Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spartans! Prepare for Mashing!

First of all, I MUST apologize for not blogging last week! My wonderful friends here at Killer Fiction have graciously forgiven me but I want to apologize to everyone else who reads this. No, I don't have a great excuse like George Clooney begged me to run away to Italy with him (no-calling bastard), or Nora R. begged me to collaborate on her latest book.

I was cleaning my house for Thanksgiving. Yup. Boring. So I'm apologizing to everyone out there. Believe me - I would've rather been blogging.

I'd also like to incorporate the most recent holiday into my blog today. By the way, why is Thanksgiving the only holiday where we celebrate food with food? Someone needs to come up with more of those.

As a writer of humor (at least, I like to think I'm writing humor), I'm thankful for the people out there who are funnier than me. When I'm struggling to pen some witty dialogue, I look to tried and true sources of inspiration (what? you thought I read War and Peace?) like my AbFab or Monty Python dvd's, chapters of J. Maarten Troost's books, etc.

But I'm always on the lookout for new stuff too. Lately, it's come in the form of Mitchell & Webb clips on You Tube, but a friend just recently sent me something wonderful. It's Some of you may have heard of my fetish for all things related to the movie 300. Well, go to this website and type in 300. There are some great parodies (and lots of photos of really buff college guys dressed as spartans) from old Transformer cartoons set to the soundtrack, etc. My personal favorites involve clips of cats, apples as the 300 fighting a large jug of eggnog as Xerxes, and 305 which claims to be "what if The Office met the 300?"

Check them out. They might just inspire you too. At the very least, you'll understand why my potatoes resemble Spartans (check out the tall potato sporting a 6-pack)) and get a laugh out of your day.

Your most humble assassin,



Estella said...

Too funny, Leslie!

Anonymous said...

Talk about playing with your food!


Christie Craig said...


Thanks for the tip. I can't wait to check out that website when I get back to Texas.

Crime Scene Christie

Virginia said...

Very funny but my spartins always get cut up and cooked. Then they are mashed or creamed and sometimes fried. The they are all eaten by the pigs that live in my house.

RachaelfromNJ said...

That's funny! :)