Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 Was CRAZY!

Today I was looking back at 2012 and for the first time I realized that if there was one word that could easily sum up the entire 12 months it would be "crazy."

I started the year in Vegas with a man who I had known for some time but I had just started a relationship with. We went to a small party where (of all people) Huey Lewis and The News were playing. I've never been a Huey groupie but hey, why not, right? And as it turns out they put on a great show!

A fun start....but that new relationship was over by the end of January. I distracted myself by working overtime trying to complete what would be my 1st self-published novel. That was a HUGE learning curve. A reader volunteered to do the cover but I didn't even know what to request of her. I didn't know how to format the book for the different e-readers or for a paperback version...I was clueless. But through blood, sweat and tears I worked it out and by mid March Vanity, Vengeance & A Weekend In Vegas hit the virtual shelves. Phew!

In April I applied for late admissions to get my son into a new school (for gifted kids with learning differences). The school gave me a list of things we had to do/provide them with to be eligible and my son and I immediately got to work. It was around then that I was contacted by an editor at Simon & Schuster asking if I'd like to write erotica for them. I said maybe, then no (I had my reasons).  It was also in April that I reconciled with that guy. 

In May we broke up again.

I immediately started a new relationship...with who, after some minimal courting, convinced me to produce an audiobook for Vanity, Vengeance. I got in touch with Gabra Zackman, the woman who recorded the other Sophie books and asked if she would coproduce. She enthusiastically agreed and we were off and running...and by running I mean we were trying to figure out how to be producers. During that time there were some Hollywood writing projects I was up for...they ultimately came to nothing but I was researching and writing just in case.

Then in June my son got accepted to the school! To pay for the astronomically high tuition I started selling Lexus' to supplement my other income (it's a 50+ hr/week job). And just when I thought my plate was full Simon & Schuster came back to me with another offer. This time they didn't want me to write one erotica novel, they wanted me to write three erotic fiction novellas. The first manuscript to be due August 1st. But it was already June. It was impossible.

So I said yes.

And that was my summer. Cars, audiobooks & novellas.

Shockingly I made my 1st deadline. And now Just One Night, The Stranger is getting great reviews!

We also finished production on the audiobook.

And my son started his new school.

....and I got back with that same guy.
I swear, we've had more ups and downs than Sophie & Anatoly

But I did quit my Lexus job, I just couldn't balance everything. I spent the rest of the year writing two more books, helping my son transition to the school, working on my know...stuff.  Oh, and that guy and I are going on five months now. Call Guinness, it's a record.*

So in sum:...In 2012 I broke up with and got back together with the same person twice, I self-published a book, produced an audiobook, wrote three novellas, sold cars, tried (and failed) to get another Hollywood break, and got my son into a new school.  It wasn't a smooth ride. It was turbulent- confusing-exciting-scary-wonderful-awful.

...and necessary.  I don't regret anything I did in 2012. The things that didn't work...well, I had to try them and be sure before I walked away.

I don't know what 2013 will bring. I'd like a little more stability but I don't see that happening. In the end just another year without regrets would be fine. Honestly, I think that's the most any of us can realistically hope for. It may be the only thing that's within our control when things get...well, crazy.

Kyra "Fashionista Fatale" Davis
*Annnd you should cancel to call to Guinness. We broke up again. For reals this time. Sigh. Guess 2013 will have to have a different emotional drama


krisgils33 said...

congrats on making it through a year that just reading about makes my head spin. :)

Vbrasher said...

Sounds like an outline for a new Sophie book.

kyradavis said...

LOL, Vbrasher, you're totally right! It has that same frantic energy :-P

Unknown said...

Hey with all the ups & downs you made it. As I was reading your blog I did think of Sophie and Anatoly. When I read the part where you said the same thing I laughed out loud.

Hoping 2013 turns out to be a great year for you. I know I have pre-ordered the erotica novellas and I keep seeing other people on FB saying the same. You have plenty of fans & I keep introducing my friends to your Sophie books.

Happy New Year, Kyra