Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm a "Fall Back" Grouch...

How is it that only a few hours into the time change I’m already feeling the oppressive seasonal depression of shorter days and less sunlight? Yeah, yeah, yeah...the sun is full up when I go for my morning jog but I don't necessarily count that as a good thing. It just means that uncloaked by the soft, sympathetic light of dawn my neighbors can better see me wheezing and panting up and down and around the neighborhood. Yay?

On a happier note, thus far NaNoWriMo is going along swimmingly. I’m 9382 words into my project without a stumble. And what’s more? They’re in sequence! I’m notoriously bad about writing scenes out of sequence and then trying to connect them. I know most writers will jot down a few ideas for future passages so they won’t forget them but I’m worse than that. I’ll get bored at chapter 3 and then way ahead and write on from there. Not so bad until I then have to go back and force where I left off to wed where I pick up.

Apologies for the brevity but I’m vacationing later this week and have to get in another 8 or 9K words before Thursday.

I hope to have access to a computer on Sunday but if not, I’ll return Nov 18!

Happy Writing!


Christie Craig said...


I'm with you. I don't like change.

I hope you have a great vacation.


Michele L. said...

Well, I am the eternal optimist. I think of all the things I can do in that extra hour like read a good book! Also, I love change and a challenge! Call me weird!

Michele L.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I hate shorter days too. I like the sun on both ends of the day, LOL. But then I'm not out jogging in the morning either :)

Angie Fox said...

I hate shorter writing days. I used to get up at 6:00 a.m. to write a few hours before the kids get up and my brain turns to cottage cheese. But the kids aren't on the new schedule. Instead of getting up at 8:00, they're up at 7:00 a.m.

Sesame Street needs to do a public service announcement ... stay in bed and keep your mother sane.

Gemma Halliday said...

I guess I'm alone in loving the time change. Lol! I write better when it's dark out.

Enjoy your vacation, Bethany! Where are you off to?


Susan said...

I agree with you!