I’ve been married to one for twenty-one years, I can prove the existence of at least one Domestic God.

The best way I know of to describe my brand of hero is to share my favorite Top Ten list:

Top Ten Reasons Why Women Love 
Domestic Gods

10. Domestic Gods know how to separate laundry and are man enough to buy and care for fine washables.

9. Domestic Gods like more power...in their women, their cars, their vacuums, and their household cleaners.

8. Domestic Gods do manly things - like lift the couch with one hand to vacuum under it.

7. Domestic Gods don't question their sexuality -- being a good cook and knowing how to clean doesn't make them effeminate. It makes them independent.

6. A Domestic God knows the way to a woman's heart is to show he's capable of killing bugs, scrubbing toilets, washing windows, keeping her well fed and satisfied in bed.

5. A Domestic God knows there's nothing sexier than a man cleaning the bathtub for the woman in his life and then joining her in it.

4. Domestic Gods don't expect their woman to be a maid unless said woman is into playing dress-up. Then, they prefer the French variety--feather duster included.

3. Domestic Gods can fix your car and fix you a five-course meal.

2. Domestic Gods not only respect women, they care for and about them.

And the number one reason women love Domestic Gods is...

Drum roll please….

Domestic Gods are as good in the kitchen as they are in the bedroom.

So tell me, do you know any Domestic Gods? Are they really as rare as most assume? And if you were to add something to my list, what would it be?


Refhater said...

I don't know of any personally, but if someone finds one please let me know.

And if I were to add anything to your list, it would be:

Domestic Gods remember every holiday, birthday, and anniversary and are able to find the appropriate gift/card for each.

krisgils33 said...

No introduction needed, I'm already way in-tuned with your books and i've loved every one thus far!! I love the domestic gods, but as far as I know they're an urban legend in the real world! :-)

Robin Kaye said...

Refhater - Yeah, well, we could all dream, can't we.

My Domestic God does exist, but then he's not one for presents, although in the 21 years we've been married, he's gotten me a few unforgettable ones.

For Christmas in 2006, my husband gave me this weird shaped box. I unwrapped it, and wondered if it was a jewelry box, which, if you knew my husband, would be a miracle.

I opened it up and there, lying in a bed of satin was the most gorgeous pen I've ever seen. He'd bought it at a store that only sold "Fine Writing Instruments" and spent way too much money we didn't have, but when he gave it to me, he said he'd given it to me to use when I sign my first writing contract. That was the only gift that made me cry. I'm so not a crier, but I actually teared up.

I think he brought me good luck, I sold Romeo, Romeo 7 months later and yes, I've signed every contract (three now) with it and bring it to all my book signings. I love it.

Robin Kaye said...

Kris- You remember that scene where Nick lifts Rosalie's couch and vacuums under it? My husband did that.

When we were dating, he would spend every weekend at my house (sleeping on the couch in the family room). Every Saturday I had to clean, so he always helped me--okay, he'd do most of it. That man is a cleaning machine!

I'll never forget, I was talking to my mother in her room and the two of us walked into the living room together. There was Stephen holding up the couch with one hand and vacuuming under it. My mother turned to me and said "Marry him." So I did."

Domestic Gods are out there, but they're just hard to find.

krisgils33 said...

that's a great story! my husband actually does most of the cooking and we've had cleaning people for a really long time, but before that he would vacuum and I would clean bathrooms. Kind of a match made in heaven because I hate vacuuming and he hates cleaning bathrooms!!

TerriOsburn said...

Reading this I realized I once dated a Domestic God, but didn't recognize it at the time. It was right after my divorce and I think the brain fog had yet to lift. I probably should have held onto that one.

I'm loving the stories about your DH, Robin. And I admit, I've had your books on my TBR shelf for a long time and somehow not gotten to them yet. But, if it makes you feel better, you're on there with some great company. LaNora, Crusie, Phillips. LOL! Really good company.

Mo said...

I met my Domestic God 30 years ago and decided he was a keeper. They are so wonderful yet few and far etween so I am hanging on to mine. He makes me smile every single day.

catslady said...

It's the total opposite of my husband!!! Now I could say my son-in-law is one (lucky daughter). He does all the cooking. He likes to eat and would starve otherwise lol.

Christie Craig said...


I love the blog post. Love the covers. And I love your writing. You rock.


Robin Kaye said...

Kris - My DH (dear husband or damn husband depending on my mood) cooks when he has to, but the best that can be said for it is he hasn't killed anyone yet. He is master of the barbeque grill though and that works for me.

Terri - Yeah, hindsight is always 20/20 but then it has to be the right time and for the two of you, it obviously wasn't. I'm glad my books are warming your shelf and lord knows, I love the company I keep. They're some of my favorites!

Mo~ Mine keeps me smiling too. He's the inspiration for all my heroes.

Catslady - Smart daughter you have. When people tell me I'm lucky, I say luck had nothing to do with it. After all, I picked him out and asked him out. Frankly I was surprised when he proposed, I thought I'd have to. LOL

Christie - I love your writing too.

Mary G said...

Hi Robin
Love your post! I am married to one. He knows how to do everything & fix everything. The downsides:
-never get to buy new stuff because the old stuff gets fixed.
-whenever we have people over & serve something great, they always assume that he made it. Excuse me, look at this chubby Italian butt & tell me I didn't cook before I met him.

True quote from my son. He was about 4 years old & we were watching Martha Stewart. He said,
Martha Stewart makes 2 kinds of things: either dad has already done it or it's too stupid to do".