Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Finally Arrives

Sorta. I mean fall in Texas, which includes at least one drowning thunderstorm and a temperature drop out of the 80s. Unfortunately, fall in Texas also signifies the time change which means every evening at about 6:30, I think it's 10:00 pm and time to go to bed.

In the past couple of weeks, I've received a rash of email from readers who are upset that they can't find my books anywhere. I updated my website to include an explanation, but for those that follow this blog, here's the skinny. My publisher is experiencing financial difficulties and copies of my books will no longer ship. Bookstores cannot get them unless they had some already in stock. You can still locate used copies on the Internet and I have heard from readers that some libraries did get a copy of SHOWDOWN IN MUDBUG, so check with your local library if you need to finish the Ghost-in-Law series.

Because of the situation, I have received all rights back to my books. While print publishing for a single individual is cost-prohibitive, I have made all the books available in digital download at amazon and bn and at significantly reduced prices. You do NOT have to own a digital reader to read a digital book as amazon and bn both offer free ereader software for your pc. It's small in memory requirements and will not honk up your other applications. I know digital reading is not optimum for everyone, and for that, I'm truly sorry. But this is the only way I can make the books available at an affordable price for you.

Gemma Halliday and Leslie Langtry also received rights back to books. Gemma has already posted her books for sale digitally and Leslie is working hard on the conversion right now. Other authors may be receiving their rights back as well, so more ebooks may be on the way.

And for those that haven't even tried an ereader, I suggest you take a look at one as the prices have really dropped and Christmas is approaching. (wink) I bought the first generation Sony reader years ago and upgraded to a Nook this year. I loved both. There's nothing like carrying 100 books in your purse to make an avid reader happy. Not to mention purchasing a book at midnight while sitting on your couch because you can't wait to see what happens next in a series. The readers are electronic paper which means they don't strain your eyes like a computer screen can and you can adjust the size of the print ( for those of us who, uhem, are getting a little older).

All the digital books have new covers as the publisher owns the originals, so things will definitely look different. As I am not a cover artist in the least, I can claim a bald spot and a depletion of Coors Light from working with Photoshop. :) Check out my author website for more information, the new covers and links to buy.

And thanks so much to all of the loyal readers who have supported us here at Killer Fiction. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know!

Deadly DeLeon


krisgils33 said...

I think for those fans who want to keep up with your books, they will find a way to do it!! I know I will!

We were on a cruise last week and they didn't do the time change until Wed, which I thought was bizarre (and I never did find out the rationale for it), but I didn't notice the difference until we arrived home and we were waiting for the train to get home and it was barely 5 pm and almost dark!

Jana DeLeon said...

ugh kris - I hate the 5 pm dark thing! I get so much more done in the summer, despite the Texas heat.

I hope you're right and that the fans will find a way to keep reading. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

oh, and I'm SOOOO jealous you were cruising!

krisgils33 said...

the cruise was awesome (Disney 7 day eastern caribbean), but coming home and not having anyone to cook me a gourmet meal or leave chocolates on my pillow is devastating. plus, the mountain of laundry yesterday and having to get back on a plane today to go to NOLA for work, definitely not fun. I really do believe the fans will follow....I couldn't imagine breathing without my fave authors!

TerriOsburn said...

I have a Sony Reader and have fallen in love with it. Highly recommend. And if you're a writer, you can even put your MS on it and edit away from home.

Headed to the website to check out the books!

Jana DeLeon said...

Terri - I absolutely love my ereader! There is nothing better than buying books on the couch - and often before they even hit the bookstores. :)

Tori Lennox said...

I dragged my feet about getting an ereader for a long time but my bookcases are overflowing and I have no room for more. So I bit the bullet and bought a Nook. AND I LOVE IT!!!!!! I've got a 100+ books I've downloaded from B&N plus a bunch of public domain books I've downloaded elsewhere. Lots of old kids' mysteries from pre-1930. It's awesome!!!

Jana DeLeon said...

Tori - I agree that lack of shelf space is a huge reason to get an ereader. I was on 10 shelves and had already donated thousands of books to the library over the last couple of years.

Robin Kaye said...

Jana- If you write it they will read. No matter how it's published, your fans will follow and find your books. Good luck with the new publishing venture. I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks Robin - although, I don't know that I would ever take this approach for new books. I'm a chicken. LOL But for making your backlist available, it's a great thing! I look forward to more authors doing it over time.