Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The New Year's Resolution Party!

By Robin 'Red Hot' Kaye

It’s the beginning of the New Year and as usual, I’m a little late to the New Year’s Resolution Party. I’ve been busy….

Sure, I’ve written more books in the last year than ever before, but so much else has fallen by the wayside it’s come to a boiling point. I’ve never been the most organized person—at least at first glance. My desk is a mess. As a matter of fact, it’s so messy, if I had to write with pen and paper, I’d have to take my dictionary and set it on my lap to create a flat surface. But until recently, if I needed something, I could put my hands on it. Until recently…

It’s not only the clutter that’s gotten completely out of hand—it’s the time. Mondays and Fridays are the days I set aside to write blogs and do business related work. I was up early, fed the dogs, showered and dressed to leave. Dear son was not yet up so I thought I’d go through my email while I waited for my son to rise. I can’t leave the Puggle puppy without supervision unless I put her in her crate, and I hate having to crate her when someone is home. I thought, what the heck, I’d let Pepperoni run off some of her energy. Unfortunately, Pepperoni is a trouble magnet and found a tube of hydrocortisone ointment, chewed it up while I wasn’t looking, and by the time I found her, she had the cap off and a mouthful.

 Then next thing I knew I was calling the vet in a panic, wondering how I’d explain Pepperoni’s death to my daughter since the little Puggle was her fifteenth birthday present, and dreading yet another trip to the vet. Luckily, Pepperoni was fine, I didn’t have to take her in, just watch her, so I woke up my son (who is home from college) told him to take care of Pepperoni <read: Don’t let her out of your sight!> pick up his sisters from school at 5:00, don't eat the pizza in the fridge--that was for dinner, and call me if he needed anything. I was going to my office—Starbucks.

I got so much done at Starbucks, it was great. I wrote my dedication and acknowledgements for my next book, YOU’RE THE ONE and sent them in with the final revisions to my editor, I wrote several business emails, read pages and pages of text for a class I’m taking, wrote two out of the three blogs on my agenda, went through my schedule, and even remembered to drink my protein shake before I was so hungry I’d gnaw on the table. Things were going splendidly—I only had one more blog to write and I could shut down my computer. I would have finished my work for the day before dinner instead of before dawn.

I had just given myself a pat on the back when I received a text at 3:11 from my daughters. It turns out that the bowling alley where their bowling team was scheduled to play was closed. There was no bowling therefore they needed a ride home. Great. I called my son to tell him to go pick them up early. Only he didn’t answer his phone. I texted. He didn’t answer that either. I packed my things and head off to school.

By the time I got the girls home an hour later, it hardly paid to go back to Starbucks, especially when I realized my son ate the entire pizza I’d left for the kids for dinner. You see, I’ve also resolved to spend more time with my husband, so earlier that morning, I’d called and scheduled a date sans children. After all, I had an entire pizza in the fridge for them to eat for dinner. And yes, I wrote: “DO NOT EAT!!!” on the box. So, the next thing I knew I was thawing out chicken and cooking dinner for the kids. Which is why I’m writing this blog at 5:30 in the morning.

Something has got to give. I’m reading books on time management hoping that will help. If I only managed my time better, maybe I wouldn’t have to work seven days a week to meet my deadlines and I can possibly have a social life. I picked up the time management book and it said to read her organization book first—organization will save you time she claims. God help me.

So how about you? What are your New Years Resolutions? Are you doing the annual diet? Do you have any time management and organization tips? Do you want a Puggle puppy named Pepperoni?

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Brandy said...

Just wanted to let you know I saw a picture of your puppy on Facebook today, for The Animal Rescue Site. You probably already knew that, but I recognized her cute face and wanted to tell you.